Despite Avengers’ ceasefire, Nigerian Air Force to deploy more troops to Niger Delta

Nigeria Air Force Jets
Nigeria Air Force Jets

Two months after deploying more combat aircraft to the Niger Delta, the Nigerian Air Force has said it is set to deploy more personnel to the troubled region.

The new deployments occur despite a unilateral ceasefire by a major militant group in the region, the Niger Delta Avengers. The group, responsible for most of the attacks on oil and gas facilities in the region in the past year, two weeks ago expressed its willingness for conditional dialogue.

Sunday’s announcement by the Air Force also occurs one week after President Muhammadu Buhari threatened to deal with the Avengers like the government is currently dealing militarily with the Boko Haram terror group in North-eastern Nigeria.

The new Air Force deployment was announced by the Chief of Air Staff , Air Marshal Sadique Abubakar, on Sunday, according to a statement by the Air Force spokesperson, Ayodele Famuyiwa.

Mr. Famuyiwa said the new deployments was part of the resolve to combat militancy and other forms of internal security challenges in the region.

He said Mr. Abubakar disclosed this in Yenagoa during his visit to NAF Mobility Command.

“The planned deployment is aimed at strengthening the existing NAF manpower disposition, especially in Bayelsa and to enhance Nigerian Air Force (NAF) involvement in `Operation Delta Safe,” Mr. Abubakar was quoted as saying by the spokesperson.

“Preparatory to this deployment, new facilities were recently put in place to cater for accommodation and other welfare needs of the personnel.

“These include the construction of new blocks of accommodation for officers and men, office accommodation, airmen’s mess and provost squadron which were commissioned recently.”

According to the statement, two of the airmen’s blocks of accommodation have been named after Cpl. Omaka V.I. and Aircraftman Ofonih E.F., both of whom were killed in Bosso, Niger, during an Internal Security Operation.

Retired Air Vice Marshall Larry Koinyan commissioned the newly-constructed projects as the guest of honour.

The Air Force deployment follows similar ones by the Army and the Navy to quell the militancy in the region which reduced the country’s oil production by half and also damaged power infrastructure.

In his remarks on Sunday, Mr. Koinyan applauded the Air Force personnel for their courage and successes following their renewed vigour at ensuring peace and stability in the various theatres of operations in the country.

He, however, called on the people of Bayelsa to support the Federal Government’s effort at solving the problems of the region once and for all.

Earlier, Mr. Abubakar paid a courtesy call on Governor Henry Dickson of Bayelsa, who gave assurance that his administration was ready to partner NAF and other security agencies in their bid to rid the state of criminal activities.

Mr. Dickson said it had become necessary because Bayelsa government understood the importance of security and the need for the state to be safe for economic prosperity.

He also promised that his government would partner the service to build Air Force primary and secondary schools in the state to enable Bayelsa residents benefit from the quality education provided by such schools.

The governor noted that the discipline and re-orientation of the youth in the state would further be enhanced at the Air Force base in Yenagoa where the schools would be sited.


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  • Rommel

    HahahahahahahahahaLolz! where are those that said we will not be able to come into the creeks,now we are going to reside there,every inch of Nigeria must be made safe for businesses to thrive,all forms of criminality will not be tolerated,after calming down restiveness in the Niger delta,our attention will shift to armed robbers and kidnappers in the south east

    • RestructureNigeriaNow

      What are you going to use fighters jets for in creeks? Kill villagers?

      • Fire4Fire

        Dont mind the parasite. In just one month, All Nigerians living and dead, will feel the impact. You supported Buhari’s Boko haram to get Jonathan out of Power, you must now suffer the consequences. The rain will fall on everybody. How can the richest man and richest woman in Nigeria be aliens from the North and West who illegally stole our oil wealth? And you want the Niger Deltans to be quiet? Impossicant.

      • Peter_Edo

        Villagers that are cooperating, aiding and abetting scavenging miscreant thieves?

    • emmanuel

      When the bombs hit the grounds, more Oil pipeline goes. When the boys have the chance more oil pipeline goes, when the bomb begins more OIC’s evacuates, when more OIC’s evacuate, more of the expatriates refuse to come back.

