Why we are yet to react to proposal to postpone Edo election — INEC

INEC chairman, Prof. Mahmood Yakubu
INEC chairman, Prof. Mahmood Yakubu

The Independent National Electoral Commission has said it would only react to a proposal by the Nigeria Police and the State Security Service calling for the postponement of the Edo governorship election after a meeting of its top officials in Benin.

Nick Dazang, a spokesperson for the commission said top officials of the electoral body were busy all day at a stakeholders meeting held in Benin, the Edo State capital, with major players in the election.

“It was after we came out of the stakeholders meeting that we became aware of the proposal to move the election,” Mr. Dazang said. “So the commission simply went into the meeting immediately at the same venue where the stakeholders meeting held.

“It is only after that meeting that we will react.”

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PREMIUM TIMES learnt that the National Chairman of the Commission, Mahmood Yakubu; National Commissioners Tayo Soyebi, Amina Bala-Zakari and Mohammed Lecky as well as some resident electoral commissioners are at the meeting holding at Sio Event Centre, GRA, Benin.

At the stakeholders meeting held earlier today, top police and SSS officials were in attendance and participants said they did not present any proposal for the postponement of the election.

The police and the SSS had in a joint statement on Wednesday afternoon advised INEC to move the election, saying credible intelligence available to it “indicate plans by insurgent/extremist elements to attack vulnerable communities and soft targets with high population during the forthcoming Sallah celebrations between 12th and 13th September, 2016.”

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The agencies said Edo State is among states earmarked for the planned attacks.

“It is in regard of these that we are appealing to INEC which has the legal duty to regulate elections in the country to consider the need for possible postponement of the date of the election in Edo State in order to enable security agencies deal decisively with the envisaged terrorist threats,” the agencies said.

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  • dami

    PDP getting a dose of its own medicine…no one has monopoly over common sense.

    • Edoronwen Igbosa


      Criminal case against Edo State APC candidate Godwin Obaseki

      I want to call on the Police to act responsibly for once. The Police are
      aware that the APC candidate in this Edo state election, Godwin Obaseki,
      doesn’t have certificates to show but only just narrated a bogus story
      that he did his WAEC school certificate in 1973 and graduated from the
      University of Ibadan three years later in 1976.

      Godwin Obaseki’s narrative
      is factually impossible because in 1973 there was no JAMB. And no
      student proceeded to a three-year degree course in the University of
      Ibadan with Wasc school certificate only – none! The requirement for
      admission for a three-year course was GCE A Levels with at least two
      strong credits.

      If this dubious APC candidate were admitted in 1973,
      it means he did not do the two-year A Levels course and it further
      means he was admitted with a Wasc Ordinary level as equivalent to
      advanced levels qualification. Such claim on oath is prima facie perjury.
      The Police should now act responsibly by arresting the APC candidate
      and by locking him up to face criminal trial for false declaration on oath –
      an offence carrying 14 years imprisonment under the Criminal Code.

      • bjay

        Olodo you na judge,it will take all your life on earth to attain the quality of Obaseki,no matter you and pdp pigs propaganda,Obaseki clearly better than Iyamu who was rusticated from uniben.

    • Fairgame

      When propaganda fried brains can’t differentiate between Boko Haram ravaged North east that necessitated the postponement of the general election thus giving the military time to create a stable enough environment for elections to take place there so that that entire region would not be disenfranchised – an outcome that APC no doubt wanted and would have used to demand the cancellation of the entire election if the party had lost the election and thus wasting billions of naira spent – and a state, Edo state with no such security threat, then truly Nigerian is truly in trouble than once thought ..for of what use is your brain and that of other APC followers if your brains are no longer functioning? more crazed societal problems. Pity

  • Adele J.

    First thing first: THAT APC ONDO STATE PRIMARY

    May I know if INEC has accredited Rotimi Akeredolu as bona fide candidate of
    APC for the upcoming Ondo state election in extent INEC itself witnessed the
    election and said it found it free and fair? I’m asking this question to alert the
    public to certain facts in the aftermath. One, nobody in the national APC
    leadership has till today congratulated Rotimi Akeredolu. Why is that?

    Secondly, Bola Tinubu whose candidate at that election (Mr. Abraham) was defeated,
    has himself not congratulated Rotimi Akeredolu till today. Why is that?

    Thirdly, Rotimi Akeredolu has himself
    kept quiet since the election and has not received any
    solidarity visit from any of the incumbent APC governors. Why again is that?
    I now feel it in my bones that the Bola Tinubu camp is working covertly to scuttle
    the Rotimi Akeredolu victory by all means. Something tells me loud and clear
    that Rotimi Akeredolu has seen the outline of this plot and is readying for the
    mother of all battles which may tear the APC party into pieces.

    • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

      Rotimi is the candidate, there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

      • Ajulo Aderinsoye


        But are you aware that the three Ondo state APC senatorial Chairmen have resigned over the victory
        of Rotimi Akeredolu? They were backing Bola Tinubu’s candidate for the ticket. As at today the APC in
        Ondo state is in complete fracture. Olusola Oke who came third at the election has filed a case at the
        Appeals Committee of the APC saying that 80 Okada riders and roadside mechanics were dressed in
        borrowed robes as party delegates and allowed to vote. It will be messy the way things are going now.

  • Rommel

    I don’t have confidence in this present INEC boss,he appears incapable of delivering on credible elections,I don’t understand exactly what he does in INEC,someday,we will’ll get to hear his story I am pretty sure.

  • vagabonds in power

    INEC Manipulating PVCs to Favour Buhari, – Balarabe Musa.

    A political interest organization, Credible Alternative Alliance (CAA) led by former Kaduna state Governor, Alhaji Abdulkadir Balarabe Musa has alleged that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is tilting the distribution of Permanent Voters Card (PVC) to favour areas believed to be strongholds of All Progressives Congress’ candidate, General Muhammed Buhari.

    The group presented a statistical analysis of the distribution of PVCs which showed the number of registered voters yet to collect their PVCs in various zones.

    According to CAA, South-East has (3,287, 530) , South West (7,411,205), South-South (3,844,370) , North-East (2,429,763), North West (4,835,556), North Central (3,907,849) and FCT(421,559).

    On the distribution of PVCs, CAA said it has observed “a criminal gross disparity of voter spread designed to tilt the election to a pre-determined outcome.

    The group insists that all the 68.8 million registered voters must be given unfettered access to freely collect their PVCs and cast their vote as provided for in the constitution, adding that it would be forced to take INEC to court if that condition was not met.

    “Let us call a spade, a spade. There are two main contenders for the Presidency in this election. The analyzed data above depicts a worrying trend. Voters in the zones that tend to support President Goodluck Jonathan are massively disenfranchised by the application of the so-called PVCs debacle, 40% to 50% of voters in the these regions who are lawfully and duly registered to vote will be denied their right to vote by INEC.

    • Bodemeee




      • Dafe Ononame

        Ahahahahah! But see!
        When did Goodluck Jonathan ever introduce himself to any local audience in
        Nigeria or to an international audience abroad that he is “an intelligent man
        with superbly good thinking ability?”

        The answer is: NEVER. That should suggest
        to you that Goodluck Jonathan does not obviously dispute being daft. Now, see
        it this way. Nigerians do not yet know the implication of Islamist rule which started
        once Goodluck Jonathan fled office on 29th May last year.

        Who in world history, apart from Jonathan, has ever lost a presidential poll
        to a presumptively unqualified candidate in constitutional terms? Only
        Goodluck Jonathan achieved that infamy which he lazily rationalized as “the
        sake of peace” without confessing he was personally scared to uphold the laws
        and constitution of Nigeria that he had sworn to uphold at his swearing-in
        ceremony, as if the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria is the opposite of peace!

  • Fairgame

    From inconclusive elections to cancelled elections and now to this. And this isn’t even a general election. Buhari’s InEC giving Nigerians a taste of things to come in 2019. The man is test running his plans to perpetuate himself in office come 2019. Three approaches so far – inconclusive, cancellation or postponement. But God go stop him. If im no wan comot for Aso Rock by his own two feet, something else go carry him comot. And for all those comparing this silly postponement plan to that of the general elections, Edo state is not ravaged by Boko Haram and there is no insurgency in Edo state.

  • vagabonds in power


    • Uzu

      Premium Times has never published my own. They think I hate Buhari. But i don’t hate Buhari O.
      I don’t even know him before. I am only saying the truth. But maybe President Buhari is Publisher
      of Premium Times. I don’t know. Anything I write they must cancel it. I will continue to say my own,
      because I am a Christian with fear of God inside me. That is why I cannot be forced to tell lies,
      when i know the truth that Muhamadu Buhari is the worst and most useless president that
      Nigeria has ever had. Premium Times will soon cancel this letter but quickly read it, please!


    We are back to the era of manipulating security reports to the advantage of the ruling party, the APC are scared of losing Edo

    • front man

      I disagree with you

  • front man

    The lives and properties of edo people should be more paramount now