UPDATED: Ondo 2016: Akeredolu defeats Tinubu’s candidate at APC primary


In what is clearly a keenly contested All Progressives Congress primary election, Rotimi Akeredolu (SAN) was on Saturday elected candidate of the party for the November 26 governorship election.

It is the second time he is emerging candidate of the party, as he was the candidate in the 2012 governorship election.

In Saturday’s election, he defeated Olusegun Abraham, the preferred candidate of the National Leader, Bola Ahmed Tunubu, by 669 votes.

Mr. Abraham, an international businessman and a one-time Chairman of Owena Motel under Governor Adefarati, scored 635 votes to place second in the race.

He was a governorship aspirant in 2012 on the platform of the defunct ACN but was pressured to step down for Rotimi Akeredolu who flew the party’s flag at the time.

Despite the initial controversy over alleged imposition of Mr. Abraham on the party, the results showed that the election was keenly contested with all the major aspirants showing political strength.

Although 24 persons vied for the ticket, the contest was strictly among Mr. Abraham, Olusola Oke, Robert Boroffice and Mr. Akeredolu.

Mr. Oke pulled some surprises with his performance. He is a new figure in the party, who joined the fold from the PDP.

He scored 576 votes to come third, beating Ajayi Boroffice who was initially well favoured to pick the ticket. Mr. Boroffice garnered 471 votes.

Tayo Alasoadura, the senator representing Ondo Central, recorded 206 votes, even as another serving lawmaker, a member of the House of Representatives, Bode Ayorinde, polled 67 votes.

The only female aspirant, Jumoke Ajasin Anifowose, scored only a vote, while Tunji Ariyomo recorded two votes.

Controversial Tunji Abayomi polled five votes; Adefemi Mayowa, 13 votes; Adegbomire Adebiyi, 8 votes; Adekunle Adekunle, 8 votes; former Senator Ayo Akinyelure, 3 votes and Jamiu Afolabi, 44 votes.

Olabitan Victor scored 18 votes while Oyewumi Taiwo scored 7votes.

Seven ballot papers were invalid.

A total of 2740 delegates were accredited for the exercise.

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  • cheky

    Good! Any party can win as far is Tinubu is out of the equation.

  • Ashibogu

    Please pray for Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu. How art the mighty fallen! Tell it not in Bourdillon.

  • Martins

    So glad Aketi won. The Emperor of Lagos can remain mute in Bourdilon, he can’t impose Abraham on the people of Ondo state.

  • Arabakpura

    It appeared to be a very credible and peaceful contest; congratulations to the APC!

  • owhonda

    I was very impressed about what I saw. Democracy is maturing. I commend those who organized this ONDO primary election for APC.
    I hope those who lost will be good sports men, rally around and let us take over Ondo

    • blackkolly

      Which democrazy is maturing,after lodging the delegates in hotel and settled them with money.Most of them voted for highest bidder and out of their conscience.Nonsense!

      • Olotito

        You are actually wrong, I know of one delegate who i can put my hand in the Bible for, voted for Boye Oyewumi after rejecting 250 000 naira to vote for another candidate. The said delegate is a man of principle who actually believes in Boye Oyewumi ideas and worked tirelessly for him without asking for or receiving any gratification. The delegate i was talking about was not even from the same senatorial district as Boye Oyewumi. There are actually men of integrity around. I must confessed, I was actually surprised by his action

        • George

          You will die like your father putting your worthless hands on Bible for some Idiots you are a confused soul.

          • Ade Omowest

            Why are you abusing Olotito? You can contradict his view but raining unprintable words on him is ungentlemanly.

          • Joseph Ochuko

            Back to the sender IJN

  • Realnigerian

    APC has lost Ondo State

    • George

      They have lost Nigeria watch out boy.

  • B. Messi

    The APC e-zombies who usually rush out to sing ‘Hosanna in the Highest’ anytime Tinubu’s name is mentioned are suddenly quiet!
    It would appear their fortunes are tied to Tinubu’s.
    This proves beyond reasonable doubt they are PAID AGENTS!

