Nigeria willing to swap detained Boko Haram members for Chibok girls- Buhari


Faced with intense criticism of his government’s inability to free scores of teenage girls held captive by the Boko Haram, President Muhammadu Buhari has restated his government’s willingness to negotiate with the terrorists to free the girls.

Speaking a few days after the families of the over 200 girls, kidnapped from their school in Chibok, Borno State in 2014, asked him to resign if he could not secure their release, the president also indicated that he was willing to do a prisoner swap with the Boko Haram.

The terror group recently released a video showing some of the kidnapped girls. A masked Boko Haram member in the video asked that the group’s members held in various prisons by the Nigerian government be released before the girls could be freed.

In an interview with journalists in Nairobi, Kenya at the weekend, Mr. Buhari said the Nigerian government is ready to dialogue with bonafide leaders of the terror group who know the whereabouts of the girls.

‘‘If they do not want to talk to us directly, let them pick an internationally recognised Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), convince them that they are holding the girls and that they want Nigeria to release a number of Boko Haram leaders in detention, which they are supposed to know,” he was quoted as saying in a statement by his spokesperson Garba Shehu.

Read the full statement below.

President Muhammadu Buhari has reiterated the preparedness of the Federal Government to discuss the release of the Chibok girls kidnapped by Boko Haram terror group since 2014,

In an interview with journalists in Nairobi, Kenya at the weekend, President Buhari said the Nigerian government is ready to dialogue with bonafide leaders of the terror group who know the whereabouts of the girls.

‘‘I have made a couple of comments on the Chibok girls and it seems to me that much of it has been politicised.

‘‘What we said is that the government which I preside over is prepared to talk to bonafide leaders of Boko Haram.

‘‘If they do not want to talk to us directly, let them pick an internationally recognised Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), convince them that they are holding the girls and that they want Nigeria to release a number of Boko Haram leaders in detention, which they are supposed to know.

‘‘If they do it through the ‘modified leadership’ of Boko Haram and they talk with an internationally recognised NGO then Nigeria will be prepared to discuss for their release,’’ he said.

President Buhari, who spoke to the media on the margins of the sixth Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD VI), warned that the Federal Government will not waste time and resources with “doubtful sources’’ claiming to know the whereabouts of the girls.

‘‘We want those girls out and safe. The faster we can recover them and hand them over to their parents, the better for us.’’

The President maintained that the terror group, which pledged allegiance to ISIS, has been largely decimated by the gallant Nigerian military with the support of immediate neighbours from Chad, Cameroon, Niger and Benin.

‘‘Some of the information about the division in Boko Haram is already in the press and I have read in the papers about the conflict in their leadership.

‘‘The person known in Nigeria as their leader, we understand was edged out and the Nigerian members of Boko Haram started turning themselves to the Nigerian military.

‘‘We learnt that in an air strike by the Nigeria Air Force he was wounded. Indeed their top hierarchy and lower cadre have a problem and we know this because when we came into power, they were holding 14 out of the 774 local governments in Nigeria. But now they are not holding any territory and they have split to small groups attacking soft targets.

On the militancy in the Niger Delta region, the President said the Federal Government is also open to dialogue to resolve all contending issues in the area.

‘‘We do not believe that they (the militants) have announced ceasefire. We are trying to understand them more. Who are their leaders and which areas do they operate and other relevant issues,’’ he said.

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  • Washington

    Why should any sane mind ever thing of that?Bokom haram is not Nigerian problem rather it is northern problem.twelves states in the north has aligned with bokom haram ideology practicing sharia law.Media should stop playing to the gallery and report right.Grant the north and bokom haram sharia state and divide Nigeria so that shall go his or her way.What are we pretending for?Buhari is not different from bokom haram and sanusi,sultans or emirs are not either.Pls pls pls pls divide this place called Nigeria for God sake are we that daft

    • Sule Garba

      Mad man.

      • Washington

        You are a certified man insane man.When you were shouting alhar kubar.Na today bokom haram started what of maitasina terror group.You are an idiot.The north must govern and ruled by sharia law and let the rest of the country go their way.We say no to islamization

        • Powerlessconscious

          How many northern states is a Muslim states?

          • Washington

            12 core northern states practice sharia law

      • veritas

        how is he a mad man? did you not see the points in his comment. i saw them. now make your counter non abusive comment too. saying “mad man” cant hold ground.

