We were voted into office to do the impossible — APC

John Odigie-Oyegun, APC Chairman
John Odigie-Oyegun, APC Chairman

The All Progressives Congress on Tuesday said it was given power by Nigerians to do what is ‘impossible”.

The party, however, said it would try its best to bring the ongoing suffering of Nigerians to an end.

“Yes, we are elected to do the impossible; we will do our best. I just want to plead that people should give us more realistic expectations,” The Punch quoted APC national chairman, south, Segun Oni, as saying on Tuesday.

Mr. Oni said the Nigerian economy was already damaged by the PDP before President Buhari was voted into office, adding that the opposition party was fixated with having a perpetual grip on power.

“The economy was traumatised by a government whose only agenda was to win another round (of elections). Therefore, everything that they could put into trying to win a second round, even bastardising the economy, was done and we are all here,” Mr. Oni, a former governor of Ekiti State, said.

Mr. Oni said Nigerians should be thankful that the APC was voted into office and to turn around the dangerous path the country’s economy had descended to under the PDP government, saying it could have been worse.

“The reality on ground is that, if the previous government were (still) in power by now, Nigeria would have virtually packed up, maybe many of us would have become refugees by now.”

Mr. Oni’s comment came few days after his party’s chairman, John Oyegun, sparred with the PDP over the state of the economy.

Mr. Oyegun slammed the PDP for running commentaries about the state of the economy, saying the party had lost its right to criticise the policies of the federal government.

The PDP pushed back against the attacks, saying the APC ruined Africa’s largest economy within 15 months in office.

The PDP also played up figures about the steady growth in GDP figures and other economic indices to explain an upward mobility Nigerians enjoyed in throughout the 16 years it spent in office after taking over from successivd military governments.

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  • Jayjay2000

    Premium Times Editor,

    APC party of dunces is a real and present danger

    John Oyegun is an expired product. The earlier he’s kicked out of office as the APC Chairman,
    the better for the chances of President Buhari not being stoned out of office for incompetence.
    John Oyegun is a pre-recorded cassette which reels off the same stale alibi for APC’s failure.
    He’s only added a new but meaningless phrase to his nonsensical trope. He is now asking
    that Nigerians should give APC “more realistic expectations“.

    But what the hell does that mean?
    APC had campaigned for office with a set of voluntary promises it voluntarily made.
    APC does not want to be held to its campaign promises anymore, says John Oyegun.
    APC in fact wants a new and meaningless standard for judging its abysmal failure.
    That nonsensical standard is now to be called MORE REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS.
    What a party, what a fraud done on Nigerians at noon by the APC party of dunces!

    • B. Messi


      I suspect what APC is struggling to say is;
      If PDP was still in power, Nigeria would have been in a Recession.
      With APC, Naijas should count themselves lucky because it is only a ‘TECHNICAL Recession’.

  • B. Messi

    NOTHING will stop CHAi-Baba from fulfilling his promise of N1=$1 & Fuel = N40/litre!
    From his efforts thus far;
    $1 = N418!
    £1 =N533!
    €1 = N461!
    FUEL = N145/litre!!

    APC! CHAINS!!!!!!

    • Nkemefuna

      Petrol per litre is how much today,
      after President Buhari increased the price few months ago? It is 145 Naira per litre.
      For 5kv generator, how many litres do you need per day to generate your own electricity,
      for just six (6) hours? You’ll need 10 litres. That is how much? It is 1,450 Naira per day.

      Now, since the zero megawatts
      Minister for Power Raji Fashola has no knowledge of how to supply electricity to Nigerians,
      how much do you now need per month, to get six hours of private electricity a day?
      You’ll need 44,500 Naira a month.

      Follow me, please!
      What is the minimum amount you need today to cook a pot of soup for your four children,
      as a family? The minimum is six thousand Naira – with minimum ingredients. So multiply that by
      15 days, if you will manage the pot of soup for two days. What will you get? You will need
      90,000 Naira a month to feed a family of four.

