New NBA president, Abubakar Mahmoud, under fire over plot to ‘weaken’ EFCC

Abubakar Mahmoud
Photo: Legal Naija
Abubakar Mahmoud Photo: Legal Naija

Newly sworn-in President of the Nigerian Bar Association, Abubakar Mahmoud, has come under severe criticism over a proposal he made that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission should be stripped of prosecutorial powers.

At his inaugural speech delivered in Port Harcourt on Friday, Mr. Mahmoud advocated a reform of the anti-graft agency that would include limiting its mandate to investigation.

“The critical institutions involved must be repositioned, re-equipped and re-tooled to confront the problem of corruption on a consistent and sustainable basis,” Mr. Mahmoud, a senior Advocate of Nigeria, had said.

“As a start, we commend the efforts of the Economic and Financial Crimes Institution for the work it is doing and for its modest achievements.

“However, going forward, the NBA must demand the reform of the institution itself. We need to define its mandate more narrowly and more clearly.

“In my view, its broad objective as an investigative and prosecurial agency should be reviewed.

“I recommend strongly that the EFCC be limited to investigation.”

‘High level of unseriousness’

Abiodun Aremu, Secretary of the Joint Action Front, said Mr. Mahmoud’s proposal shows the “high level of unseriousness in the polity.”

“You cannot run an economy that is anchored on corruption and you want to fight corruption,” said Mr. Aremu, whose group often lead mass actions against oppressive government policies.

“So if the NBA (chairman) insists on creating more diversionary agencies to underscore the context of its corrupt activities, it shows a high level of unseriousness.

“And that’s just the point, because lawyers themselves are the beneficiaries of the diversion in the polity in the name of fighting corruption.”

For Debo Adeniran, the NBA president’s statements were “self-serving.”

“The anti corruption agencies like the EFCC and ICPC are even supposed to have more funds allocated to them to strengthen their prosecutorial powers,” said Mr. Adeniran, Executive Director, Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders.

“The anti corruption agencies should be able to afford good lawyers that would match the ones hired by the criminals to defend them in court.”

According to Ola Oyediran, a public commentator, Mr. Mahmoud’s suggestion is part of the continuous attempts by powerful forces to reduce the EFCC’s powers thereby shielding looters of the country’s treasury.

“Note, ‘most’ Nigerian SANs are helping these looters to get soft landing through taking cases and defending them without applying professionalism, code of ethics and level of conscience,” said Mr. Oyediran, a Canada-based engineer.

“I think EFCC should put this NBA guy in a close watch since he has already made his intention known earlier.

“How could somebody of SAN calibre (think) that yes, EFCC should investigate and hands off high profile frauds, stealing and embezzlement, and other crimes thereby making the case so complicated for the two bodies he is suggesting.”

However, Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa, a Lagos based human rights lawyer, said the EFCC had failed in its responsibility to engender economic development because it had been taken over by political interests.

“The EFCC Act does not confer the agency with the power of prosecution of offences but rather that of investigation and intelligence gathering,” said Mr. Adegboruwa, who was arrested and charged by the EFCC last May over allegations of illegal property dealing.

“The powers of prosecution belong to the Hon Attorney General of the Federation or of the States, as the case may be, under the constitution.

“These powers are then delegated to the EFCC. This is wrong in law. A man should not be an investigator and a prosecutor at the same time. This leads to great conflict of interest.”

Mr. Adegboruwa said combining investigative and prosecutorial powers, as the EFCC had been doing, had led to a “crisis of bias.”

“Having investigated the facts of the case that led to a criminal charge in court, the EFCC then becomes satiated with tyrannical powers of a persecutor, working by all means to secure nothing but a conviction, by all means possible,” he said.

“Back hand tactics are at times employed to secure such convictions, at times outside the province of law.”

‘Cleverly disguised campaign’

The EFCC, on Saturday, hit back at Mr. Mahmoud’s proposition, expressing “discomfort” over his silence on the reason for his position.