    • Höly Wähala

      Foooolish penna!

    • Höly Wähala

      Stooopid tout you are indeed, terrorism is terrorism that’s why it was Nigeria’s business when the Nigerian Air Force was deployed to the creeks in Ogun ati Lagos States to rescue our Southern frontiers too… Bigoted liar to yourself alone you are, and a heartless clown at that. If your sisters were among those girls would you be there writing that gibberish? Were oloshi ni e, omo ale burku. I’m sure you are a criminal… Animal.

  • ibsoken

    Negotiating with the group you have technically defeated?

  • Galantman

    Mr President. Its a step in the right direction, but please care should be taken not to release those hardened members who have blood on there hands. besides all those released should be under the radar of the security agencies

  • tony H

    i) This Chibok things na 419 – Sambisa hotel, not Sambisa forest.
    2) General Buhari needs to find a way to reward the military wing of APC for their work during the election
    3) Not all boko haram members are ideologues
    4) Use SS/SE oiley money to reward Fula killers

  • Lorgne

    Talk to Bar Wakil. Quietly.

    • Dafe


      Why bloody violence will increase in Nigeria

      I remember
      that one civil rights group, I think SERAP, or something like that, petitioned
      two years ago to ask Raji Fashola for the Lagos state government accounts.
      Fashola replied at the time that Lagos people are not entitled to know the
      accounts of their state under his regime. Fashola’s reply letter was signed by
      his useless attorney-general, a lawyer called Ade Ipaye. In another country
      with civilized people all hell would have been let loose for that sort of reply.
      The civilized people would have brought down Raji Fashola’s misrule in 48
      hours and taken him straight to prison. But our yeye journalists kept quiet.

      No editorial was written
      on Raji Fashola’s declaration of non-accountability as governing principle
      So, what did you expect from Raji Fashola after that? Stealing of course!
      With 24 hours to his handover, and for the first time ever since 2007, Raji
      Fashola now gave fraudulent account to his successor and ran away like
      thief. Some journalists like TUNDE FAGBENLE on Raji Fashola’s payroll
      wrote apology to the public for being part of Raji Fashola’s financial fraud.
      But that was after the handover, and after they have enjoyed paid favours
      like bribes, for eight years. For so long as Raji Fashola is rewarded as
      example of fraudster living by plunder, violence will not stop in Nigeria,
      because example of one punished thief is better than Buhari’s precept.

      • Lagos Watch

        President Buhari is too morally ambiguous to fight corruption. Buhari has been bought and sold by corrupt officials in the old ACN party who provided him with campaign finance. Raji Fashola bought his Ministerial post in that wise. There was no merit to it. Raji Fashola is the most corrupt and most incompetent public official Nigeria has ever had. He destroyed the education sector in Lagos for lack of knowledge and
        turned Lagos state into a bloody land of violent illiterates. He destroyed public transport with ignorance
        as the pirated BRT idea collapsed on his head within three years, costing Lagosians billions of Naira.

    • ibo aiod buhari bury d truth

      The Igbo Youths Movement, IYM, has lamented that Fulani herdsmen have killed 710 other Nigerians excluding the 48 Agatu people in Benue State in the last 10 months without the Federal Government addressing the issue. IYM made this known while reacting to the Monday’s killing of about 40 indigenes of Nimbo in Uzo Uwani Local Government Area of Enugu State by Fulani herdsmen last night. The statement signed by the Founder of the IYM and Leader of the South East Democratic Coalition, Evangelist Elliot Uko, entitled, ‘Ten Months of Carnage,’ read: “Between June 2015 and April 2016, Fulani herdsmen have killed over 710 Nigerians (excluding Agatu incident) in 48 recorded incidents, the highest in recent years.

      • Public Alert

        My People, 800 billion Naira is missing in Lagos state O! The hypocrite President Buhari is pretending not to be aware. Raji Fashola gave handover note last year 29 May, saying all the revenue of Lagos state under his kleptomaniac misrule was 2.43 Trillion Naira. But see O! The Lagos state Commissioner for Planning, Ben Akhabueze – who was in charge of money budget and planning –
        said it is a big lie. Ben Akhabueze said it was 400 billion that entered Lagos account every year,
        averagely for eight years, from 2007 to 2015.