      • Rommel

        Yes more pipelines will go and then you buy things cheaper than people in the north I hope! soon they will increase price of gasoline,you will be smiling then I suppoe

  • clairvoyance

    Scavengers are already in coma without even a bomb fired from any of the deployed jets. I jaw scavenging dumbos defeat. Sai baba wins again.

  • RestructureNigeriaNow

    What Buhari does not realize is that he will be fighting the people of Niger Delta not militants as it is now obvious that he has no love for the people of the region because the NDA are good at their game and they have won the people to their side with the declaration of unannounced halt in bombings and subsequent statement that they are not interested in personal monetary benefits.
    Unlike Boko Haram, when the war begins, Buhari will be the one terrorizing the people and causing displacements and refugees which will send Nigeria into total crash. It is not a show of power but show of shame and wickedness.
    Buhari may end up as the last president Nigeria will ever have. He is indeed full of hatred.

    • Du Covenant

      And you are full of love for other Nigerian citizens?…..What an irony when you are about to hear the only language you understand!.

  • Galantman

    Trust is like a piece of paper, once squeezed, it can hardly come back to normal. These militants defy all enteritis, good and sound counsel to stop and go for dialogue. The ND behaved irrationally, irratically, and dangerously with unpredictable mood swings. So it is better to cage them first, before any fruitful negotiation

    • IZON Redeemer

      Only a man possessed with the demonic spirit of bingo Buhari –or that of the Fulanis and Yorubas—-will write such silly things—to appease his Fulani– ati Yoruba masters———- here———-Sadly u are from the South east—————-same zone with Kanu whose people were gunned down by the Buhari gestapo like rats—-in recent times–Over 300 Ibos have so far been murdered by Fulani cowhands—-from Mali———-without the Ibo elites ever trying to raise their voices to say enough is enough—————The -Avengers declared a cease-fire in the region–Yet Buhari decided to deploy troops to the creeks instead of development–Yesterday———the Nigerian Army sent more than 12,000 troops to Nembe————–to ensure that no Ijaw man or woman was spared in the attempt of the Fulanis and Yorubas to further enslave the oil wells owned by the Ijaw Nation———————-The Fulanis have severally advised Buhari to give the Ijaws the Obasanjo Odi treatment———-I am laughing my head off———————Was the entire power of NATO able to stop the war in Libya after the murder of Gaddafi by Obama–a Fulani-from Kenya-?-Besides did the Murder of Saddam Hussein end the war in Iraq–?——————–What about the CIA invasion of Syria–?-Has it brought peace to that country-yet?–Go into Afghanistan——With all the weapons at the disposal of the USA———do we now have peace in Afghanistan———-? Look–Freedom is our goal—–not the rule of the Fulanis and Yorubas with their Ibo surrogates in APC ————One billion Fulani troops—or Air Force-planes will never stop the Liberation struggle by the Ijaw Nation————-It is better for the Ijaw Nation be free and poor—–than remain——slaves under the riches of their oil wells—————————————–

      • Rommel

        Where and when did they kill the said 300 Igbo, Ijaw land? and what are their names because no such number of people are missing from any community in Igbo land but how will you even know when you were busy harvesting loaves of bread from the sea

    • Tayo Patriot

      Good comment.

    • Secessionist

      Can’t you see how demented you are? It is because eof unrepentant idiots like you that Nigeria continues to have rogues and killers as presidents and hardened criminals like Dongara and self confessing Jubrin as legislators. Are you unaware of the billions they stole and shared among them? Wouldn’t have built a bridge in the Delta? And I bet you would not refer to these criminal politicians (Dogaran and Junbrin) as “irrational”? When the ashes have settled, come back to this forum. I will be glad to hear your story. Parasite!

    • Gwazy

      My problem is that the have members house of reps, senators, governors. They have had these reps for years to use to press for their demands. They had a president for 6 years that would’ve done all these but he did not. Now all I hear are angry rhetorics being spewed online. I am afraid they left thr C-in-C with no choice.