      That means Naira devaluation by
      President Buhari plus the petrol tax by President Buhari have now made life impossible in
      Nigeria. Just to eat and have six hours electricity for a family now cost 133, 500 Naira per month,
      without doing any other thing, not even going out, or, even going to school. How many Nigerians
      earn 133,000 Naira per month? Answer me, please!

      • B. Messi

        I no get answer for dat one oo!
        “If you ask me, Na who I go ask”??
        Make you ask d Dumbos’ wey vote am. dem; Wahala/julius, TundeMESS/tunsj, Kay soyemi, Maria, amazing2012, rommel, etc!

        I dey laff oooo!

        • okenwa

          Laughing is very good to your health.

  • Tammy Brown

    The APC never said it was impossible to effect change when campaigning in 2015. It is now so obvious they are scoundrels.

  • Hajiya Hauwa Soyemi

    dis one na ogbonge ONE CHANCE OOOO!

  • FreeNigeria

    Resign if you can’t do the job, or you feel it’s too much for you. No be by force to rule.

  • Aloy Kris

    Hehehe, Mumu Oni, when did you leave PDP please? We would love to know; and if APC was elected to do the impossible, was that not what you guys promised? You also said the only concern of the last government was to win elections at all cost? We have seen that they won “at all cost”, otherwise how could underage voters as young as 6 years be allowed to vote? Don’t disgrace yourself here please. Just go home and rest… We have suffered enough!!!

  • Kevin Peter

    I wonder wether they will resurrect those that have died one year plus ago now due to maladministration to drive home their messages.

  • George


    The truth is that every single CORE northern Muslim leader that has ever
    ruled this country has either died on the throne or been removed from
    power in a military coup. Not one of them ended well. Whether the
    second coming of Buhari will end any differently remains to be seen. For
    the record let me add the following: I do not wish the President Buhari
    dead. I do not rejoice in the death of past Nigerian Prime Ministers,
    Presidents or Heads of State (whether they be from the North or South)
    and neither do I pray for or believe in the unconstitutional removal of
    any democratically elected President. I have made my observation about
    the fate of past northern Prime Ministers, Heads of State and Presidents
    purely as a historian and as a fact of history and nothing more.
    However one thing is clear to me and that is that the whole thing is
    spiritual. It is being orchestrated and effected by the finger of God
    and not by any man.

    • vagabonds in power

      The Fulanis who ruled us for over 29 years are cursed-they are not even Nigerians–that is why we suffer any time they are in power

  • mikapower

    Useless party and a useless chairman.Clueless party.Bunch of fools!

  • Olubunmi Philip AJAYI

    Your party APC and PMB were the ones who begged us to vote for you. You promised us heaven and earth. Please stop complaining and do the work which you were voted for.

  • Truth Justice Equity

    Only shameless children of Judas Iscariot race,the bewitched free education products,the landmark Judas kiss specialists, those liars who believed that their progenitor fell down from the sky,the chameleons etc are capable of making this shameless assertion of Mr election rigger shegun oni.if not that the Judas race are suffering from awolowo afflicted amnesia ,they would have asked segun oni under which platform he governed ekiti state,they would have asked him when he cross carpeted to APC,they would have asked him to do restitution and return his own share of the pdps loot.
    Shame.APC is a congregation of liars,deceitful hypocrites,snakes ,vipers,chameleons, shameless bigots and irredeemable irresponsibles thinking that their lies and falsehoods have eroded the memories of citizens of Nigeria. Shame on them for bankrupting Nigeria so soon.
    Some body should warn these liars that if they continue to pin Nigeria to the ground,very soon ,Nigerians shall have no other options than to struggle against them for Nigerians to survive at least.

  • vagabonds in power

    When you hear the APC tell you that the 16 years of PDP government is the cause of all our woes today, Or Parade PDP member over their so-called Campaign Funds–or the fake Dasuki arms Purchase scandal, it is not the PDP they want you to blame, it is not even Obasanjo who ruled for 8 solid years and is now the APC navigator-in-chief. And who introduced the Ghan Must go Bag-politic into the House and Senate- it is Jonathan who was in power just for 5 years the Fulanis, Yorubas and their Ibo surrogates in APC want to incite you Nigerians against.