        I beg do the arithmetic, please. Multiply ₦400billion by 8, what do you get? You will get 3.2 Trillion Naira. But Raji Fashola handover note said it is 2.43 trillion Naira. Haba! With that false accounting 800 billion Naira dis-appeared just like that under Raji Fashola. This fraud will not stand O. We will not accept
        one useless thief brought by Bola Tinubu to come and steal 800 billion Naira, just like that.

        Raji Fashola is a presumptive thief, according to what lawyers told us. We must therefore bring Fashola
        to justice without delay. The new governor, Akin Ambode, has already caught the corrupt Raji Fashola
        for stealing another 25 plots of land in Lekki for himself and his own family. Governor Ambode has
        seized all those 25 plots of lands from Raji Fashola. We must go further to seize everything else
        that Raji Fashola acquire. This may still become a violent struggle for justice if care is not taken.

        • Foreign News Reel

          “When Muhammadu Buhari clinched victory in Nigeria’s presidential elections in March,
          stocks soared as investors looked to the former military ruler to reverse decades of
          economic mismanagement and policy inertia. Now hopes have fizzled in his ability
          to turn around Africa’s largest economy and oil producer.”


          (January 19th, 2016)

      • Lagos Watch

        Public Alert:

        President Buhari is too morally ambiguous to fight corruption. Buhari’s been bought
        and sold by corrupt officials in the old ACN party who provided him with campaign
        finance. Raji Fashola bought his Ministerial post in that wise. There was no
        merit to it. Raji Fashola is the most corrupt and most incompetent public
        official Nigeria has ever had. He destroyed the education sector in Lagos for
        lack of knowledge and turned Lagos state into a bloody land of violent
        illiterates. He destroyed public transport with ignorance as the pirated BRT
        bust transport idea collapsed on his head within three years, costing Lagosians
        billions of Naira.

        • Efe222

          “Urhobo man say ‘instead make i born mumu, make i born thief’. Somehow, that statement makes sense. I just realize that it is better to give birth to a Tinubu than a Fashola. I have always seen through Raji Fashola. I have watched his decisions, and utterances, and I have come to realize
          that this Raji Fashola does not have the two round inhabitants of a scrotum.”

          ………….Ena Ofugara

          [December 5, 2014]

          • Dc

            Well, the Minister of Darkness does not really mind as long as his pot belly increases in diameter and circumference by the day. Even Oba I’ll Kill You of Lagoon State does not care because his share and monthly dues keep coming. In the end it is the people that suffer. Unfortunately, Nigeria is not a country and a revolt by the people is highly unlikely. This is why we canvass a separation or secession or confederation or any name you want to call it. Divide Nigeria into countries and things will function naturally.

            When you move from Italy to Spain to Portugal to France to Germany, what you get are countries bonded by a common language, culture, identity and vision…and in many cases a common religion…and these beget peace and development. In Nigeria, the useless British people combines over 7 countries (Kingdoms) into one Nation…and what you get are misfits like Minister of Darkness aka Fashiola

      • LLLeon

        The Fulani murderers seem to be protected by fellow Muslims in the government.

  • vagabonds in power

    stop deleting truthful comments for Bingo Buhari Premium Times—————–

    • sho

      Muhamadu Buhari is the real Publisher of Premium Times. That is the reason, my brother!

    • Eluba Inas

      It is about time, they start deleting your garbage postings full of lies, hate and vitriolic. Repeating your garbage postings over and over does not make them the truth, plus you are not convincing anybody with your illogical nonsense, as hardly anybody care to read or respond to you. I expect nothing but insults from your anticipated response.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    There are a lot of senseless ethnic ranting,idiotic-fools and nincompoop elements in forum that would not focus on the topic of discourse in this forum.President M.Buhari, must consider the welfare of those Chibok government secondary school girls first and exchange their release for the release of Boko Haram detained members.That would bring relief to many homes of those parents whose daughters were abducted almost two years ago.

    • John A

      Was that what you said during Jonathan era?
      Don’t you see that you are a fantastically corrupt tribal bigots?

      • Mufu Ola

        Jonathan & wife never believed they were kidnapped.Think straight. You’re still talking of Jona here.U have problem!

