Aviation unions besiege Aero Contractors over indefinite leave handed 1,400 workers


Aviation unions on Thursday besieged the head office of Aero Contractors Airline at the Murtala Muhammed Airport (MMA), Lagos, a day after the embattled airline announced the suspension of flight operations and placed workers on an indefinite leave.

Benjamin Okewu, the president, Air Traffic Services Senior Staff Association, told journalists on Thursday that the unions embarked on the measure following the indefinite leave given to the over 1,400 workers.

The other union whose members also stormed the headquarters of Aero Contractors is the National Union of Air Transport Employees (NUATE).

The airline’s Chief Executive Officer, Fola Akinkuotu, had said in a statement on Wednesday that the decision to suspend flight operations was part of the strategic business realignment to reposition the airline and return it to the path of profitability.

He said all staff directly and indirectly involved in providing the services, would also proceed on indefinite leave of absence.

“This business decision is as a result of the current economic situation in the country, which has forced some other airlines to suspend operation or outrightly pull out of Nigeria.

“In the case of Aero, the airline has faced grave challenges in the past six months, which impacted its business and by extension the scheduled services operations,’’ he said.

Mr. Akinkuotu said the impact of the external environment had been very harsh on the airline’s operational performance, hence the management’s decision to suspend scheduled services operations indefinitely effective Sept.1, 2016.

“This suspension is pending when the external opportunities and a robust sustainable and viable plan is in place for Aero Contractors to recommence its scheduled services.

“The implication of the suspension of scheduled services operations extends to all staff directly and indirectly involved in providing services, as they are effectively to proceed on indefinite leave of absence during the period of non-services.

“We are aware of the impact this will have on our staff and our highly esteemed customers, hence we have initiated moves to ensure that we are able to return back to operations within the shortest possible time, offering reliable, safe and secure operations,’’ he said.

Mr. Akinkuotu said both internal and external environmental factors had made it difficult for the airline to continue its scheduled services, leading to the management’s decision.

He recalled that, as part of its resolve to ensure the airline survived, unlike most other carriers that experienced short life span in the country, Asset Management Company of Nigeria (AMCON) had appointed Adeniyi Adegbomire as Receiver Manager in Feb. 6, 2016.

Mr. Akinkuotu also noted that since AMCON’s intervention in Aero Contractors in 2011, it had provided support for the airline to meet working capital requirements and fleet expansion.

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  • time 4 bingo buhari 2 go

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    • Debekeme

      My friend, You have been posting this your rubbish everywhere. Kep wasting your time. Let elections hold this very minute ; PDP will lose again and again and again. You really think memories of Nigerians is so short. Useless party with even more useless supporters.

    • Olusola

      Jobless Deri, I hope blood pressure will let you reach Xmas the way you are going!

  • Ufot A.


    I am very proud of the
    Nigeria Labour Congress (N.L.C) leadership for refusing to get involved in this
    Aero Contractors mess. Let Nigerians stew in their juices. They voted Buhari on
    silly assumptions that without much formal education Buhari would still turn the
    Naira exchange rate to one to a dollar. Today, Nigeria’s one thousand Naira note
    is as worthless as close to just two (2) U.S dollars.

    Under no circumstances
    must the N.L.C call out anyone out for picketing or for strike action.
    The NLC had called Nigerians out early this year to prevent exactly what is
    happening. Nigerians did not heed the NLC call for labour action. Nigerians even
    rejoiced that THE NLC STRIKE FAILED. Such human beings don’t need protection
    against economic ravages.

    Let them eat dust
    but enforce that they all pay their union dues to the NLC every month.
    The NLC was not set up to force a horse to drink water. This generation of
    non-thinking Nigerians can’t be saved from depredations of political idol-worship
    after they’ve pawned their lives and chosen to die for SAI BABA. It should not
    concern the NLC at this stage because workers’ voluntary mass suicide is
    totally outside the jurisdiction of a labour union.

    • Olusola

      We will soon go for those who bankrupt Nigeria and put them in jail. That woman must be a prophetess, she saw herself going to give food to her husband in Jail, she rejected it in Jesus names but Jesus said “back to sender”

  • Richard

    Sa baba up apc

  • Ola

    Richard and Ufot, obviously you do not know the history behind the present predicament of Aero Contractors.
    This saga has been on since the days of OBJ. Don’t forget this is a private company owned by the Ibrus and some other foreign technical partners. They have been making money for many years in our country but unfortunately,
    Family squabbles and disagreement with the technical partners over the years are some what brought the company to where it is today. It has nothing to do with BUHARI or APC and the NLC should not even be involved.
    It is a private entity and should be left to settle any dispute with the employees as long as it is sync with our labour laws.