Police arrest herdsman with AK47 rifle, ammunition in Enugu

Fulani Herdsmen

Credit: Today.ng
Fulani Herdsmen Credit: Today.ng

A 20-year-old herdsman, Ibrahim Adamumale, has been arrested by the Police in Enugu for being in possession of an AK47 rifle, police said.

The suspect, who said he was an indigene of Nasarawa State, was also found with 24 rounds of live ammunition.

The spokesman of Enugu State Police Command, Ebere Amaraizu, confirmed the arrest to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Tuesday in Enugu.

Mr. Amaraizu said the suspect, who revealed that he lived at Hausa quarters in 9th-mile area and had some cows at Affa-Udi bush, was arrested on Sunday.

“The suspect was nabbed by the combined efforts of the police and the members of the public from Affa-Udi community acting on a tip off.

“The suspect, before he was nabbed, had expended about six shots on the air to evade being nabbed.

“Before now, the police and members of the public have gathered information about the suspect’s antecedents in relation to bearing of sophisticated weapon within Affa-Udi axis in Udi council area and its environs,” he said.

Mr. Amaraizu said the suspect was already helping the police in their investigation to determine how he came about the rifle.

He said the state’s Commissioner of Police, Emmanuel Ojukwu, had expressed delight at the effort of his men and the community that led to the arrest of the suspect.

“The Commissioner has reassured that under his watch, he will continue to partner relevant stakeholders and sister security agencies for a safe, secure and peaceful Enugu State.”

At least a dozen people have been killed in Enugu this year in attacks by suspected armed herdsmen.

The first attack took place at Nimbo community. Two people were killed in the latest attack last week at Ndiagwu Attakwu, Akegbe-Ugwu in Nkanu West Local Government Area of the state.


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  • Udoka

    Kill the useless animals called Herdsmen who in actual fact are pure Devils in human skin. Police shoud execute them and claim accidental discharge or that they tried to flee. Allowing them to live will be dangerous for humanity.

    Meanwhile, Senior Governor, Ayo Fayose has signed Anti-Grazing bill into law yesterday. Effectively, open grazing has become criminal offence in Ekiti. All Governors of Biafra should replicate or duplicate Ayo Fayose’s methodology.

  • emmanuel

    While is the Gov of Enugu allowing these beggars and good for nothing Northerners kill our people in their own domain? When did Igbos become cowards that they cannot even defend themselves anymore? How much will it cost the Enugu state govt to buy AK57 and give to every male adult in Enugu for self defense? Isn’t that what Security vote is meant for?

  • A.U. Cosmas

    This lawless armed herdsman must be jailed ten years for unlawful possession of firearms.

    There must be no tribal compromise at all. There is either a law in Nigeria or there’s no law.

  • ijelejames

    These idiots have been walking around with AK47 forever and why are they arresting only one today. The idiots should be rounded up and put away. I just don’t understand why they have been allowed to carry guns about and kill people. Nigeria should wake up and wipe out these killer herdsmen. Nonsense.

    • ???


    • Why Break-up is Necessary

      Below are the benefits we all will derive from break up of Nigeria.
      1. TERRORISM
      There will be no more association with terrorism. The collective tag of terrorism will now be on only one country – Northernstani Republic

      Prosperity, accelerated development with no hindrances whatsoever. The laggards will be in their own country, subject to their own laws – religious, extremist or whatever. But never again will they have to impede development of other peoples/nations.

      3. PEACE
      Peace, peace and peace shall rain. Church bombings will never occur again. Pre determined Mosque bombings that never kill the rich except the poor will be a thing of the past

      The constitutions of emergent nations will include prescription of minimum education for presidential candidates to bar the unintelligent illiterates and academic inferiors from becoming president. High and equal standards will apply to all citizens – same cut off marks for admission to schools shall apply to all citizens irrespective of your ethnicity or religion.

      5. FAIRNESS
      People will be elevated to positions of authority according to their level of competence and not level of influence in a forest.