        • John A

          tribal and religious bigotry has made Nigeria ungovernable, Nigeria cannot grow when we are not working together as one. The north and the SW tries all means possible to bring anyone down that is not of their tribes, they feel more better than any other tribes. Eg OBJ

          • Powerlessconscious

            What is wrong to bring down a WICKED GEJ who Breeded CRIMINALS (bokoharam, NDA, IPOB, MASSOB, OPC, MILITANTS, kidnappers, Politician Stealings, etc) for Nigerians?

          • John A

            And what has been your response to fashola failure as a minister, you lost your voice because is one of yours. Tinibu was quick to castigate the then minister of petroleum Ibe ikechukwu for telling Nigerians that he is not a magician, but that same tinibu has kept quiet about fashola and the fulani herdsmen. We are not one Nigeria and can NEVER be one.

          • Powerlessconscious

            That is your problem if you ara not one Nigeria. Did I force you to be one Nigeria? It is your leaders that tie your destiny to one Nigeria because they refused to speak on your behalf for seccrssion. They. Prefer Nigeria naira to secession. Even we from other region are not comfortable with you guys again. We are only waiting for your leaders to lead your secession and we can be peaceful in our own land. We are tired of trouble makers.

        • okenwa

          Buhari has been releasing these criminals even befote now. Who cares even if he want let him live with them in aso rock.

    • marc umeh

      ” There are a lot of senseless ethnic ranting , idiotic- fools and nincompoops elements in forum——–”
      I am just curious ——what kind of doctor are you ?

      • Powerlessconscious

        There are truely lot of senseless ethnic ranting.

      • veritas

        look dude has his right to view the world from any visible spectrum.But i would agree with him. I would like to ask you all, Have you actually met this your so called Nigerian Leaders? if you have and analyse them well you will see what he said is true. those old bitter illiterate backward and primitive tribal xenophobic type writer generation old men from biafra war still live and rule Nigeria today. which of you has fought in a war? if you have then you know this. The war is never over from within the subconscious. The one bad thing about Nigeria and the reason it wont move forward is No young Nigerian from 18 to 45 today is brave enough and willing to tell or accept the truth that there is a systematic tribalism going on, and the SE/SS are being punished for a 1967 incidence which none of the 18 to 45 year olds from that region today took no part in. i have accepted that fact because i have the experience. I want you all to put this to a simple test to know if what Dr has said is true. Go and request a FG licence to set up a weapons/space technology plant in the SE/SS and se what would happen. Then also request one for the SW/NC/NE/NW and see what happens. to me, that is systematic tribalism/xenophobia. I watched the last election carefully. The previous president lost in almost every SW/NC/NW/NE state and swept ever SE/SS states. why do you all pretend not to know the truth? you are all tribal and would support your tribe when they are doing wrong simple. There are no honest and descent Nigerians.

    • okenwa

      Boko haram said half of the girls were killed by nigeria airforce.

  • Freedom Bini

    Please release those girls fast. Established where they are kept and negotiate with their kidnappers. It is very clear now that the Government of Nigeria is incapacitated and ineffective in dealing with internal problems. The peoples of the North Easterner Nigeria are not treated as Nigerians.Remember the KOMA people?

  • marc umeh

    How is this different from the GEJ strategy.? A rag tag army holding 200 girls hostage inside your country . They do not own an airforce nor sophisticated weapons. They don’t have the financial resources avaliable to you. Yet we can’t find this rats.

    Buhari should resign !!!!

    • Tori Osa

      do you know what a hostage situation is? How long did GEJ have to address the BH issue? Let them swap the prisoners. they can always go after them when collateral damage won’t be an issue.

  • #SayNo_2Release_Of_Terrorists

    Is Buhari not the sponsor of Boko Haram? ………………………..Why is there no active move by Buhari and the Army to capture Abubakar Shekau dead or alive? Why release killers and those who bombed markets and bus stations in return for girls? Is this not the same Buhari that gave orders that criminals who carried drugs and stole only 75,000 in 1984 be shot to death by firing squad? So the crime of terrorism and kidnapping will now be rewarded and the killers set free.

    After 1.3yrs, not even a single Islamist terrorist is in court or has been sentenced by any Nigerian court, whereas, a man who named a Dog appropraitely has been arraigned.

    The will to capture Shekau is not there. Buhari never speaks evil of Shekau or criticized him anywhere. Never! What stops the Nigerian Army from invading Sambissa forest with 20,000 soldiers to capture Shekau…the truth is: The girls are not in the forest. Rumour has it that they may be in an Emir’s palace somewhere in the North. Truth is, Buhari is fulfilling his desire that Boko haram members should not be killed – they should be granted AMNESTY like the Niger Delta freedom fighters. Nigeria has become a zoooooo!