    • paul irumundomon

      They have turned themselves slaves in their own country, shame. Tinubu is a thief and those who follow him are happy to have a theif as their leader. Where next will he spend his stolen money, collect it from him and vote against him. He stole the money anyway, is buhari turn, those who you think you can buy will turn your very enemy.

    • Lorgne

      How is it you are not able to see that democracy is playing out. Thanks to PMB for allowing party supremacy to take root.

      • George

        nONSENSE, tINUBU has been rejected ok not just democracy. Watch out more disgrace is coming that yeye Tinubu ways as he refused to see Buhari in Osun State few days ago.

  • new republic

    APC can not win any election in Nigeria again people are dying of hunger no salary,Akeredolu don’t waste your time.

    • Ade Omowest

      Make sure you have your high blood pressure drug in your pocket next Saturday as APC/Obaseki will WIN the Edo State gubernatorial election and Osagie Ize-Iyamu of PDP will kiss the dust.

      • George

        @Ade you are demon for wishing Edo People BADLUCK that associated with ADAMIC ADAMS.

        • Ade Omowest

          Just sit there punching rubbish, that is how you people said heaven will fall if Jonathan lost the election last year. For your information PDP/Ize-Iyamu will lose the election woefully and nothing will happen.

          • emmanuel

            Is the heaven not falling now? Chevron and Shell are on their last segmented plans to leave Nigeria. Wjile Mobil is neither here or there.
            India has cancelled most of their future Oil deals with Nigeria because of uncertainties in loading Crude. On the other hand, heavens has fallen over Nigeria with recession. Do you need a prophet?
            Go to Edo State and feel the peoples pulse. No State wait for Jega’s voodoo anymore, they protect their votes.

          • Ade Omowest

            Let us meet at this forum after the results are declared. The Edo State people are in high mood right now to bury the dying PDPig in Edo and send Pastor Osagiie Ize-Iyamu to his political Waterloo.

  • George

    The Northerners have started reducing tinubu influence gradually as Awolowo and yeye Akintola experienced before their unceremonious death with sadness.

    A king never allow king maker to remain powerful after he ascend his kingship to avoid the kind maker anointing another king in his replacement and that is exactly what the Hausa vultures are doing to yeye omo ole tinubu at the moment.

    • Mufu Ola

      We don’t need your theory.Sort out your Jona misery first.

      • Commentsfile..!!!

        Lol.. you r mean bro, he is trying hard to forget
        that… why remembering him that na?
        instead of applauding civility he is here selling
        his cheap knowledge that never moved across
        his nose! everything must not be reduced to
        name calling, grow up Mr George!!

        • emmanuel

          What is civility about a man banished to his house and the boys do not even take orders from him any more or that the Foolani boys made him run away from Abuja because nobody ever visit him there in fear that the Foolani boys would make them enemy of Alhaji Buhari?
          I begi, do not remind us that you are a Yorobber man; which we know.
          Someone i engage with two weeks ago rpoudly said in Yorubaland, we follow our leaders even if they are criminals and i had cold shivers.
          By your statement, you concur to that style.
          For your information, Jonathan was never the leader of the SS or SE, although he became President but was too much of a weakling to lead us. But that does not remove the fact that he was the best Nigeria President to date.

  • Sholoko

    Premium Times Editor,

    Enlightened political forces arise in Yorubaland

    A new force is arising in Yorubaland. A new and enlightened leadership is sprouting in Yoruba states.
    Those who still hold onto the delusion that Alhaji Bola Tinubu is their Leader will be buried with him.
    Educated Nigerians are waking up to take over their own lives and not fall down for illiterate Leader.

    This is how it should be. It is now up to Ibikunle Amosun to visibly distance himself from Bola Tinubu.
    Otherwise, Ibikunle Amosun too will be buried with Bola Tinubu under the new rubble of old nonsense.
    Knowledge has always been the criterion for leadership in Yorubaland but Bola Tinubu bastardized it.
    Bola Tinubu made (stolen) money the basis for leadership and covertly formed a coalition of Muslims.