“More importantly, the Commission cannot comprehend how the redefinition of EFCC’s mandate in narrow terms, ultimately whittling it down, fits into the clamour by Nigerians and the vision of the President Muhammadu Buhari administration for a vibrant and courageous anti-corruption agency,” the agency said in a statement by Wilson Uwujaren, Head of Media and Publicity.

“Instead, Mahmoud’s suggestions appears perfectly in sync with a cleverly disguised campaign by powerful forces that are uncomfortable with the reinvigorated anti-graft campaign of the EFCC and are hell-bent on emasculating the agency by stripping it of powers to prosecute with the tame excuse that an agency that investigates cannot also prosecute.

“The question Nigerians must ask the Mahmoud-led NBA is, what is wrong with EFCC prosecution?”

Mr. Mahmoud was elected the 33rd president of the NBA, Nigeria’s umbrella association of professional lawyers on August 1st amidst controversy.

Last week, Joe-Kyari Gadzama, the runner-up in the presidential election filed a suit at the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory seeking an overturn of the result of the election due to “foul play.”

The EFCC questioned Mr. Mahmoud’s interest in seeking to strip the Commission of its prosecutorial power, particularly following his roles in the criminal prosecution of two former state governors.

“It is too much of a strange coincidence that the suggestion to strip the EFCC of its prosecutorial powers is being floated few months after the Commission, in unprecedented fashion arraigned some senior lawyers for corruption,” said the Commission.

“For the avoidance of doubt, the Commission has recorded more convictions in the last one year than all the states and federal ministries of justices combined.

“Against this background, the current campaign appears to be self serving, intended to create a cabal of untouchables who can be investigated but may never be prosecuted.”

Mr. Mahmoud was the Attorney General of the Federation’s counsel in the trial of James Ibori, a former governor of Delta State, at the Federal High Court, Asaba, a case which the EFCC lost in questionable circumstances.

Mr. Ibori was later convicted, largely on the same charges, in a UK court and is currently serving a 13 year jail term.

The new NBA president also served as the EFCC’s counsel in the appeal against the infamous perpetual injunction from arrest and prosecution granted Peter Odili, a former governor of Rivers State.

The appeal is still pending before the Court of Appeal in Port Harcourt, five years after it was filed.

On August 5, the Human and Environmental Development Agenda, a non-governmental organization, petitioned the President of the Court of Appeal asking that the case be listed within “the shortest possible time” in the interest of justice.

“That odious pronouncement drew sharp criticism against the judiciary from within and outside the country,” HEDA stated in the petition signed by its Chairman, Olanrewaju Suraju.

“Expectedly, the Commission expeditiously filed an appeal at the Court of Appeal, Port Harcourt EFCC V. AG RIVERS STATE & ORS, CA/PH/622/2008, with a view to discharging the ominous injunction of the Federal High Court.

“In a development that is smack of internal influence and maneuvering, the Court has refused to list the application five years after.”

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  • absam777

    Unintelligent quota-system SAN. He’s not demonstrated any good promise for the future of the NBA

    • Jon Rhoma

      If you were a lawyer you would support him. Police should not be judge and jury at the same time. Their role should be limited to investigation and arrest of offenders only.

      • MASKED MAN

        Excuse me please. What I want to say is very important. Let me say it. What i want to say is that
        I am not a thief but i make lot of money from dubious government deals. I do fictitious contracts.
        I also do some inflated contracts. I am versed in abandoned projects too, after advance fees.
        Putting all these things together I must support the new Chairman of Nigerian Bar Association;
        Abubakar Mahmoud (S.A.N). He is speaking the mind of business people like me. I love him.
        We actually don’t need any EFCC or ICPC in Nigeria. Let everybody be free to do his thing.
        If the Police alone cannot catch thieves, it means that stealing is now legalized in Nigeria.