    If you don’t believe me, ask yourself how come over 70% of all those holding public offices under APC today are ex-members of the PDP? Have we been told how much Amaechi——–Fashola and Tinubu contributed to the election of Buhar? Check all the ministers, governors, NASS members etc, over 70% of them left the PDP and were welcomed into the APC with an open arm and handed a baptism which washed away their sins and turned them to saints.

    If the APC strongly believes the PDP destroyed Nigeria, why welcome the same people into their party? Does this make any sense? Or is it just the acronym “PDP” that is the problem? Their target is Ijaw man GEJ.

    If not hate, why would anyone claim that Jonathan ran the most corrupt government in Nigeria history ? Which of the political partieius did not spend a dime from the Purse of the Rivers–Edo state–or the LOBO states in the south west’ ‘ These Apes in APC think we all have amnesia abi?? So if we keep quiet so as not to be accused of being paid by Jonathan or the PDP, these children of ‘Liar Mohammed’ will just alter history before our very eyes? So we have suddenly forgotten Abacha so soon?? Have we forgotten that all the monies Dasuki is accused of sharing is not up to half of the very first set of stolen money recovered as Abacha loot, the same Abacha-thieving-government their mini god;Bingo Buhari not only served under but vehemently defended and even swore by the seven gods that he didn’t steal a dime. This is even as billions of dollars (not naira) of the loot has continued to be returned to Nigeria from Switzerland.—-

  • Truth Justice Equity

    These people are indeed terrible, shameless and heartless, why are they openly mocking Nigerians.
    There had been no evil and misfortune that Nigeria have not suffered since the coming of pmb to power,it is likely that this man has an evil spell and very bad and negative aura.I have been here for a very long time ,but never in the history of Nigeria have our nation and people become so humiliated,traumatized, suffered hardship ,pain,sorrow and death as within buharis 15 months as civilian President of Nigeria. This a classical example of a nation mourning.never in the history of Nigeria have our naira ever exchanged at 420 to a US dollar,never in the history of Nigeria have Nigerian citizens being murdered by an army of conquest like Fulani herdsmen, never in the history of Nigeria have Nigerian citizens starving to death as in a war time, never in the history of Nigeria have Nigerian citizens become so hopelessly perplexed and badly cast down as today without hope or succour from anywhere. Truly our nation is passing thriugh great tribulations and only divine intervention can save Nigeria from being completely cast down.buhari is a curse on Nigeria, may shame ,distress, pain and sorrow be the portion of all those who used false promises and electoral fraud and wicked manipulations to impose this sorrow,pain and death on Nigeria. May they and their generations bear the recompense of their wickedness against the people and the nation of Nigeria. may God hastily come to our help before it is too late for Nigeria.amen

    • Otile

      You can also add – may more woes, hunger, misery and disease befall those who voted and are still supporting this evil administration Amen.

      • musa aliyu

        Join the discussion…or to put it more succinctly, may you and your generation unborn live in the penury you are fated to. Amen!!!!

        • Otile

          Since you support this backward administration may disease and poverty be the lot of your unborn generation and you Amen.

    • musa aliyu

      Join the discussion…you and your sponsors are the misfortune that ever befell this nation. you plundered the whole things we had as living beings yet you sponsored your urchins to sabotage the remaining live wire of the nation because you want to come and deceive yourselves that you were better options. may my enemy not enhance the name PDP.