  • item7

    The chickens are coming home to roast. Though it is late in coming, I stand with PMB in this deployment to rid off the Niger Delta of all criminal elements hindering the development of that area. Jonathan is from Niger Delta and left it more infested with medium and small weapons than infrastructural development. Niger Delta youths are brain washed fools that believes in manner falling from heaven inform of sharing money and easy life. Enough of it. The present government should enforce order and install massive development to the area. There past leaders should be alienated, probed and jailed for new lease of life to penetrate into Niger Delta.

  • vagabonds in power

    I am laughing my head off——–at the Ijaw Nation-most especially the efforts of the likes of EK Clark and Ogoriba–among others–at calling on the Ijaw Militants to embark on a Cease-fire–in the zone—————These humans are yet to understand the country called Nigeria—————-where the Ijaws are regarded as the slaves of the TRIPOD—————-Maybe some of them do not know why the Fulanis are called Muzo Muzo people—Their greed never allows them listen to the voice of wisdom—————–NEVER—–The OIL in the SS—is the only thing that is holding Nigeria together—Niger Delta is so precious to the thieving vision-less oil dependent Fulani ati Yoruba thieves———————————-and their Ibo collaborators-that————they will prefer to go to war with the Ijaw Nation than ever talk———-to their Ijaw slaves in the creeks of the Niger delta—————Nigeria belongs to the Fulanis—Yorubas and Ibos period—–The rest can burn to ashes for all they care–Once they are able to gain ownership of the most lucrative oil wells-in the south south_–case closed ————Maybe some are yet to understand why Jonathan was removed—————from power with the aid of the CIA–So long as there is oil in the creeks of the South south—————–the indigenes of that zone will remain slaves to the Yorubas–Fulanis——————–and their Ibo surrogates in APC———————The only thing the Ijaw Nation should concern themselves with–is their freedom——————————Internationalize the struggle————-else the tripod will continue to demonize the Ijaw Nation—for their own selfish end——————and to the outside world—————-until the Ijaws free themselves from the evil mechanization of the Tripod———————————

    • leonardsonyekwere

      The Ijaw man is his own enemy and that is what I have come to realize. If you do not know this then hear it from onye Igbo who loves the Ijaw nation more than they ever love my people. Ndi Igbo sacrificed their political negotiating power for an Ijaw man at a time Buhari gave them the Vice President, ndi Igbo stuck their neck for Goodluck Jonathan and advised him to restructure Nigeria in 2011 but he refused, but you are here accusing my people for giving the Ijaw nation love at a time that some like you find it hard to hide your resentment for ndi Igbo?
      The Fulani man is determined to bomb down your homeland and instead of going to the mattress and making strategic decisions about how to bring down all Buhari’s war planes and turn them to Kaduna, Zamfara, Zaria, Sokoto, Abuja and etc., you are here turning the only brothers and sister the Ijaw nation ever had into enemies.

  • Patrick

    Cann’tunderstand what this writer is about.Armed forces should stop carrying out their duties because of a criminal gang.PM Times should be more circumspect in it’s captions.

  • Crespo

    If u tell us Abubaka Shekau is a Ghost that can neither be arrested nor killed what makes you feel Avengers (The Niger Delta People) can be arrested and killed? How come you have deployed more fighter jets to the Niger Delta than you have ever deployed to fight terrorist Boko Haram? Buhari is sick!

    • Tayo Patriot

      You talk like a product from a baby factory. Or are you sick.

      • Emeka

        Tayo, you must stop misinforming Nigerians, by saying he talks like a product from “baby factory.” Please call it by its name, and stop beating about the bush! He is a product from “baby factory,” so you must learn to call things by their names.

        • Tayo Patriot

          Thank you my brother.

      • Domingos

        Like dullard like supporter. They are all made in West Germany where President Mitchellin resides. Olodo! Bereft of better points to counter a succinct post you resort to vulgarity. It has no other name. It is called Mumudity.

  • Pete

    Dear EDITOR,

    A member of the United States Congress, Tom Marino, has
    written a letter to Secretary of State, John Kerry, asking the US government to
    withhold security assistance to Nigeria until President Muhammadu Buhari
    demonstrates a “commitment to inclusive government and the most basic tenets of
    democracy: freedom to assemble and freedom of speech”.