    • Mama Kay

      When did religion become an issue in Yoruba land? You people should stop your inferiority complex, stop seeing issues through the prism of religion.

      Remi Tinubu is a member of RCCG, so that shows you that the Yoruba saying a father’s religion cannot save a child, is what counts.

      Put your points forward without recourse to religion. Have you actually done a census of the people’s religion to know what percentage claim any one religion?

      • No Comment


        “Did you say the man
        (Alhaji Ishaq Akintola of MURIC) is a professor? May God have mercy on Nigeria,
        if that is the kind of professors that we produce. If you look at the photo or
        video of Kerry in the palace of the Sultan (of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar),
        you’ll see the flag of America and you’ll see the flag of Nigeria with the Sultan
        sitting in-between. That shows that the Sultan is now the president of Nigeria.
        The professor (Alhaji Ishaq Akintola) knows that there is a hidden agenda
        in that meeting. Christians are watching as this country is being gradually
        Islamised. We want to know why we were not invited to that meeting. We also
        want to know why the Nigerian flag was hoisted in the palace of the Sultan.”

        ………………Rev. Musa Asake
        (Secretary Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN)
        [September 4th, 2016]

        • KBE

          Sultan has declared Monday 12th of September a national public holiday in Nigeria. That is the new thing since Buhari came. The sultan of sokoto has now assume the position of ayatollah the Iranian Islamic supreme leader. Who says Nigeria is not an Islamic state. Can CAN president declare any day a national public holiday in Nigeria? Prophet Bosun Emmanuel warned you never to say never or say lailai.

          • Becky Oloye

            You’re retarded! Your stupidity is Grade A. Even before Buhari came in, Sultan had always announced the date of Islamic religious festivals. I can bet my last penny you’re shitgbo. May 1000 bats chop off your moisty ballz if you sell that “I’m yoruba” bullshit to me. Can y’all Jona-worshipping burstids move the fck on?Elections have come and gone. MOVE THE FCK ON!

          • Aloa Akan

            Thumb up loogun ofe o! Awon omo yen maa n mu inu bi yan sometimes.

          • Aloa Akan

            When elders are talking, courtesy demands that small children play with their toys. Go and play with your toys young man.

        • Mama Kay

          The same insecurity affecting CAN. By their fruit you shall know them.

          This man whose only qualification is claiming to be a Rev is denigrating a professor.

          Thank God my people are no longer fooled by the con artists.

          Ignorance is a disease. Get enlightened and know that religion is in your heart not your sleeve. With all the so called religious people in Nigeria, the crime rate is higher than no religion countries of Europe.

      • Short & Sharp


        • Mama Kay

          I couldn’t care less about Bola Tinubu. Yoruba people do not follow people blindly. They know what is good for them, which is why they took all the money Jonathan gave them but still voted Buhari.

          • Hero

            Thank you and well said.

      • emmanuel

        Shhhhhhh, Remi Tinubu, Osinbajo and a host of others in their midst are Church goers. They are not different from the consters who scam Nigerians in the name of God today.
        Meanwhile, Everything about the APC is Islamist and cannot be divorced from their leader in the South West. I suspect he may replace Ambode with a jihadist from 2019.

        • Mama Kay

          And what of you? Just asking how you would qualify yourself. I don’t know about those people’s relationship with their God which is and should be personal. I don’t read about those people attacking others for religious reasons.

    • KBE

      Ondo and Ekiti people must be commended for taking the bull by the horns. They have shown resilience, bravery, sagacity and proven to be independent. The same can’t be said of others. Ogun, Osun, Oyo and Lagos are Tinuburuku’s slaves yard for keep. Osun’s case appear to be very bad beyond comprehension.

  • TininiTanana

    Demystifying the Leader. Ondo State ….land of the Iroko!