        • Jon Rhoma

          Although we both agree on the proposed reduction of EFCC powers by the newly elected NBA President you are on your own in your criminal activities.

      • absam777

        Why should lawyers have the monopoly of prosecution and judging people? Why can’t him campaign for a jury system? For a man that compromised Ibori’s case he should never have become the president of the NBA. But, hey, we are in Nigeria, a country of quota system No merit .

        • Jon Rhoma

          Lawyers don’t prosecute and judge people. Please try to get your facts right.

          • absam777

            I know my facts and they are always right. To be a prosecutor or a judge, you MUST have a law degree. In the same way “lawyers – solicitors and barrister MUST also have a law degree. They merely attend additional classes for specialisation. As far as I am concern, they are all LAIRS, oh sorry! lawyers. Unless you know otherwise.

      • Man_Enough

        this is not issue of judge and jury. investigation and prosecution should go together. judgement belongs to the jury. the investigator is the accuser. he is in the best position to prove (prosecute) his case.

        • Jon Rhoma

          Please stay out of this discussion. From your post it is clear you don’t know what the issue is about. Even using common sense is it fair and just for the person who arrests a person to also draft the charge and prosecute him? You answer that question and you will understand. The investigator can make up facts/lie against an accused. Do you understand?

          • Man_Enough

            what i understand by ‘prosecute’ is to try and prove a case against an accused. the onus of proof lies with the accuser.

  • Ahmed Hamdallah

    Especially the SAN,
    They, with the NBA are the greatest to the well being of Nigerians.
    Methinks there should be an ammendment whereby a lawyer of the SAN status, once he is found to be of the mindest of the Abubakar Mahmoud should be unceremniously stripped of the status or perharps just prevented from ever practicing law again in Nigeria.
    The same also goes for the erring judges etc. Let all these rrogues without conscience be all sanctioned.

  • thusspokez

    At his inaugural speech delivered in Port Harcourt on Friday, Mr. Mahmoud advocated a reform of the anti-graft agency that would include limiting its mandate to investigation.

    The EFCC was created by Act of Parliament. Does Mahmoud know that it would required the National Assembly to make any changes to the constitution of the EFCC? Does the Nigerian Constitution even recognise his bar association? — I should reply: no more than it recognises any ogogoro bar in Nigeria!

    • vagabonds in power

      Another paid Hail Hitler of the Buhari club house of dogs-and rats—is he the first person to make such profound and long over due call

  • thusspokez

    “The EFCC Act does not confer the agency with the power of prosecution of offences but rather that of investigation and intelligence gathering,” said Mr. Adegboruwa

    (Forgive me for asking) Where did Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa, the Lagos based human rights lawyer read law? Has he ever read the 2004 Act of Parliament which established the EFCC?

    6: The Commission shall be responsible for –
    (m) taking charge of, supervising, controlling, coordinating all the responsibilities, functions and activities relating to the current investigation and prosecution of all offenses connected with or relating to economic and financial crimes;

    12: (1) For the effective conduct of the functions of the Commission, there may be established for the Commission the following units–
    Establishment of Special units etc
    (a) the General And Assets Investigation Unit;
    (b) the Legal And Prosecution Unit;

    13: (2) The Legal and Prosecution Unit shall be charged with responsibility for –
    (a) Prosecuting offenders under this Act;
    (b) Supporting the general and assets investigation unit by providing the unit with legal advice and assistance whenever it is required;
    (c) Conducting such proceedings as may be necessary towards the recovery of any assets or property forfeited under this Act;
    (d) Performing such other legal duties as the Commission may refer to it from time to time.

    • @Kazkanye

      I share the same opinion as you, like you rightly stated, Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa is actually one of those lazy lawyers who cannot even take a little time to check the facts of the laws before making public statements. Sometimes i watch him on ChannelsTV as a guest making contribution on legal issues and mostly cover my face in shame, and i’m not even a lawyer. He’s just not fit to be called a Lawyer.