    Nigerians MUST not allow this fraud to happen. Terrorists must pay for their crimes, except Buhari is telling us that he is compensatng them for helping him in the last elections.

    • Balance

      It has always been clear that Buhari will release his brothers in detention. One needed no Seer to decipher this. Mohammadu Buhari is simply a supporter of fanatic religious extremism if his body language and his mute status on killings on Christians by Muslims on blasphemy charges in recent months and the several murders and violence against Christians are anything to go by. My fear is that Nigeria will erupt someday. Because people will not be silent forever. Unfortunately, Buhari will not be around to suffer the consequences of his actions. It is one reason visionary electorates don’t allow the aged to handle power, as they don’t live to suffer from their bad policies and seeds of discord.

  • IZON Redeemer

    I am laughing my head off————it serves the Niger Delta people and the so-called Itsekiri and Urhobo led MEND in the Niger Delta right—–I have said it severally that the alleged fake Aaron Team headed by Yoruba traitors like Soyinka–was a fabu—–lies from the pit of hell——-It was a waste of time—-Bingo Buhari will never reach out to the main freedom fighters in the South south–Never–!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!——–An Islamic Government ripping open the bellies of Ibos in the south east—will descend to the Saintly level of talking to their subjects—-slaves for that matter–in the SS?——–Look the Fulani ati Yoruba led Falling government of Buhari will never negotiate with any infidel in the Niger delta—————over the Oil wells owned by them Fulanis and Yorubas ati their Ibo surrogates in the South South———-The 3 major ethnic groups in Nigeria–who have been paying lip services to calls for true fiscal federalism, will never allow such to take place——Is—It the Itsekiris or Urhobos now serving the interest of the Fulanis that will encourage such a parley with those regarded as the Osus of the Nigerian State the Ijaws—–in the SS AND—-the 4th largest tribe in Nigeria?————Imagine a government which has became so insane that they are comparing a Satanic Muslim FULANI CONTROLLED poverty stricken Jihadist group of Fulani cowhands in Boko Haram from Mali and Somalia——-to the economic tree of the failed Nigerian state———–The Ijaws have not killed one single individual in their struggle to free their people—–But already, the government of Buhari is crying–in the wilderness——-over the dwindling oil revenue into the leaking pockets of the Fulanis Yorubas and THEIR Ibo ERRAND BOYS in APC—– Whereas the Fulani Boko haram fighters have murdered over 100,000 native Nigerians from the North Central—-South East——Yet their evil activities have not had any effect on the economy——of the artificially created state of 9ja—————Freedom is our goal–!!!!!It its better to be free and poor———–than remain slaves under the crude oil riches of the SS—-Animals——

  • Ogini

    The purpose of John Big nose’s visit is now very clear. But one wonders why America will support dialogue with terrorists in Nigeria but wwill herself never discuss with terrorists under any guise.

    Despite the cries and pleas of American families whose siblings were captured by ISIS, the US gvt never negotiated. They rather watched the heads of the citizens cut off. Why then is America supporting Buhari in this move to negotiate with killers and useless animals? The Governors of the South, and the traditional leaders of the South are to blame for this insult. This Nigeria must breaaaak up!

  • Vengance

    For every Boko Haram terrorist released, AVENGERS should blow up 20 oil wells. Simple!

    • Comfortkay

      The SSS will soon catch you. watch out

      • Vengance

        I don’t have any job and difficult to eat. At least in prison food will be guaranteed.

        • veritas

          LOL.. you talk true sha.

        • Scatter

          How are you sure? Been there lately? Some of them can’t even pay salaries!

          • veritas

            another truth

  • vagabonds in power

    Goodluck Jonathan built more Universities in Northern Nigeria within three years from 2011 to 2013 than any northern leader ever did between 1960 and 2013. The list of these universities include, Federal University Lafia (2011), Federal University Wukari (2011), Federal University Lokoja (2011), Federal University Kashere (2011), Federal University Dutse (2011), Federal University Dutsin-ma (2011), Police Academy Wudil (2012), Federal University Gashua (2013), Federal University Gusau (2013) and the Federal University Birnin-Kebbi (2013), before this only the Gowon and Babangida governments built up to four universities each while others established one or two between 1962 and 1988.

