Another Nigerian airline, First Nation, suspends operations

Photo credit: daily
Photo credit: daily

A day after Aero Contractors announced the suspension of operations and placed staff on indefinitely leave, another national airline, First Nation, has closed business.

The National Civil Aviation Authority announced on Thursday that First Nation had been ordered to shut down for mandatory maintenance.

The director-general, Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), Muhtar Usman, said in a statement that the indefinite suspension of operations by the airline followed its engine replacement programme involving one of the aircraft in its fleet.

Mr. Usman said with another aircraft due for mandatory maintenance in line with NCAA’s regulations, the airline cannot continue its operations.

“In these circumstances, these airlines clearly cannot continue to undertake schedule operations, hence the inevitable recourse to self-regulatory suspension,” the NCAA boss said.

“It is against the Nigerian civil aviation regulations for airline operators to carry out scheduled commercial operations with only one aircraft.”

Mr. Usman, who said this was the same premise Aero Contractors was ordered to suspend its operations, said NCAA would not compromise safety and security of airlines operations in the airspace.

He said every facet of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Regulations and Standard and Recommended Practices (SARPs) must be adhered to with due diligence.

He explained that everything had been put in place to continue ensuring compliance.

The First Nation could not be reached for comment for this story.

The decision came as the suspension of Aero Contractors’ took effect Thursday.

The airline had claimed it suspended flights due to the difficult business environment in the country. At least 1,400 staff of Aero have been placed on an indefinite leave.

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  • ???

    Premium Times Editor,

    Whatever happened at First Nation Airlines?

    Bola Tinubu reportedly has cash investments in First Nation Airlines. How did the airline go belly up?
    Bola Tinubu filed affidavit in 1999 and claimed he attended the Ivy League University of Chicago and
    graduated in Economics. Why does President Buhari not want to believe Bola Tinubu’s affidavit?

    Only recently, Bola Tinubu came into the public domain and said no country can ever go bankrupt or insolvent
    since the solution to either problem is to print more cash notes from the MINT. Why does President Buhari not
    want to credit Bola Tinubu as a genius for that never-heard economic theory of money, even if Bola Tinubu
    could not apply that bogus theory to his own investments in First Nation Airlines? One wonders!

    • Sally Seadog


      Professor Wole Soyinka himself told the public
      he was giving Muhamadu Buhari a cautious endorsement but he described
      Buhari in very sweet words as a ‘born again democrat’. Fifteen [15] months on,
      Muhamadu Buhari has returned the compliments by putting Nigeria into the worst
      recession. Since then Wole Soyinka has become deaf and dumb and just throwing
      tantrums at journalists so as to avoid confessing his political ignorance and eat his

      Likewise his poodle – Femi Falana – who is tongue-tied to the apron strings of his
      corrupt APC bread-winners. With the economic destruction wrought by President
      Buhari in under 15 months, Femi Falana has been looking for much else to do,
      rather than comment. Hypocrites usually come to such a bad end.

      Even General Olusegun Obasanjo who
      was boasting in the Punch newspaper last Sunday that he and three others ‘packaged’
      Muhamadu Buhari and rammed him through the hurdles past the post to be sworn in
      as president, has kept quiet on this economic recession. As companies close
      down across Nigeria, as workers are laid off in droves, as recession deepens
      without an official solution, and as Nigeria sinks, Obasanjo does not wish to
      partake in the blame. With a friend like that President Buhari may not need

    • Straight & Simple



  • thusspokez

    At least 1,400 staff of Aero have been placed on an indefinite leave.

    Next step is the unemployment queue. More airlines will join stop operations or file for bankruptcy. The ones left will increase their fares — this will increase the rate of inflation.

  • RestructureNigeriaNow

    #NigeriansAreCowards for allowing the status quo to remain. #BuhariMustGo

    • Rommel

      Lazy animal,come and remove him naaa!

  • thusspokez

    Watch out for the banks — they will be next!

  • George

    First Nation Airline was formerly Sosoliso which Tinubu bought over from the lady the first owner who happens to be Tinubu partner in drugs pushing business and after Tinubu bought it over he made the lady son to still remain the GM.

    If Tinubu airline could be shuts down that means Nigerians are in a serious trouble.


    • Mufu Ola

      Your Tinubu again! Don’t u have a father?