      May the Soul of Chief Gani Fawehinmi Continue to Rest in Peace.

    • Arabakpura

      Are you taken that clown called Olu Adegboruwa seriously? He has since lost his human rights commission after his infractions for which he wants to blackmail the EFCC! Ebun for human rights my foot!

  • Jacky

    That someone of such low intellect and moral deficiency is “elected” the NBA President comes to show that the Body Law Profession in Nigeria has become a huge joke. His election was shamefully rigged and he was planted by the enemies of Nigeria. But he will soon be sacked by the courts and the EFCC will open his can of worms because he fits the definition of what those Rogue SANs are. Thieve!

  • Comfortkay

    The pillaging of Nigeria treasury under democracy since 199 is incredible. I cannot comphend it our Lawyers and the so called SAN are corrupt most of the go slow in our judiciary is their making. During the time brilliant lawyers like late Chief Obafemi Awolowo there was nothing like SAN. Our lawyers know how much our corrupt politician stole and they get 10-15 percent and fraustrate the the judiciary . How long are we going to accept all the bullshit in our system.

  • thusspokez

    I wonder if Mr Ibrahim Magu read my advice to him and his organisation about self-preservation and borrowing some of Edgar Hoover’s methods to fend off powerful people set on weakening his organisation?

    The EFCC is fighting a “dirty war” on many fronts, e.g., with the crooked politicians, their cronies and spies. And the best way to defeat them is to play dirty too. — it is called “self preservation” of the EFCC.

    I am sure that the EFCC have enough dirts on Mahmoud. So why had it not used it to prevent his election? Mumu organisation, if you ask me! The EFCC failure means that now it has allowed its enemies to add one more powerful new member to their ranks to weaken or destroy the EFCC. Wake Up and at least protect yourself from these crooked people.

    • persona

      Solid point but once they bring allegation against him, it will be said that the presidency is involved and using the agency to fight perceived enemies.
      The approach where the whole world has seen the plans of the NBA president for who he is especially the Ibori and Odili cases he bungled, it is clear he is a member of the silk with very slippery intent. Soon and very soon, Nigerians should also be proposing a law that will identify enemies of the state when on national assignment. Serving ministers, civil servants, EFCC layers etc will all be charged from that angle. They just cant use their offices as cover to ridicule the country as the NBA president did while on duty.

  • bandeko3

    In a way, Mr. Mahmoud has a point – EFCC has been giving the impression that they are prosecuting corrupt officials but, fifteen months so far into Buhari’s rule, not even a single prosecution. All we hear is EFCC “grills” governor so-and-so, and the next three hours the thief is released, and case is closed. They can’t even take Sakari to court. However, all of the Nigerian elite and professionals are part of this crime against the Nigerian people – the lawyers, accountants, EFCC, the banks, politicians etc. Nigerian corruption knows no party boundaries. The world is watching. There were high hopes in the international community that things will turn around for good with Buhari at the helm, but that hope has fizzled out. Buhari’s name is hardly mention in western media now. Buhari can’t even get National Assembly members to disclose their salaries and other benefits, so how can he claim to be the president? Right now, Buhari has no idea whether to turn left or right or keep going straight, so he has left the various government agencies to slug it out.

  • Tunde

    When thieves are making laws in a country this is what you get! Warped ideas! We are in trouble as a nation!!!!

  • Omo Akin

    The response to Mr. Adegboruwa by Thussopez quoting EFCC powers is a good one. Mr. Adegboruwa, where did the Police get the power to investigate and prosecute? I asked the question because the court had affirmed that Nigerian Police have power to prosecute. It is the same Adegboruwa who filed action to declare unconstitutional the sections of the CJA that tried to curb waste of time by lawyers. Such action ought not to come from a person who was a former student leader and claims to be for good governance. What is good governance if criminals cannot be brought to justice?
    The Office of the Attorney General of the Federation or that of a State is more political than that of any agency like EFFC because the AG is a politician. The head of the EFFC is not a politician.
    Mr. Adegboruwa’s claim that an investigating body should not prosecute has no foundation in law, in practice or in morality. District Attorney’s office and County Prosecutor’s offices in the USA investigate and prosecute offenses. It appears Adegboruwa is confusing prosecution with adjudication.
    It is unfortunate that these folks who rode on the student activist platform to national recognition have zero conviction of what they espouse as student activists. Gani Fawehinmi will turn in his grave if he sees what these ex-student activists are doing.