  • Truth Justice Equity

    This is left to nigerian people to choose between lies and truth.
    I hate APC with great passion because of old liars and hypocrites like Mr oyegun and segun oni ,it is still surprising to me that old men who according to the time of human nature are nearing their days of account before God should continue with the evil deceitful lives they indulge into when they were young.Mr oni is so depraved in the heart and mind that he is thinking that the lies ,propaganda and blackmail being peddled by himself,oyegun, liar Mohammed, tinubu and buhari etc have destroyed Nigerians citizens minds and mentalities so as to now become almajiri imbeciles who have no capacities to acknowledge a lie.
    By the way ,who are the APC members? ,they include obj who ruled Nigeria in 8 years out of the 16 years of PDP,atiku who was his vice ,kwakwanso who was a governor under PDP for 7 years, ditto saraki,ngige,okorocha,amaechi,segun oni,oyinola,elrufai,timpre sylva,oshiomole who as labour leader fraternized with PDP for 12 years, udoma udoma ,etc etc .who are this old liar trying to decieve, is oyegun and segun oni so depraved that he is now shameless.
    Already buharis incompetence have become too shameful and audacious that oyegun have started fearing the calamity that shall surely befall APC beginning with Edo and in 2019. They have tried every known blackmail and propaganda against Jonathan, and on a daily bases,Nigerians are increasingly coming to the realization that buharis presidency is a calamity of unimaginable proportion and a national error of judgement while oshiomolo ,segun oni and co are big frauds that have enslaved Nigerian people into hundreds of billions debt,some have even seen that this conclave of old men are set to ruin Nigeria and are boldly saying that even if Jonathan government was said to be corrupt by APC liars ,that Nigerians and Nigeria faired better under that government. Oyegun and depraved segun on I should respect their old age and stop decieving themselves because Nigerians have tasted their saviour buhari for 15 months and have tasted PDP for 16 years but the general consensus ,is that if buhari should so undermine Nigeria within 15months of his myopic, thoughtless, malicious, clannish ,clueless leadership ,if buhari and apc is allowed for 8 years, there shall be no Nigeria again .APC is a terrible mistake and an error of judgment to Nigeria, 2019 is Nigerians date with freedom from this old liars.if a bag of rice can be sold to Nigerians at 6000 when corruption was ruling Nigeria and when oyegun Messiah is ruling it become 20,000, dollar 168 and now 400, beans 6000 then and now 15000 ,light 12 hours daily and now 12 hours weekly, PMS 86 then and now 145,diesel 135 then and now 220 etc ,then oyegun is a liar,segun oni is a traitor,their own saviour and messiah is a killer ,killing Nigerians with incompetence and malicious leadership.nigerians must say no to darkness and scam leadership # change this evil change #

  • thusspokez

    The All Progressives Congress on Tuesday said it was given power by Nigerians to do what is ‘impossible”

    The Nigerian people did not come knocking on your doors to come and lead them, You offered yourself stµpid!

  • Kickboxer

    APC/Brainless Buhari’s Govt.: Govt. of parasites for parasites by psychopathic parasite

    1. NO jobs, food, salaries, fuel, electricity, rule of law, & security of life and property…….BLAME PDP/GEJ,

    2. Ignorant of existing LAWS while trying to “fight” corruption…………….BLAME JUDICIARY

    3. Padded 2016 Budget…………………………BLAME MDA directors as PDP members

    4. Refused to show Nigerians how much has been recovered from “looters”…………BLAME LYING MOHAMMED

    5. Created Fulani Terrorists to rape, maim, & kill Nigerians…………………….BLAME LIBYANS

    6. Used 6 months to select “saints” as ministers………….BLAME LATE HANDOVER OF DOCUMENTS BY GEJ

    7. Implemented APC promise to foreigners to devalue the Naira……………..BLAME CBN

    8. Refused to dialogue with Niger Delta militants………………….BLAME KACHIKWU & IJAW ELDERS

    9. Asked to Restructure Nigeria according to 2014 National Conference…………BLAME GOWON

    10. Asked to show his WAEC……………………BLAME the Nigerian Army


    12. Boko Haram terrorists are still killing/ holding Nigerians…..BLAME UK TELEGRAPH NEWSPAPER

    13. Asked to improve security of life and property after the USA declared 20 states unsafe……BLAME & INSULT THE USA

    14. Asked why he remains ACUTELY BRAINLESS @ 78 years………………….BLAME HIS TWO MUMU PARENTS

  • Jaspa Matanga

    APC campaigned vigorously promising to do the impossible. They were voted into power to do the impossible they promised. Now they are complaining that they can not do the impossible. So let them do the possible: RESIGN AND RETURN POWER TO PDP.