      • George

        I’m not surprise you called a man like tinubu a father because you Yorubas are bastards

    • emmanuel

      Tinubu has long been quarantined to Burdillon by Arewa boys, so his businesses are also dying. Unfortunately, they are also watching Babatunde Fowler if he would steal FG money for Tinubu.
      Very soon, he would be made to return Aluasa State land he converted to Ikeja City Mall

  • Rommel

    Apart from oil,what else do Nigerians export in comparison with what we import which is almost everything,considering that our population is expanding,how were Nigerians expecting to take care of the difference when everyone is a consumer without adding anything? besides,they send their kinsmen to blow up pipelines and then jump out and ask Buhari to feed them,ain’t the people nuts?

    • Ajayi balogun

      Goat man,I am hungry

    • sab

      You asked for patience for the budget to be signed. Months after nothing positive has happened. You jerked up petrol price which you rejected four years ago yet nothing positive followed. You increased electricity tariff, introduced bank charges, recovered ‘looted funds including the ‘Abacha Loot’ which you earlier said Abacha never stole, yet no sign of better things to come. You activated TSA full blast still no deal. Oil price has risen above the budget bench mark, still no show. The only thing you are good at is blame game morning, blame game afternoon, blame game evening. Please can’t you remind yourself for once that election campaign is over and so propaganda is out of place. Just for once sit down and put on your thinking cap on how you can revive our economy you plummeted by rash activation of TSA and blanket ban on staple food items like rice. We were buying fuel at N97 and you complained it should be reduced because oil price has gone down globally. The govt responded. It got to your turn in power and the oil price plummeted further. But instead of you to reduce price, you jerked it up and still continued to divert attention. Please, we’ve grown beyond this petty deceit. Think of something else.

    • Alhaji

      How about northern Boko Haram who has killed over 40000 innocent people? Or Buhari and his people who promised to make Nigeria ungovernable for GEJ? Are these people building Nigeria?

  • Ajayi balogun

    Fools in government,what didn’t you expect from hungry man like me…Apc!!!!!! Shame.not progress

  • abdul dull daura


  • Mufu Ola

    Good riddance.Nearly had a heart attack on their flight 2yrs ago. We need 2 or 3 fit airlines.Not 1000 danfos in the sky.

  • Ola

    Have you guys read the article at all before calling each other names……First Nation Airlines had been ordered to shut down for mandatory maintenance of one of its aircraft by NCAA. The regulatory body is doing its job like it should normally do regardless. What has GEJ, BUHARI, TINUBU or APC have to do with this? Airlines come and go all over the world and life goes on.
    Aero Contractors had been struggling from ownership problem for years stemming from the family squabbles of the Ibrus and other technical partners, it went into receivership a little while back and was taken over by AMCON.
    Please keep abreast of development , it helps a lot before we jump to make comments.
    The best way for Rommel et al to get a grip on the situation the country finds itself is for him to take an inventory of major household items in his house from his CAR, entering his FRONT DOOR , LIVING ROOM, BEDROOMS,KITCHEN, TOILET, FOOD, CLOTHING and SHOES.
    He will be shocked to see how few items in his whole house are “MADE IN NIGERIA”” We are addicted to consuming what other people make and that is what is killing us.
    We must wake up and accept that we are no GIANT OF AFRICA. Enough said.

    • Alhaji

      We are still GIANT. Nigerians are GIANTS of thieves of Africa, and northerners take 95% of the tittle.

      • Ola

        Alhaji, evidence have shown that we are all to blame, whether Northerner or Southerner, thievery seems not to despise any tribe or section of the country.

  • Ola

    Sorry Rommel, I was referring to the comment by “sab” to you.. Cheers.

  • favourtalk

    They didnt see any corrupt individuals to stop the nation, we shall surely be great

  • This is serious news, bad times for Nigerian airlines in today’s economy. When we need them most is when they are leaving. When will Nigerian Aviation grow?

    • emmanuel

      You would know when you tell us why you voted for Alhaji Buhari. Your face be like those facebook campaigners who never referred to history before they sand changi and used the social media to help develop the lies churned out by the APC.
      It is now clear that over 80% of the stories and promises then were all lies.

  • thusspokez

    Nigerians should pray-o (as Nigerians like to do) that these companies have not borrowed heavily from Nigerian banks. If so, expect the banks to be the next to go down.