Nigeria Police, SSS want Edo governorship election postponed

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Two major security agencies have asked that the Edo State governorship election set for Saturday be postponed.

The Nigeria Police Force and the State Security Service gave this advice to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) on Wednesday.

It is not clear if INEC will heed the advice of the security agencies.

The election is expected to be strongly fought between the candidate of the incumbent governing All Progressives Congress, Godwin Obaseki, and his PDP challenger, Osagie Ize-Iyamu.

Below is the joint statement by the SSS and the police on the matter.


The Nigeria Police and Department of State Services wish to inform the general public that credible intelligence availed the agencies indicate plans by insurgent/extremist elements to attack vulnerable communities and soft targets with high population during the forthcoming Sallah celebrations between 12th and 13th September, 2016. Edo State, is amongst the States being earmarked for these planned attacks by the extremist elements.

The public would recall that similar threats were issued during the May Labour Day and Democracy Day celebrations as well as the Ed-el-fitr holidays in July, 2016. However, the security agencies were able to decisively disrupt and thwart the insurgents’ plan. In the same vein, while election is important, the security agencies cannot allow the peace of the country to be disrupted, and we will continue to remain vigilant and ensure consolidation of the successes gained in the current counter-insurgency fight.

It is in regard of these that we are appealing to INEC which has the legal duty to regulate elections in the country to consider the need for possible postponement of the date of the election in Edo State in order to enable security agencies deal decisively with the envisaged terrorist threats.

While the Police/DSS remain mindful of the inconveniences this request may cause the various political stakeholders, it is our strong resolve that security agencies need not be distracted from ensuring a peaceful and secured Nigeria now and always.

Members of the public are hereby assured that the security agencies will continue to remain focused and committed and are being enjoined to remain vigilant. The attention of the Security Agencies should be drawn to any observed unusual movements or actions by groups or individuals in their neighbourhoods.

DCP DON AWUNAH, fsi (Force Public Relations Officer) – Nigeria Police Force

GARBA ABDULLAHI – State Security Service

September 7, 2016

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  • Freedom Bini

    if na joke make un stop o!

  • Rollingdollar

    APC is finished. People don’t want to hear that name again. The election must hold and those charlatans in police and DSS must do their job. This government is crazy. Last time you told us America should not have declared some states in Nigeria as unsafe now you want to cancel election in a peaceful state as EDO. Crazy human beings

    • kundri

      You crazy. Stop thinking of power for PDP again by Allah’s geace and mercy.

    • Darlington

      Don’t mind them. PDP is already celebrating in advance in Edo State.

  • vagabonds in power

    When the Angelic government with a human face of Jonathan decided to postpone the just concluded presidential elections————-the Apes in APC said naaaaaaaaaaa—————-Tinubu–the Sultan of Sokoto ati the Emir of Kano AlHAJI Bingo thief Sanusi—-rushed to the USA–and told Obama Jonathan wanted to rig the election in favor of himself-ati his party–Bingo–Obama directed his Ambassador in Nigeria to do all to rig the election for Buhari—–Now that the Certificate less———–Apes in APC in Edo state—-have been discovered—to be contesting the gubernatorial Elections in that state——– with forged certificates-like Tinubu and Buhari-the palace of the Oba of Benin–which is supposed to be apolitical–have been hired for a fee———–to predict victory for the Apes in APC–destroying Nigeria——Do the people of Edo state have any conscience left in them at all-?—–The answer is naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa—————–It is money na hand back na ground–in Edo state————-what a shame———–what a country

  • Ashibogu

    Dem don get security report say APC go loose. Local Government workers are owed salaries for months and Nigeria Union of Local Government Employees( NULGE) have vowed to deliver Ize Iyanmu as pay back for how Oshiomole treated them. Wahala dey o! Otulugbeke!

  • FreeNigeria

    Wahala don enter oshiomole yansh. so na wetin come be the reason why Police and SSS wan postpone the election? na dis week dem know say election be saturday for Edo state? incompetence na disease for Naija oooooo

  • TininiTanana

    This are not good signs for democracy. Postpone to reorganise…..same strategy was depolyed to win the Abuja Area Council elections for the APC in April 2016.



