UPDATED: Buhari’s supporters block #BringBackOurGirls demonstrators


Some supporters of President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday clashed with members of the #BringBackOurGirls group, as the campaigners made way to the presidential villa.

The #BringBackOurGirls group is seeking the release of over 200 missing Chibok schoolgirls abducted in April 2014 by the extremist group, Boko Haram.

Members of the group had forced their ways through a police cordon at the Three Arms Zone, as they sought a meeting with Mr. Buhari.

But as they edged forward, a group of Buhari’s supporters urging an end to the demonstration, blocked their path, saying the president is “a man of peace” whose effort to “move the nation forward” should not be disrupted.

A spokesperson for the group, Idris King, described the #BringBackOurGirls group as a scam, sponsored to undermine the administration of the APC.

“We are for peace. Buhari is a man of peace,” the group chanted.

A leader of #BringBackBackOurGirls group, Aisha Yesufu, said President Buhari appeared to be doing nothing to get the girls back.

“All we are saying is #BringBackOurGirls. There is a fourth option which entails doing nothing, which seems like government’s option. That we will not be accepted,” she said.

Bring Back Our Girls protesters being stopped by the Nigeria Police
Bring Back Our Girls protesters being stopped by the Nigeria Police

Earlier, security operatives tried to stop members of the #BringBackOurGirls group from going ahead with their planned rally to the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

The new round of protest march began August 23 after Boko Haram released a video indicating the girls were alive.

The terror group said it would only exchange the girls for their members detained by the government across the country.

Although President Buhari said he would be willing to concede to the demand, the #BringBackOurGirls group said the government had not done enough to rescue the girls.

After the release of the last video, the group vowed to march to the presidential villa every 72 hours until the government makes clear what steps it was taking to get the girls back.

Some pictures of the girls that were kidnapped
Some pictures of the girls that were kidnapped

The #BBOG had postponed its rally from Friday to Tuesday. But shortly after they began the walk as usual from the Unity Fountain, venue of the #BBOG daily sit-out, heading for the three arm zone, they were stopped by security men around the Ministry of Justice, Abuja.

The security men comprising mainly the police said the BBOG campaign was illegal because they had no permission to protest.

But a member of the group leading the protest on Tuesday, Buky Sonibare, brought out copies of permits obtained from the police for that purpose.

However the police persisted until the #BBOG members forced their way forward.

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  • Abidilagungun

    I’m sure Jonathan is behind BBOG

    • John A

      He must be blamed, that is just the only excuses apc has

    • adeade

      Lol…i tire oooo..This country called Nigeria is in a mess. .

    • Benny

      He founded and he is funding them to discredit the fantastically performing government of our saintly and able President Muhammadu Buhari!

    • Martins

      Don’t mind them, soon Lai Muhammed will be on tv saying that the PDP is behind the activities of the BBOG campaign team. Hopeless government.

      • Otile

        You know it. PDP organized the group and paid them to distract the President. What else can I say?

    • Otile

      Of course, who else incited them?

    • Dear Colonel Mariam

      you are damn right, he was also behind them when they literally launched the campaign that toppled his administration. you are smart in a wicked way.

  • Truth Justice Equity

    Una never see anything, those that sow to the wind,shall of necessity reap whirlwind. BBOG,your days are numbered very soon you may fall victim to Fulani herdsmen if you don’t respect your selves and allow buhari peace to finish his term.very soon 2019 will be here ,so better respect your selves and help Nigeria to search for a leader that understands what leadership is all about because this one is a big error of judgment ,a failure and a calamity.

  • Martins

    Nigeria is indeed an interesting country. How come the police did not attempt to disrupt the protest march of the pro-buhari team?


      while majority of Nigeria obey the rules. few bend the rules and tiny population break the rules. what a wonderful country-Nigeria.

      • Das Colonel Mariam

        This is called change. Under GEJ this group literally campaigned to get Buhari elected, aided by the US government. Now that Buhari is in office, they want a pay off or else they will relaunch their campaign to discredit him for reneging on a promise. Welcome to the new Nigeria my friend.

        • Violadread


          Look, guys, let’s be blunt. The fact that Nigerians are talking about late Gani Fawehinmi with fond memory means that the remainder civil rights activists are fakes. They have no consistent standard
          of honesty and will likely enter into partnership with treasury thieves if they are given a cut. Those remaining human rights activists are mere rabble-rousers without principles.

          Take the Ojota protests for 65 NAIRA PETROL OR NOTHING as example. Pastor Bakare, Femi Falana and all of them gathered thousands of people to shut down the country unless 65 Naira
          petrol is restored.