    How come PT is not reporting this story? Because Buhari is not Jonathan? Haba! Your partisanship is becoming very ‘stoupidiating’.

    • Peter_Edo

      because a “letter” was written, your pant dey twist? you nor well!!!

    • Hydrogen

      The Freedom fighter of Niger Delta should shoot down anything that flies over the Niger Delta. They should fight dirty. Our people should co-operate. Our Mammy Watas should be called to action too.

      • Sword of Damocles

        dont forget your “Lochness monster” also

  • _Peter Edo

    Mohammadu has been borrowing from all over the world only to help his North. Whereas he has not even visited the Niger Delta after 1.4yrs. Instead he sends bombs to kill our people. I am a fisher man with some advanced degrees but out of job. My fishing business destroyed with oil spills that are never cleaned. And not even one oil company official is being prosecuted for the corruption of spillage and refusal to clean up. Rather, the MDs of the environmental t.e.r.r.o.r.i.s.t oil companies (Chvron, Exonmobil, Sheell etc ) have unrestricted access to Aso Rock residence of Buhari. Shame! Collusion! Insensitivity! The Avengers should fight back and blow up more oil wells. We need justice and equal opportunity and above all control of our Resource and a brand new separate country for ourselves.

    • Oj

      Well said. The ND people shall prevail as good shall always prevail over evil.

  • Julius

    Any Nigerian Army officer or unit who attacks and kills any Niger Deltan or drops a bomb on our soil should be pursued to his destination and taken out. We cannot have our environment decimated by Nigeria and then its military drop bombs on our already polluted Republic. Fight with all your might. Set the enemy alight in any and every way you can. Surprise them with your arsenal. We are tired of this oppression and repression.

  • tony H

    Now it makes sense why Kerry boy visited the Dullard of Daura. The price of oiley needs to go up. Buhari needs to take one on the chin for his master. Throw bomb for ND and the oyinbo toilet newspaper to report say war don start for “major oiley producing” country and then the price of crude to climb ladder. You see na win win for everybody, Naija go continue to produce oiley at the same level but sells it a higher price.

  • Izedomi Ohirein

    If we want peace in Nigeria, boko haram, armed robbers, Oil thieves, Biafra miscreants & Ijaw pipeline vandals must be disarmed.
    Ceasefire does not remove their ability to intimidate & terrorise Nigeria. Terrorism is a crime.

  • kayode Olufade

    Both sides being tactical. While negotiating you strengthen your positions Incase dialogue doesn’t suffice. As long as no one has attacked the other the ceasefire hasn’t been breached. It is imparitive though that all sides thread carefully as what’s more important than oil or/and money are the innocent lives caught inbetween

  • Comradeship! Comradeship!!

    Our boys should get the place the rocket launchers on land, and under water on alert. This is our destiny. We must fight to finish. Let the seas burn. Say no to oppression. And if you are a sympathizer and in the Nigerian Army, this is the time to do the needful. You know what I mean. Blood id thicker than water.

  • Tunde

    NDA & So called ND elders & the silent supporting governors! Now you want to think, negotiate, abi? It is too late for that! You had better come to the table and state your ‘reasonable concerns not unreasonable demands’ OR ELSE, the crocodile smile will bite! You should see NatGeo wild to witness how crocodiles devour wilder beast when the come to the water for drink. They get dragged under water and thorn to pieces! That is your fate if you do not stop this errant nonsense of taking on the Nigerian state! These is not JONA your broder!

    • Oj

      No negotiations. We prefer to go to war. And our Governors (except that useless Oshioms) and the elders have no shame supporting the Avengers – for the Avengers are simply fighting a just course to save the Niger Delta from extinction and undue exploitation. You cant be using our Niger Deltan monies to blast rocks and build bridges in Abuja or to build railways all over the North and to provide money for Northers like Dongara and Jibrin to steal while the Niger Deltan live in abject poverty with no amenities and its environment and means of livelihood destroyed – Land and water pollution. The fight against the Nigerian Army must be total. Buhari and his Northern peoples and the rest of their supporters in Yoruba land must take their filthy leprous parasitc hands off our ND resources. Period! Enough is enough!