    Moreover, apart from the overwhelming and unprecedented investment in primary school education, through the universal basic education, vocational schools, and the launching of the special funding of the all-embracing education called Almajiri education -the very first in the history of northern Nigeria- the Jonathan administration took children from the streets of northern Nigeria and gave them new opportunities, whereas some elders of northern Nigeria who called western education “Haram” denied them formal western education but offered instead religious knowledge and USD 2000 Kalashnikovs to use as Boko Haram foot soldiers.

    Again on the very critical issue of the economy, some have attributed Buhari’s regime with stabilizing the economy at a turbulent time by using counter trade to keep the IMF in abeyance, but this was not the independent assessment of evaluators who observed that the counter-trade mechanism was abused to siphon public funds by converting Nigeria crude to laundered funds for cronies of the Buhari regime. Of course, this could not be scrutinized by the Nigerian press. Those who dared ended up at No 15 Awolowo Road in Lagos or other such detention centres created to silence critics of the Buhari government.

  • Solomon Brown

    Muhammad stop with the slithering, meandering and false pretense. Tell your foot soldiers to free these girls, so grieving families can at least get closure. Your foot soldiers fulani herdsmen/ boko haram have been running wild, since you became president. Put your boys in check or we will soon start hunting them and their sickly cows down. ENOUGH!

  • veritas

    LOL. well i have nothing to say because i dont want a predator drone firing HELL-FIRE missiles at me or assassinating me and making it look like an accident. so i will just wait for the C.I.A to declassify the Nigeria Boko-haram file a 100 years from now. so the truth will finally be told. Till then we have to use our brains to work out the truth and just hope we get to political power someday and end all this comedy. there’s time to joke and time to be serious.

    • Solomon Brown

      When you speak the truth, you have got absolutely nothing to fear.

      • logmein2nite

        Nigerians too fear my brother. The whole world knows the who thing is a charade. The president himself is a smart jack ass. See him lying through his teeth and yet he is supposed to be a devoted moslem. Nna nawaoo.

        • Solomon Brown

          I’ve not met a people as docile as Nigerians, very cowardly creatures who can’t stand up for themselves. The thing don tire me sef.

          • Powerlessconscious

            Are you guys saying that the girls should not be release even if gej was blind when everything happen? Are yous saying all air strike by nigerians army on bokoharan under buhari was POLITICS. Is only God that can help you guys.

          • Solomon Brown

            Lookie here, I’ll try to make this as simple as possible for you. You are the one who needs help to not see the propaganda in all these. Why did it take Kerry’s visit to get Buhari back on his toes? Can you apes of APC construct a coherent sentence without mentioning GEJ?

          • veritas

            Good question. Buhari is in power now why do they keep mentioning jonathan? Americans dont mention Bush snr or jnr when they talk about the Iraq war.

          • Observer

            Mumu solomon.. If GEJ was not living dead, the chibok girls wouldnt have been missing in the first place.. Besides, you said they refuse to sell arms to 9ja, why will they? When they know that arms will be diverted to the criminals hands. What will you say to tge arms funds diverted to find GEJ’s election. You guys are sick. I know you yet to get 9ver tge PMB’s victory shock. Hahaha. Sai Baba

      • veritas

        True. in theory. but in todays real world. Not this world you and i are chatting on, The real under world where the C.I.A, FSB, MI6 etc operate in. Telling the truth is your death sentence. I dont wanna die for any Nigerian, not anymore because they wanna die for their ancestral languages and culture. Now back to the topic. I would like to know, how do we quantify the lives of 300 girls to that of 10,000 people? because, release boko-haram fighters and more will die. so lets say outta 10,000 dead about 2,000+ would still be children. so how do you weigh that please?

        • Solomon Brown

          With all due respect you’ll keep falling for everything if you don’t stand up for something. I’d rather die speaking the truth than to live a thousand years lying and living in fear. Whichever way you choose to look at it, we are all at a loss here. I’d rather you direct your question to the people who refused to sell Jonathan any weapons. Ask them if boko haram became their priority, after the girls were kidnapped or they chose to politicize that particular event .