  • vagabonds in power

    EFCC is operating like a Nazi war era spy agency set up to intimidate and prosecute the perceived enemies of the Czars of the Fulani Emirate with their usual —media lynching of alleged suspects————-which we all saw during the era of Obj—–and——-mumu Ribadu——————–There is no way government can win the war on corruption with-corrupt Police Officers from the Fulani North-as heads of that agency——Nigeria is not owned by the Fulanis–and the fake Kanuris being used by the Fulanis to torment the SS–via Efcc—————-It was the same Magu who while working with Ribadu told the Senate that EFCC would soon put 31 corrupt governors on trial——It turned out only Late Alams—an Ijaw man—was sent to prison out of the 31 governors Ribadu said were corrupt-Not one Fulani man was dragged to jail because of corruption in Nigeria—till date—Or since our flag freedom from the Brits in 1960——————Nigerians had expected Ribudu to prosecute the alleged 31 governors Ribadu told the Senate while with Magu, that were corrupt– Instead what happened was that Magu took off with the case file of the said Northern governors—and kept—them away—-from the preying eyes of the public–until ribadu was sacked—————- Only for Magu to end up being appointed as chairman of efcc again———–by alhaji bingo Buhari———Besides-Magu was one of the chaps who gave Tinubu a clean bill of health—–What the President of the Nigerian Bar Association said is correct———————-Efcc must be stopped from prosecuting corrupt cases–period——Allow the Code of conduct bureau undertake the prosecution of corrupt Nigerians——without Umar also–He is another Fulani thief-being shielded by Alhaji Bingo Buhari———-Nigerian are being killed in Efcc cells all over the country-daily–while we look the other way—————————because of fear————abi ?haba 9jas———————-Freedom is our goal sha—————

    • OGK

      This Ijaw man has the brain of a fish with all these rubbish he wrote. Ijaw ke? The renowned ogogoro quaffers.

      • Burning Spear

        Ibo man—head of the paid Hail Hitlers at large—————-While the Fulanis murdering the Ibo farmers and ripping the stomachs of your Ibo women open have the brain of a dead cow abi–installed in their skulls that is why they have no human feeling when slaughtering Ibos in the south east-shameless cowards—-that cannot fight back when attacked by Fulani cowhands-from Sudan–only talk when it concerns Ijaws–mumu—-animals

    • Rommel

      Be very careful with your choice of words,do the police in Nigeria not investigate and prosecute offenders in courts?

      • thusspokez

        Dump and stµpid hypocrite, the following is your own comment made 2 hours ago and calling for “jungle justice”

        There is another one called Rickey Tarfa that looks like a hardened criminal and also another called Wale Babalakin, I haven’t heard of these men in awhile,maybe the time has come for Nigerians to consider jungle justice on suspected treasury looters and their supporting structures

        • Rommel

          If you follow dispassionately,you would realize that I am consistent,the only problem with you is that since it appears that every prominent person from the Niger delta appears to be guilty of looting and keeping their people in poverty judging from the definition of corruption that we know of,you would want to rope every other person in,it is said that Jonathan invited Tinubu 2011 and made him an obscene offer, would you stone Tinubu while leaving Jonathan to walk free? should you agree,we should stone all of them I have no problems

  • kusanagi

    Nigeria is doomed. I’ve long stopped complaining. Just focus on yourself and get what you can out the country.