    • Peter_Edo

      God forbid!

  • UOU

    So eventually, humbled, humiliated and stranded, buhari/apc is giving up. Yes, we warned all faceless supporters of this..Oni was a long time member and beneficiary of PDP govt of 16yrs until 2015? these jesters are unrepenttant and the worst set of politicians ever in the history of Nigeria or do they think because “History Subject” was discontinued in the school system, by this same conspiracy people, then all other Nigerians do not keep records?

  • Lanre

    Segun Oni, the PDP Governor of Ekiti State who decamped to APC. The Tax Collector of Bourdillion is always happy to welcome people who will pay “Isakole.” Useless scammers!

  • isaac

    oni u the APC’s have failed and have nothing to offer Nigerians so stop casting blames on the past government and cover your ass. you APC’s are failures and bunch of liars with what we Nigerians have seen the devil we know(PDP) is better than the angels u APC’s who are tyrants

  • born Great

    Take heart Nigerians, because you have illiterates and depraved minds as your leaders. Arguing with an APC bigot is like talking to a horny chimp, which I don’t have time to do anymore. Believing that a 78years old illiterate grandpa will change Nigeria is the worst injustice some have done to themselves. Before now corruption goes by night to steal money from Central bank, but today corruption has put on agbada in broad daylight to steal dollars from CBN in the name of Fulani royal fathers, muslim pilgrims and imams, Buhari’s relations and inlaws, and APC chieftains. Nigerians, Emir Sanusi has revealed what is going on in this government.

  • Arabakpura

    This thing is turning similar to what Olisa Metuh used to do; every weekend he would release the same comments of previous weeks in edited versions!

  • favourtalk

    And we know very well that PMB has started doing the great work.

  • E-gentle Pearl Orient

    Expectation is based on promises, you promised the impossible therefore we expect you to do the impossible, e.g ( ” i will make dollar equal to naira” lol

  • Kamalu

    While it is true that PDP destroyed the country, APC stalwarts have no reason in continuing the lamentations alongside the citizenry. The clear message is that Nigerians require a clear road map out of the economic quandary. It is the only way the hopes of down trodden Nigerians can be assuaged.

    • Ahmed

      But my friend remember that even if there was a downturn as a result of global drop in the price of our single earner towards the end of PDP era, the country was not in any form of recession. The continued lamentations from APC is a clear case of incompetence born out of glaring ineptitude. The APC as a party was not prepared for leadership but to just sit on the fence and play their spoiler opposition, castigating their opponents and feeling relevant doing that. It is just because of the gimmicks brought into their works by such enemies of Nigeria like OBJ and Tinubu that changed their game plan, aided by their propaganda machines. APC is one of the worst things that have bedeviled Nigeria and it will go down in history as such.

      • Kamalu

        If PDP could not manage the abundance of the oil windfall in 16 years, I am one person that stands to say if left in power they would have failed to manage the austerity of decline in oil prices. There is nothing empirical that shows that PDP was in government to steer Nigeria to prosperity given the massive opportunities it had. PDP also elevated mediocrity and only churned out figures including the slogan of creating the biggest economy in Africa to deceive the gullibles. Whereas our current situation is a sad commentary, we must understand that building a sound and sustainable economy requires the construction of a sound foundation. The point I made on my first post is for APC politicians to concentrate on the work of building that sound foundation rather than making statements that tend to further aggravate the anger of Nigerians. Head or tail, PDP as a party deserved to be knocked off the center because the powers that be were all jeering the poor masses of Nigeria by their level of unbridled corruption.

        • Nsenor Udofa

          If you are interested in defining corruption properly – dishonest and illegal behaviour by people in power – as opposed to stealing, you will discover that APC is much more corrupt than PDP. And even in stealing, it is only when APC leaves power that you will understand the depth of roguery in 15 months that suddenly plunged a near vibrant economy into deep recession.