    • emmanuel

      Iroko is a stylist who survives in the midst of small and big Timbers alike. Eight years of unpredictable political and survival moves.
      I urge him not to attempt an over bearing godfather role when he leaves office. He should prepare to be an adviser instead, so that Ondo people will not end up with a replacement that may take his people into Lagos bondage in protest.
      To the people of Ondo, your brothers in Ekiti used Okada, bicycles, foot and all within their means to protect their votes from Jega and did same to ensure Tinubu never transported the demonised House of Assembly men from Lagos to come impeach Fayose in their last days. You can do better in your state, not minding that the foolani hegemonist are in charge like their evil brother Jega was.

  • King

    I hope that what is happenings to Saraki wont happen to Akeredolu, this time around he has defiled the King Anointed candidate and emerge as APC Governorship candidates. My advice to him is to go back to the king and massage his Ego for an easy ride. Remember the 48 laws of power. Never try to outshine your master. In this case, Jababan is still the Master in APC

    • Weydem



      You are right O!
      A terrible, backward and feudal one-man rule was set up in Lagos
      on the basis of Islam as overriding credential for public office, except as
      deputy or as adviser, just to colorably comply with FEDERAL CHARACTER
      and win the Christian votes for overlord Muslims in APC Islamist party hierarchy.

      This cheap trick
      was used since 2003 but the Christians in Lagos are too naive or too daft to
      see through Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s Islamist shenanigan. It was Bola Tinubu
      who allegedly cemented his coalition of Muslims in Lagos by imposing Oba Akiolu
      – a rabid and reckless Islamist – as the current Oba of Lagos. And Oba Akiolu has
      since then been complimenting by competing with Lai Muhammed in irresponsible
      political utterances.

      When the Lagos Christians
      woke up in the year 2013 and insisted on a Christian governor, it was almost
      too late, because Alhaji Bola Tinubu and Alhaji Raji Fashola had raided the
      Lagos treasury to the point of creating a financial oligarchy able to buy off
      murder. In tandem, both rogues had massively insinuated Muslims into the
      civil service and the judiciary, as default control lever.

      It is in that ISLAMIST context that
      AKIN AMBODE a non-politician civil servant was invited by Bola Tinubu to become
      the new Lagos state governor – after a ritual involving a pledge of fealty, and after
      Akin Ambode accepted to leave the Lagos APC party control under Bola Tinubu and
      the Muslim political camarilla in charge. Surrounded by these rabid Jihadist Muslims,
      Akin Ambode can hardly say he has a mind of his own left.

    • emmanuel

      Jaga wetin? Tinubu has long relinquished that name to the deceptive Foolanis who quarantined him to Burdillon. If you like yourself and want to be heard in your coven of wicked witched called PDP, just be content with Asiwaju.

      • emmanuel

        sorry, APC

  • JasV

    Now that it has been shown that Ondo is not Lagos State, no victor, no vanquish. We only need all hands on deck to ensure that all pollutants that have been polluting Ondo state vanish with immediate alacrity and in the name of Jesus. Amen

  • Walter

    If it was the pdp party, we all know it would have been the other way around.

    • emmanuel

      How, that a man won an election in 2012 and was asked to step down, how did it end? Hypocrisy there.
      So APC is a party, with All Promises Cancelled? The party that produced and delivered recession to Nigerians with 18 months? Who would vote for scoundrels in power?
      You know say Ondo and Ekiti people are a different breed of Yorubas.

  • Commentsfile..!!!

    I just like sound minded and intelligent individuals
    not minding in which jungle they belongs to ,
    Mr Akeredolu SAN happens to be one of them.
    when hungry People conduct election primaries
    they will produce 2 candidates claiming winners
    of one election. respect to you Ondo APC!

  • V.I.P

    I want all Nigerians to know that “It is the present situations that will determine
    the outcome of any future election in this country.” That is Good political
    party, good candidate, and good performance; deserves good vote above all is to
    have a Godly Candidate who will truly care for the poor Nigerians.

  • Akiika

    Tunji Ariyomo…2 votes….5 votes….which is which?
    What a lazy and unprofessional report. How difficult is it to edit a one page report?