  • realist

    Corruption syndicates are taking over critical institutions from those that want a better Nigeria and Buhari is watching. To successfully fight corruption the government should stage msnage to an extent ,in order to produce leaders that will support government goals and aspirations. The statements credited to Moumud shows where he belongs and who his sponsors are.

  • Burning Spear

    The lack of diligent prosecution by the EFCC often leads to the loss of many high profile cases in Nigeria. The perpetrators of massive fraud and looting–most of whom hail from the Fulani North, are acquitted on legal technicalities. Fulani elites like Prof Yakubu–now chairman of INEC who stole more than 800m from UBEC is now the Chairman of our electoral commission—Dambazua stole over 14b from the Army—-is he in Jail—? What about the father of all thieves–in Nigeria–Alpha Amaechi, Fashola and Tinubu ati the latest Dubai thief,General Buratai ati Aisha Bingo Buhari of the Halliburton fame? What about the quiet unassuming Northerners from Mali who stole the pensions of retired 9jas–Those down trodden masses from the oil bearing communities in the Niger delta- whose pensions, gratuities, healthcare system, education, roads, pipe borne water, electricity, general infrastructure and long term investments were stolen from them by the custodians of our collective future–in 1956————when Oil was discovered—in the SS—–?—–The very Malams who now adorn their blood stained shoulders with Fulani turbans ati Yoruba-agbada in Abuja–tribalism again abi? Busy –threatening innocent God fearing Ijaws like Tompolo–and all those who call for the long awaited—–split of the country—Now-flying on the corrupt wings of Efcc–to threaten Ijaw elites who ever made the mistake of shaking hands with Jonathan—in the creeks of the Niger delta- and went on to call on Alhaji Pharaoh Buhari to allow their people go–?——-Aware-Efcc is now the politucal wing of the Apes in APC kalas

    • rabson

      You didn’t make any point other than hilabulo allegations and exoneration of your corrupt masters. You are always bias and never objective!

      • Burning Spear

        The paid Hail Hitlers of the Apes in APC— are here –with their regional vomits—again——-LOOKU HERE! U are nothing but an old thief——————-that is why u never saw the names—–below—————are they also Ijaws——————–?———Yet u claim to want to fight corruption–under the rotten eyes of EFCC —Besides—-why would I make any sense to your rotten Old regional head.-.from the far east?-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-Aware Nigerian prisons are only meant for only Ijaws from the niger delta——-animal

        (Fulani elites like Prof Yakubu–now chairman of INEC who stole more than 800m from UBEC is now the Chairman of our electoral commission—Dambazua stole over 14b from the Army—-is he in Jail—? What about the father of all thieves–in Nigeria–Alpha Amaechi, Fashola and Tinubu ati the latest Dubai thief,General Buratai ati Aisha Bingo Buhari of the Halliburton fame? What about the quiet unassuming Northerners from Mali who stole the pensions of retired 9jas-)

        • A Aminu

          When are you going to grow up and be objective in your comments and discussions. Do you have to use abusive language in all your comments, before you make a point. Let me advise you if you care to read and listen to ur brain. Never argue or loose your temper on a person you do not know and have never met. it amounts to a waste of time and effort. Make your points, and let superior arguments prevail. Abusive language will not make wrong judgement the right argument.

      • thusspokez


  • Rommel

    There is another one called Rickey Tarfa that looks like a hardened criminal and also another called Wale Babalakin, I haven’t heard of these men in awhile,maybe the time has come for Nigerians to consider jungle justice on suspected treasury looters and their supporting structures

  • kinsly

    Ebun is just one of dem rogues.