      • Musbau Hamzat

        Oj – You are ready for WAR!!! From inside your room abi!!, you are claiming your are ready for war. You let me laugh in Biafraud!!!!!. Pls go and read history what war is all about. The last Biafra war, the south not yet recovered till today. You are not sincere with your self. You now know that you are marginalized after almost 6 yrs in government as president by your brother and nothing good achievement to uplift the suffering of Niger Delta. Better go to farm and contribute to the GDP of Nigeria economy and benefit from this present government gesture. I welcome you to criticize the present government but do not ever sing a song of war. The presence of Army in ND indicates we have no non-sense president ND agitation is very selfish. Look for something to do for betterment of you and your family.

  • Comradeship! Comradeship!!

    Can’t you see how demented you are? It is because eof unrepentant idiots like you that Nigeria continues to have rogues and killers as presidents and hardened criminals like Dongara and self confessing Jubrin as legislators. Are you unaware of the billions they stole and shared among them? Wouldn’t have built a bridge in the Delta? And I bet you would not refer to these criminal politicians (Dogaran and Junbrin) as “irrational”? When the ashes have settled, come back to this forum. I will be glad to hear your story. Parasite!

  • ndababa

    Please release those things with maximum accuracy whenever the need arises. Pt should be giving us the footage of those actions…….. we will keep our fingers crossed!

  • Ben Ikari

    Although Nigeria, like any other nation will not sit and watch anyone or group destroy its so-called source of national earning and wealth, the nation will also not resolve once and for all the issues at dispute to wit oil and gas land ownership and resource control in its oil bearing communities contrary to what Retired Air Vice Marshall Larry Koinyan said herein. Interestingly, the alien federal government has always used people including current and retired officers of the armed forces such as Mr. Koinyan to advance its criminal agenda in the region. Sadly, these communities will see and be threatened with these war planes and other armed forces combat personnel. The fact or irony is that Nigeria doesn’t own the land or oil, gas she illegally seize and use as source of national earning and wealth. Precolonial ethnic nations or communities which are older and have legal claims than Nigeria have these lands and wealth they’re being harassed and killed for. Thus displaying war power using aircraft and personnel deployment to force these communities to surrender their land and rights to it and development, wealth attests to my position. But the same way no nation will sit and watch its so-called source of national earning and wealth being destroyed without the fight of their life is similar way no ethnic community or indigenous nation will sit to watch an alien federal government owned and controlled by mostly aliens who have laid false claims to lands and wealth that doesn’t belong to them yet carted away billions of dollars, other wealth continue to force into their land to steal their wealth. They’ve alongside some politicians and rulers from the oil-rich communities left these communities in poverty and environmental degradation, steal their land, resources of oil, gas then kill those who demand justice. My only worry has been that those being stole from, polluted and killed as a prelude to extermination are neither thinking beyond oil facility blowup, dialogue and possible settlement or being rounded up and killed or jailed. They aren’t thinking and planning a once and for all standoff including cutting the oil completely before any tricky dialogue that extends the exploitation and destruction circle. Obviously Buhari and his Northern hegemonic government take delight in such extermination preps. They will not honestly and holistically resolve the resource ownership and control problem, rather engage in a show of force knowing the federal government is a criminal in this case, but with guns and warplanes will triumph because Goodluck Jonathan didn’t also see anything wrong with such criminality so did nothing to save his own community of Otueke that is a member of the oil bearing communities facing pollution, degradation and extermination. The just struggle for land ownership and resource control with environmental protection as undertone will continue until just ONE DAY WHEN IT SHALL BE PROVEN THAT GOVERNMENT’S GUNS AND WARPLANES AREN’T THE ANSWER TO THIS CONFLICT!

  • vagabonds in power

    Several thousands of Military Troops, attached to the Headquarters Second Brigade Command of the Nigerian Army, are right now heading towards Nembe, in 25 trucks according to the African Opinion Reporter, who witnessed the movements of the stern looking soldiers in Bayelsa state. The soldiers, believed to be on their way to root out Militants fighting for Resource Control in the oil-rich Niger Delta zone of Nigeria.