  • Rosebud

    Mr Oni, it was APC, your party, that bragged about how it’d turn things around within months of being installed in power. It bragged about 10,000mw of power being generated in no time, about N1 equalling $1, all unemployed youths being paid N5000 each, fuel selling for N46 per litre, jobs galore, agriculture (but instead we got Monsanto and their devil seeds GMOs), education, health care, bla bla bla. These were clear electoral promises made from APC’s political soapbox for all to hear. It was your party that raised the expectations of Nigerians and not the other way round. For you to now say “Yes, we are elected to do the impossible; we will do our best. I just want to plead that people should give us more realistic expectations,” must be the height of political stupidity. You just confessed, in very clear terms, that you and your party are nothing else but political fraudsters completely undeserving of our support.

  • Say the truth

    The last time I checked ONI was in the PDP for over 14 years. “The reality on ground is that, if the previous government were (still) in power by now, Nigeria would have virtually packed up, maybe many of us would have become refugees by now.” Those of you supporting them you can see how politicians play with your minds. This is the most irresponsible and useless statement from an equally irresponsible and worthless human being called Segun ONI.

    • blueeyedkitten

      forget the messenger, i agree with everything you have said about politicians; but the message is very true.

      • Ahmed

        Do you mean to say that the country would have ground to a halt had PDP continued in governance. If you believe that, then you believe anything. If you believe that, it means that you are mentally retarded and that you are backward.

        • blueeyedkitten

          what an id!otic comment. get out of here!

      • North/West Allies

        If they can’t do the impossible let them get out so that we will find genuine people who can restore our bad economy, they can’t continue giving excuses

        • blueeyedkitten

          well, you’ve got to wait until 2019…

  • K.K


    APC party is a coalition of illiterates. There’s no one in APC with knowledge, wisdom,

    or understanding of public policy or development economics – not a single person.

    Bola Tinubu is their leader – a mentally dissolute fellow who told the public that

    the solution to economic recession is for government to keep printing money.

    How can educated Nigerians expect anything but ruin from such mentality?

  • North/West Allies

    You knew the state of our economy when campaigning for votes, infarct you told Nigerians that PDP and Jonathan are not working, have looted our economy etc so that’s why Nigerians voted for you to correct those mistakes. If you can’t do the impossible now in power just get the hell out so that we can vote in credible people to restore our economy

    We can’t continue with this blame game and confusion, APC seems like they don’t have direction. And less i forget you are part of the PDP criminal gang who looted our reserve, now you are a saint in APC

  • forestgee

    People gave you impossible job an you accepted it! Then do it and stop making noise. Nigerians have been deceived!!!

    • okenwa

      They even threatened to form parrarel govt if they loses the elections in 2015.

    • Aminu Baba

      Yes, my friend, so long as you also stop wailing and concentrate your energy in salvaging the country

      • forestgee

        Am not wailing…it’s your god that’s crying. He took a job bigger than he could carry! Shame

      • asuevie

        Did you concentrate your energy in salvaging the country during GEJ govt.
        Please reap what you had sown.

  • Bulldozer

    If PDP destroyed the economy as you claim, how come our GDP was on consistent upward rise till 15 months ago, how come Nigeria was the best investment destination in Africa and the 6th largest growing economy in the world (as confirmed by the world bank) despite the corruption in the country. I think the PDP has a better economic policy and more qualified managers and administrators.

    • asuevie

      My brother, I think some of the press people doing this interview are too timid /daft or part of the press lie to ask APC Chieftains relevant questions regarding the state of the Nation in comparison to the previous govt.
      Because we have to compare in order to know the best.

  • beecruising

    Please did anybody beg APC to contest? Why would Mr. Oni say Nigerians voted them to do the impossible as if they were coerced into running. You guys are lucky this is politics, if it were in banking that you promised to deliver some accounts and fail to do so, nobody listens to whatever excuse you got, it would have been resignation or sack.