  • vagabonds in power

    Should Efcc invite u to appear before them–Pls do not hesitate-to–run as fast as your legs could carry u through the many porous borders that we have in the South—–and seek refuge in the West–as some of our elites did with Buhari and Abacha-during the NADECO era————That is If u want to keep alive–Because the chances are that u will never come out alive from their cells—Remember how they seized the Holy Bible from FFK–and went on to stop Christians in their Cells never to pray to living God–again—————-Within the last few months more than 5 Nigerians have died in Efcc cells————–because of torture-The media will not say a word should u be killed by Efcc operatives———Aware Bingo Buhari haas no respect for the Rule of Law.-.and the judges are so afraid of death that they are now willing to ignore u to the point of returning u again and again to prison till 2019—–that is if the Holy Spirit is able to keep u alive—

  • Isi Agwo

    If the power of the Nigeria Police Force to prosecute cases has been reigned in, why should the EFCC, who are Buhari’s henchmen, and the militant arm of APC, remain the accuser, prosecutor and sometimes the judge on the orders of its master and lord, Bokohari?

    • FineBoy

      You seem a major fraud beneficiary

  • Commentsfile..!!!

    Yes..! Today I will begin what really made me to join this Forum!
    Report Card out…
    @thusspokez:disqus = Educational and excellent, keep it up!
    @Rommel = Poor performance, you sound too emotional and was caught napping!
    @Isi Agwo = Go back to class 3,retake your Junior WAEC (sentimental).
    @vagabonds in power = Vocational student (Carpenter, Harmer and Nail like always).
    @Burning Spear = Who is your English Teacher, Go for extra classes on (comprehension).
    @realist = Govt. should “stage manage??” you didn’t mean to say that, poor use of word!!.
    @kusanagi = You will keep repeating this class, you have Given up on yourself and education.
    @Omo Akin = Not a bright student, strong institutions always produce strong and serious minded leaders politicians or not.
    @bandeko3 = wrong diagnoses.. dont ever join a medical career if not people with common
    Headache will be placed on Lassa fiver treatment, is EFCC lawyers or judges?
    @disqus_qjvnqdDXoX:disqus = Observant student!
    @arabakpura:disqus + @Kazkanye, papers cancelled! @thusspokez cover your work next time.. hahaaaaaa.
    @Ahmed Hamdallah= You skipped your History classes, what you suggested never happend in Nigeria.
    @jonrhoma:disqus = your students are better than you teacher, update yourself.
    @Man_Enough:disqus = you carry last, you look like the class bully..Hahahaaaaaaa.
    Mind you the results are based on this topic work hard for next time thanks!! wish you all success!!

  • favourtalk

    Go ahead, nierians are behind you to help the federal government and bring the change to the nation


    In sane climes, the prosecutor is the legal party responsible for presenting the case in a criminal trial against an individual/entity accused of breaking the law.

    When agencies of govt – state or federal believes that it has evidence of a violation of a law, the investigative agents will present their findings to the court, or the attorney general’s office – state or federal, whichever applies The case is review ed and it is determined whether the evidence shows that there is probable cause to believe a crime has been committed.

    Nigeria’s arbitrary agency of govt called EFCC in many occasions do not abide by the legal principle and rule of law that should govern the judiciary system. By its peremptory’s tactics, the EFCC weakens the judiciary and flout basic human right that is supposed to be protected by the law.

  • Debekeme

    Too many beneficiaries of crime like this NBA President.

    We don’t want too much authority concentrated in the hands of one agency/institution BUT these are NOT normal times in Nigeria.

    The elites, politicians and this type of NBA president ARE NOT NORMAL people. Drastic times require drastic measures to deal with these ABNORMAL thieves who are destroying this country and stealing BILLIONS OF DOLLARS WITHIN DAYS!

    Nigeria is in the clutches and jaws of ruthless criminals. We must tolerate the EFCC as it is until corruption and criminality subsides in Nigeria.

    For now, we need 10 more institutions like EFCC. Tell this NBA President to jump off a cliff. If he jumps im sure Ibori and Saraki will catch him. Useless people.

    They are using Rule of Law and Separation of Powers as a means to protect themselves from justice.

  • endipin

    Wetin EFCC dey do self? No be al noise? A begi