    Some of the trucks were fully loaded with different types of foodstuffs among other necessities of life, meant for the use of the soldiers. Although it is not yet clear why such a massive movement of troops are being deployed to the Nembe Local Government Area of Bayelsa state, by the Nigeria Government at a time the head of the Amnesty Scheme, Rtd Brigadier General Boro, was recently quoted as saying the Federal Government, was holding Peace-Talks with leaders of the Niger Delta Region.

    But most watchers of the unfolding events in the volatile Niger Delta Region, are of the opinion that the move, is intended to provide a counter attack, in response to the killing of of 6 soldiers at two Military check points at Ogbolomabiri water ways in Bayelsa state.

    • Iskacountryman

      i tink dem wan declare independence….dem go hear gbosa…

      • Mariam. Col

        there will be a declaration in a little less than a month from today… learn to live with it…no one can stop this one.

        • Iskacountryman

          after all the biafrans declared biafra in a nigerian prison…

        • Iskacountryman

          talk is cheap…why eboes no de declare?…

  • favourtalk

    That is the best that the president is doing, we need a saner environment which will be better and bring a nation to a transformed the country, we shall surely get there , kudos to the nigeria military for doing a great job for a year now

    • IZON Redeemer

      The Hail Hitlers of Bingo Buhari are back—to swallow–their regional vomits——again———which Zik left with Balewa——-Hence the need for them to express the evil thoughts of the Ibos against the people of the SS–Yet not one soldier was sent to the south east to tame to Fulani boko haram cowhands————killing Ibos like rats——–over there—–Sadly it was the same Nigerian army that supplied the arms used in the cold blooded murder of Ibos to the Fulanis from Niger Republic and Mali———————tearing open the stomachs of Ibo women in the south east————————The Fulani soldiers will never win the war in the Niger delta–maybe the Yorubas–Fulanis and their Ibo collaborators are yet to see the determination—-and the quest for freedom in the eyes of the average Ijaw–man–fighting for their freedom from Nigeria in the poverty stricken creeks of the Niger delta——————————-

  • Ibo na Ibo-cowards

    Okorocha Warns Igbos – GOVERNOR Rochas Okorocha of Imo State has warned the Igbos the dire consequences of playing with fire if the north abandons the region and cut off food supplies to the southeast over what he describe as ingratitude to the north.

    The governor said the north has been the food basket to the south-east and to engage them in a cold war will not pay the region any good in the long run.

    He made the disclosure while speaking to newsmen on Wednesday in Owerri, the Imo State capital.

    According to the governor, “As we talk, the food we consume in the state, like rice, yam, tomatoes, pepper and beef, all come from the North.

    “If the farmers in the North cut food supply to the South East, we will face a serious challenge,” the governor said.Unquote———-Which type of mum u Ibo man is this one again–Do the Fulanis produce food crops in the North? The farmers in the North are the Native Nigerians not the Fulanis from Mali and Chad—

  • 9ja on d way 2 split

    Marino’s letter to Kerry causes commotion in Aso Rock–as Militants down two Alpha jet planes!

    : The Federal Government has described as ‘’sadly out of tune with reality’’ the published letter from US Congressman Tom Marino to Secretary of State John Kerry, asking the US to withhold security assistance to Nigeria on the strength of some purported infraction by the Buhari Administration.

    The member of the United States Congress had written a letter to Secretary of State, John Kerry, asking the US government to withhold security assistance to Nigeria until President Muhammadu Buhari demonstrates a “commitment to inclusive government and the most basic tenets of democracy: freedom to assemble and freedom of speech”.

    He had also asked the State Department to refrain from selling warplanes and other military equipment to Nigeria until Buhari establishes a track record of working towards inclusion.

    In a two-page letter dated September 1, 2016 and addressed to Kerry, Marino, a Republican from Pennsylvania, who assumed office on January 3, 2011, said there were a number of warning signs emerging in the Buhari administration that signal “the man who once led Nigeria as a military dictator might be sliding towards former autocratic tendencies”.

  • Mosley

    Who or where are the jets going to bomb or fight? Are the avengers or whatever they are called assembled in one vicinity? They may even be in Abeokuta, Jos, Lagos or Abuja. Let’s keep watching.

  • Defence

    One jet fighter shot down yesterday and it is confirmed.