          Where are Femi Falana and Pastor Tunde Bakare now; and where were they when this Buhari
          of their APC party increased petrol four months ago to 145 Naira? Where were they when the
          same Buhari devalued the Naira to 430 to one dollar on the street? Where were they, when
          within 12 months, the same President Buhari increased electricity tariff by 45% and supplies
          darkness to the bargain, after devaluing the Naira and increasing petrol price?

          Human rights activists my foot!

        • thusspokez

          This is called change. Under GEJ this group literally campaigned to get Buhari elected, aided by the US government.

          Stop lying! The #BBOG does not support any party but there are obviously members of the group who are also supporters of various political parties. But just because, one belongs to a political party doesn’t mean that one cannot join a protest or campaign group.

          I have been following the group since its inception and I have read many a comment by people like you, particularly, on the Vanguard website making numerous false claims that the group supported the APC. This was in an attempt to discredit the group.

          Under GEJ, Marilyn Ogah — a dreadful and horrible woman from the SSS — often harassed the group and put out propaganda claiming that members of the BBOG were foreign spies..

          These Buhari supporters are now doing what you and you ilk used to do against the group during the GEJ administration.

  • Sharpy



    • Lorgne

      Good with empty words. Bravo!

  • Say the truth

    This is the change that Oby campaigned for. Enjoy the change. 2019 go ahead and campaign for Buhari.

  • Es3

    Oh! So now to Buhari/APC supporters, bring-back-our-girls campaign is a scam???!

    Is that what they said when Jonathan was in office?????

    What is good for the goose is jolly well good for the gander, so let the protests continue!!!

    • Lorgne

      Es3, it is nit reported that anyone was beaten or maltreated. Thats free speech in expressed. Like the BBOG, PMB supporters can also protest someones protestations. You are not aware that protested protested against Occupy New York campaign and heavens did not fall. But come to think of it, When was the last time that a bomb from BH exploded killing innocent Nigerians?

      • Political ninja

        You ran in circles and avoided what he simply asked “Is bringbackourgirls now a scam”? before now didnt the supporters of buhari call it legit and accused gej for being complacent?

      • Es3

        Lorgne, please go back and read my comment again?! I believe it will help you realize that I did not comment against Buharists’ counter protest, but in their calling BBOG protest a scam?! Then you can return to respond to my comment on that!

        On the Boko Haram bombs exploding and killing innocent Nigerians of late? Go back again and review your newspaper reports for last month!

        Thank you.

  • vagabonds in power

    AUDU Ogbeh, had during the former Head of State, Muhammadu Buhari’s declaration for the APC presidential ticket, extolled the group for its selfless campaign to secure the release of the over 200 Chibok girls abducted by Boko Haram insurgence over six months ago.

    “We believe that one day; they (Chibok girls) will be reunited with their children even though those children have seen a lot of trauma,” Mr Ogbeh had said.

    He also said the group’s leaders are members of the APC.

    “We commend the #BringBackOurGirls movement led by members of this party; we thank them for their commitment to Nigeria because they remain the only living evidence that Nigeria has a conscience.

    “We hear that the Federal Government wants to take them to court, let the courtroom be large enough to accommodate all of us when they sue them,” he concluded.

    Following Mr. Ogbeh’s statements, many Nigerians lashed out at Mr. Ogbeh and APC, saying the party was attempting to make political gains out of the girls’ misfortune.

    The presidency said the comments merely confirmed its belief that the protest group was politically-motivated to undermine President Goodluck Jonathan’s government.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    President M.Buhari, must rein in on his IGP to warn his officers from molesting and stopping the BBG demonstrators as every civilize society allows demonstration as the fundamental right of every citizen in any nation.

  • wode

    Whoever advised the Presidency to do this gave a wrong advice.

  • thusspokez

    Some supporters of President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday clashed with members of the #BringBackOurGirls group, as the campaigners made way to the presidential villa.

    I can’t believe what I am reading. That Buhari’s supporters are stopping an apolitical group campaigning for the rescue of young Nigerian girls held captive for over two years. Buhari must come out, condemn and disown these føøls and dregs of society claiming to be his supporters.

    Nigeria is a full of mumus, and it is these mumus that are holding Nigeria back from progress.

  • shekonlumi ABDULLAH

    Is funny how supporters of PMB will stop the BBOG. But the support is legal, while BBOG is illegal and no permission obtain. Na whao.

    • thusspokez

      Nigerian law enforcement agencies are subservient in nature: they often ignore their constitutional roles or doing what is right and instead doing what they think will please the government. They end up breaking the law that they are supposed to enforce.

  • Oseal Dania

    Just funny how few months ago it was with Jonathan supporters and bbog campaign group. I think there are better ways of dealing with these issues. Both sides (govt and bbog group) have to listen to each other and work together. They both want the same outcome but have chosen different strategies. We don’t need any division if we must bring back our girls. Sometimes you just want to weep for Nigeria when these things keep happening like this. Same old mistakes… No one learns.