          • veritas

            Every thing you have said is true. I would say i have died once for Nigeria. Even with all your good deeds Nigerians will never know or praise you because our media are corrupt and would print lies about you once paid to do so. so patriotism is dead in Nigeria. i cant direct my question at the anti-Jonathan Obama US. they removed him from power. Imagine what they would do to me that i have nothing to loose. but i can speak the truth and sacrifice my life for children aged 0 to 16. they are innocent.

          • Solomon Brown

            You have earned my respect, I’m sorry if I came across as rude.

          • veritas

            Thank you my friend. You said nothing rude at all. you made points in your comment, points i have accepted and incoporated into my vast knowledge. i am not like other Nigerians or black people. i accept the truth however discomforting society claims it to be. Truth is truth. God bless You.

  • Political Steve


  • Andrews

    I can now understand why the people of Biafra (Eastern Nigeria) and the people of the Delta (Southern Nigeria) want to leave and be in their own country. These Muslims are incompatible with other humans. How dare you release criminal elements- Terrorists and suicide bombers? What on earth would necessitate that? Buhari is sick. Very sick.

    • Scatter


      How dare you refer to “these Muslims”? Because you eat pig, and they don’t? Or you’re yourself a pig?

      It must be pretty tragic to belong to the same country as you.

      I would give you one piece of good advice, and it’s free — you can go hang!

      Shame, shame, shame on you!

      • Solomon Brown

        You haven’t made any sense. Try again.

        • Scatter


          How dare you refer to “these Muslims”? Because you eat pig, and they don’t? Or you’re yourself a pig?

          It must be pretty tragic to belong to the same country as you.

          I would give you one piece of good advice, and it’s free — you can go hang!

          Shame, shame, shame on you!

          • Solomon Brown

            Mutum that line is so old. I respec and loveth moderate moslems, on the flipside I will continue to call out and possibly fight violent jihadists, if it comes down to it. Otondo!

          • Scatter

            Solo Brown, the palmwine tapper, do what you do best. Otondo!

    • veritas

      prepare for a lot of insults from tribalists here for your comment. The fact is bitter and people “Nigerians in this case” hate to hear it.

  • paul irumundomon

    So buhari can negociate, you all can see the fanatical man he is. Why they are dropping bombs in the forest of Niger delta, with no visible targets, he is ready to nogociate with men and women who are boko haram members, who can kill five years children and pregnant women.

    • Des’ Capone


      Muhamadu Buhari is a joke – even in military terms. The rest of the world is laughing at his epaulets.
      Here is a military general who’s given plenitude of excuses that he has no information on Chibok girls.
      But the same Buhari nods when his commanders said two weeks ago they bombed Shekahu’s shoulders.
      How much closer information than the shoulder of Boko Haram’s Leader does Genera Buhari now need?

      • Our name is Oh!

        You are an Agbekpo!

        If you don’t know what it means, go and ask your father!
        Hint: It has something to do with night and soil and men!

    • okenwa

      People should stop attaching so much interest on those rubbish buhari vomits.

    • excel

      where is your head, must you be stup*d at all time?

  • favourtalk

    I know very well from the beginning that PMB cares about everyone than anything and he will surely find a lasting solution to the problem of the chibok girls and nigerians will be happy at the end of the day, we shall continue to grow stronger and move forward

  • Hard Fact

    …the fire is coming…it will burn, burn and burn…and when the ashes have settled those of us who are still around shall ensure that no longer will we allow heathen amongst us, no longer shall we allow those with leprous fingers come near our dining table. No matter how well you dress up a swine, even if with a 3-piece suit, it looks for the dirtiest part of the mud to wallow in. John K and his team ought to have known but their trade has always been to profiteer from the pain and sorrows of others and limit any other country from rising. It is visible to the blind and audible to the deaf that the North of Nigeria is a hinderance to the actualization of the potential of the South, East and West. Imposing the North on Nigeria is fraudulent and all men with balls should be able to speak truth…and directly so.

    • Our name is Oh!

      Do you know that it is a fact that when the fire comes and it burns, burn burn, mongrels like you are the first to be consumed in the inferno?
      Be careful what you wish, it may come true!

      • okenwa

        How i wish you cant read or write english

  • excel

    The family of the chibok girls should be patient with the president. the President from the beginning have the will to get the release of the chibok girls but he must be careful in dealing with the terror group to know the true leader of the group which has the girls in their care. Kudos to Mr President for this bold decision.


    I am sure that PMB will make the right decision on this matter.