      Human rights will be respected. No peaceful protesters will be shot and killed.
      Corruption will be a thing of the past. Even when it occurs there shall be no blanket immunity to any ethnic group or persons or past friends of politicians.
      8. PROBITY
      Any persons or group of persons associated with terrorism or who have made inflammatory threats in time past or supported terror by way of utterances or otherwise, shall be barred from seeking public office, and prosecuted like ex-President of Egypt

      9. FREEDOM
      There shall be freedom of speech and association. People shall be free to name their Dogs without inhibition

      There shall be self reliance and confidence in the ability from within and not the omnipresent overly dependence on, and/or looking up to imperialist nations for direction.

      11. NEPOTISM
      Nepotism shall be gone forever.

      Countries averse to scientific innovation and reasoning due to blind addiction and allegiance to religious prescription shall no longer retard the synergy in this direction.

      • Otile

        All say the big Amen.

      • Dejandon

        South Sudan probably thought the same too.

        • Otile

          East Timor broke away from all powerful Indonesia after they suffered the fate of Biafra, now they are doing well. Bangladesh did not perish after they broke away from oppressive Pakistan.

          • Mufu Ola

            Agreed.But do you have the temperament, discipline, non hate ideology of those two countries?

          • Otile

            It is not up to evil oppressors to dictate how others should live their lives. The Hausa Fulani have the worst temperament on God’s earth. Their hate level is such that they feel no qualms beheading or cutting throats. What are you talking about?

          • Dejandon

            And these two are successful now? Please read how many people have died in Bangladesh due to terror and hate attacks this year alone

      • Wale

        Hail Bifra ( the five states)
        Hail the setting sun.
        Oya, start shipping out.

  • Martins

    This case will die before you know it, never trust Nigeria Police force. A big mess of an organisation.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    Any Fulani/Hausa herdsman caught with any weapon must be arrested and prosecuted as herdsman supposed to rear their cows in the Nothern parts not turning every part of Nigeria, to cow-rearing grazing fields.Hausa/Fulani herdsman should rear their cows in the North.

    • MarIAM, Col.

      You made a little bit of sense here.
      The issue is not restricting their activities to the Northern part of the country. This issue is the destruction of farmland and crops which represent other people’s livelihood. The issue is also the lack of enforcement of illegal gun possession when it comes to the Fulani. Who is really threatening these people that they need to protect themselves with military style weapons? Who is giving them these weapons from the nation’s arms stockpile. These are issues for Buhari to address if he is not aiding this illegality for personal gain.

      • Wale

        You make little bit of sense as well:
        The herdsmen needs a little defense mechanism here, because your people are out there stealing and slaughtering the herdsmen stocks for personal consumption.

      • Mufu Ola

        They have been carrying arms before Buhari came in.Don’t let us twist history. And some people said then that some of them were carrying arms bcos of cattle thieves who were waylaying them in remote areas. Solving this problems require deep & strategic thinking not all these ‘ban, ban, restrict, resctict’.I don’t see that working.

      • Ikenna

        The issue is every animal surpose to be in a pen,that is animal house.the owner should be going to bush and bring grass or food to them,thats surprise to be his work as animal rearer.please is high time street greasing of animal should stop in Nigeria.

  • Johnson

    The Police should immediately charge him to court for unlawful possession of firearms, while investigation on how he came about the firearm continues. There is no point waiting.

  • Izedomi Ohirein

    I not understand what The Police have been waiting for all these time when armed Fulani herdsmen marauders have been burning Villages & killing Nigerians.
    No one has a right to set his Cattles on other peoples farms. No one has a right to burn peoples homes in villages or kill to provide pasture for their Cattles.
    State governments do not need to wait for FG to make laws to regulate activities of Cattle herdsmen & protect their people from attack.

  • thusspokez

    Could someone tell me why Fulani herdsmen don’t ride on horse backs but choose to trek on foot with their cattle? This question has been at the back of my mind for 20 years.