    This news item is additional evidence that Buhari is Nigeria’s major setback since independence in 1960.

    Shame on Buhari/APC …. end of the road for democracy in Nigeria

  • Emma Darah

    Premium Times Editor,

    Kudos to SSS and the Police

    I want to thank the SSS and the Police for alertness. President Buhari should not be delusive
    to keep saying he has contained Boko Haram, because he has not. Boko Haram simply
    changed tactics by operating in spread out units rather than in mass clusters to evade
    the edge the Nigerian Air Force could have with newly acquired attack aeroplanes.
    Boko Haram is yet to be degraded in any significant way. To the contrary, Boko
    Haram has just threatened to attack Abuja the federal capital anytime soon.
    Boko Haram’s Leader Abubakar Shehu said he will enter Buhari’s bedroom.
    Intelligent people believe Abubakar Shekahu who had shown that ability.
    After Abubakar Shekahu invaded the zonal army barracks in Maiduguri,
    and simultaneously took the air force barracks nearby, all bets are off.

  • Darlington

    APC is jittery of losing the election to the PDP. What a shame and act of cowardice. Oshiomole has been exposed for what he is: insufferable hypocrite!

  • Edoronwen A. Igbosa


    Criminal case against Edo State APC candidate Godwin Obaseki

    I want to call on the Police to act responsibly for once. The Police are aware that the APC candidate in this Edo state election, Godwin Obaseki, doesn’t have certificates to show and only just narrated a bogus story that he did his WAEC school certificate in 1973 and graduated from the University of Ibadan three years later in 1976.

    Godwin Obaseki’s narrative is factually impossible because in 1973 there was no JAMB. And no student proceeded to a three-year degree course in the University of Ibadan with Wasc school certificate only – none! The requirement for admission for a three-year course was GCE A Levels with at least two strong credits.

    If this dubious APC candidate were admitted in 1973 it means he did not do the two-year A Levels course and it further means he was admitted with a Wasc Ordinary level as equivalent to A levels qualification. Such a claim on oath is
    prima facie perjury. The Police should act responsibly by arresting the APC candidate and locking him up to face
    trial for false declaration on oath – an offence carrying 14 years; imprisonment under the Criminal Code.

  • Rommel

    Is that the information that GEJ came with so that PMB can see him as patriotic citizen?


      GEJ postponed elections because INEC was obviously not ready not because
      of fabricated terrorist threat reasons.

      In fact, GEJ even went ahead and ensured that elections were held in the Boko Haram infested North East geo-political zone.

      In this particular, the difference between GEJ and Buhari …. is that GEJ is a well educated committed democrat while Buhari is a WASC forging democracy-destroying terrorist.

      • Rommel

        I am yet to meet any civilized person that knows anything about Nigeria who has not doubted the credibility of president Jonathan’s academic credentials,as a matter of fact,president Jonathan by his uncerebral utterances was the single worst influence on Nigerian university acceptability given that he was said to be a university lecturer

        • GEJ FOREVER

          SHOW BUHARI WASC … if you think he has one!

          A man like Buhari who has the effrontery to forge common WASC is a petty criminal without an ounce of integrity.

          • Rommel

            None will be shown to you except that which was issued by Cambridge university which GEJ has seen,but considering that a fake medical records of PMB was conjured by PDP elements prior to the election,is there any reason to believe that it was not the PDP that disappeared the one inside the military file of Mr president? did INEC complain that the man had no record or the PDP was INEC? I hope you know that some people are still asking Obama to show his birth certificate so I am not surprised

          • GEJ FOREVER


          • Es3

            You mean that NEPA bill???

  • Ogom

    Aren’t these the same Dasuki postponement tactics for which GEJ government was condemned?

  • Babrutus

    Must every election be about politics? Why can’t we just kneel down and pray? We might get divine revelation about who should be Edo governor.

  • kumi

    They knew pdp will win so they want APc to have chance to rigge the election but God will not allow them