    • Otile

      My friend the job of the nomad Fulani is a dangerous one. It is also a thankless task. They are also victims of the society. You see these citizens are not in it to enrich themselves as you may think, they are doing service work, providing nutritious food to ungrateful consumers.

      Know ye that thousands of cattle heads they cater for do not belong to them. The cattle belong to emirs, oligarchs and feudalistic. The hardworking herdsmen are paid pennies and are promised that their real rewards await them in Aljinat Fariduas. Remember their employers have no interest in giving them western education. They do not want them own houses, luxurious properties and other good things of this life hence the wander and beat about the bush. Who then is going to buy them the horses you are talking about?

      The idea is to buy them sophisticated weapons including AK-47s, Uzzi machines guns, poisoned arrows to protect themselves and silence local farmers in their way. How many of them have you seen the army and police prosecuted and imprisoned? They are doing this job for the masters who are ruling Nigeria, the Presidency included. So don’t expect them to be riding high on their white horses. For the Feudalists, if you don’t like what they are doing leave town.

      • thusspokez

        As I read your comment, I find myself in deep contemplation of the plight of these herdsmen. I now realise that they are victims, who nevertheless are trying to eke out meagre living from doing an extremely difficult jobs — instead of joining the masses of street children in the north.

        When you realise their plight; that each would probably require 2-3 year pay to buy an AK47 rifle — meaning that the rifles were bought for them by their feudal or slave masters –, then your will have nothing but sympathy for them. Maybe I think too much, but I am glad that I do because though I will always condemn the crimes committed by some of them, I shall from now on have sympathy for them too.

  • George

    Just lets imaging this worthless boy is a Yoruba boy or Igbo ok lets say he is from Niger Delta and police came for his arrest he refused to surrender by shooting six round against the police just think what would have be the boy condition by now.

    Mortuary or burying ground…. but because he is an Hausa boy the police maintain innocent before the court said otherwise in this case.

    Fear of Hausa is the beginning of Police men. SHAME

  • Paul Young

    There are too many illegal guns in Nigeria in the hands of criminals, there’s no way on earth this country can ever be great with this level of insecurity of lives and property. The government needs to take the security challenge more seriously. There needs to be a total mop-up of illegal arms in every single state in Nigeria especially from the Niger delta militants and the herdsmen


    Are you a Youth Corper? Have you received your August Salary? Please concerned Nigerians should help us beg the Katsina State Govt and the Local govt to pay us our Monthly Allowances for August. Life is hard here and as young ladies we need this money for maintenance and personal hygiene.

    Pls help! Serving one’s country should not be punishment.

    ……………..Female NYSC Member serving at Kankia Local Government Area of Katsina State

    • Nobody’sPuppet

      I will help if you will confirm to me that you didn’t vote for Buhari changi! Every vote for Buhari and his cohorts was a vote that aided and abated his punishment on the general public. If you voted him it’s your damn luck. But if not we are very sorry for your situation over there.

      • Magunor

        The sad truth!

  • FreeNigeria

    what happened to the peaceful mallam that used to fetch water or sell tea and bread? What happened to the Ijaw man the used to sit by the water tending o his boat? How did they become terrorists?

    • Wale

      Yoruba people would say:
      Oba mewa, Igba mewa. => Ten kings, ten terms.

  • Oluola

    “Fulani herdsmen are no criminals” Emir of Ilorin

  • Excisionist

    Fulani Herdsmen Ferocious Attacks In Oyo, Ogun State, Narratives By Victims .

    Pains of wasted efforts, damp squib of raped women and chilling cries of men cut down in their primes are events that have left farmers in some Ogun and Oyo communities sad and forlorn. HANNAH OJO, who visited some of the affected communities ravaged by herdsmen invasion, reports.

    According to her, it has become the habit of the herdsmen to rape women found to be alone on their farms while their cattle foul their sources of drinking water. “The herdsmen open up our barns while their cattle eat up the maize and cassava we keep in the barns. Even the planted ones are uprooted and trampled on in the process of grazing. If we ask questions, they draw their guns and shoot at us,”

    Vanguard, 3.9.2016