Ex-Appropriation chair, Jibrin, confesses; says he received N650 million illegal allowances

Abdulmumin-Jibrin (1)

Abdulmumin Jibrin, the Kano lawmaker at the centre of the unfolding budget padding scandal, on Saturday said he was also a beneficiary of a questionable office maintenance allowance for members of the House of Representatives.

Mr. Jibrin’s confession came a day after he accused 10 principal officers of sharing more than N10 billion in fraudulent proceeds.

The 10 principal officers who allegedly received billions of naira in running cost allowance include the Speaker of the House, Yakubu Dogara, who allegedly got the largest share of N1.5 billion, Mr. Jibrin said.

Others on the list are Deputy Speaker, Yusuf Lasun, N800 million; Majority Leader, Femi Gbajabiamila, N1.2 billion; his deputy, Buba Jibril, N1.2 billion; House Whip, Alhassan Doguwa, N1.2 billion; and his deputy, Pally Iriase, N700 million.

The rest are Minority Leader, Leo Ogor, N1.2 billion, his deputy, Chukwuka Onyema: N800 million, Minority Whip, Yakubu Barde, N700 million and his deputy, Binta Bello, N700 million.

Mr. Jibrin, however, said he regretted taking the loot, adding that he would explain how he used his ill-gotten N650 million.

“I have records and account of how I spent every penny that I have taken. In fact, it has been published in a 150-page book,” Mr. Jibrin said. “However, I have never been comfortable with the money! Thank God the wasteful allowances regime has reached its Waterloo! The country and House will be better off!”

Today’s revelation marks the first time Mr. Jibrin would deliberately implicate himself since he began driving the scandal five weeks ago.

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  • abdul dull daura

    This money was shared in 2015 when GEJ was the president. Come to think of it, Dogara came during Buhari’s time. Money shared in the peak of anti corruption war. What a shame?

    • Nigeriamovingforward

      Kelechi biafraud monkey shut the hell up.
      We all know that GEJ is the worst president ever.

    • Ade

      Truly GEJ is your God.

    • How is GEJ the best in this issue?

    • deansmat

      @Abdul okechukwu can you stop exposing your stupidity.Gej happened to be the worst president nigeria ever had.

      • veritas

        Ever had? well last i checked Nigeria still exists so we havent seen the worst yet. lets wait and count. time still dey nyanfu nyanfu

        • Arabakpura

          Yes you review a they come! It was well said!

    • Julius

      The best dumb ass !!

  • Truthometer

    I like this guy. He is ready to go down with his confession/revelation.

  • ’70

    Dogara will end up singing himself into an early grave if he doesn’t take time. Anyway, this is a good sign for the war on corruption. The NASS is fighting itself

  • Omotolaaraujo

    Does any political criminal ever see the inside of a jail? Only poor, unconnected people are convicted of crimes. John Kerry should have visited a jail and made comments about that.

  • Commentsfile..!!!

    Choi… this guy just spiced up his game,
    I like his tempo, not getting boring, Nigerians
    are picking more interest on FG´s next line
    of action. with this new revelation, he just presented
    himself for prosecution and certainly want every
    other member mentioned in this evil conspiracy
    to be roped in…

    • delta K

      Jihadist buhari go concoct one magic to take this guy down alone for spilling the beans, you no see say Na both PDP and A PC he mentioned, look how they share loot, party level no matter PDP guy get 1.2 billion while A PC got less, the more you look the less you see, by now you think the Jack boot would react

      • Commentsfile..!!!

        you would have made an important point
        without name calling bro!
        its better to box Buhari to a corner with this
        startling revelation and watch if corruption
        has nothing to do with padding, ,,,
        we are definitely waiting for his definition on corruption.

        • Karl Imom

          Constitutionally, the president does not control judicially. How many criminals has EFCC taken to court since Buhari came to power? All of them are out on bail only very few are still in detention – none is officially convicted, Can you blame Buhari for that? Judges are the problem. Why is Saraki still not in jail? Because lawyers/judges are are taking bribes and using courts to keep him out of jail. The president cannot order courts to jail criminals, he can only take them to court.

          • Commentsfile..!!!

            sure its true.. but Mr president has to make his
            position known if he is going to follow this issue up
            or will wait till corruption fight is left in our hands like
            @Angry Nigerian said, dealing with them in our own way.

          • Karl Imom

            I agree. This is a financial crime issue and should be taken up by EFCC long ago.

          • Kallah Bature

            If care is not taken we may soon see the need of replicating the current Philippines President’s style in Nigeria.This man is now bypassing the Judiciary in fighting drug related crime.

    • Angry Nigerian

      FG’s next line of action is simple – Blame last administration. When u have complete Dunces in position and they parade themselves as leading a nation, then this is what you get. What does it take to round up these guys and blow off their heads with bullets? These politicians do not deserve to live. I am very angry now. How can somebody collect 750m alone for doing nothing…and Nigerians are on the street without jobs and teachers who stand on their feet teaching are owed Salaries…salaries that have been reduced. Maybe we should start to ambush these crooks and deal with them in our own way. Yes! …in our own way.

      • Commentsfile..!!!

        Bros.. i saw my class teacher last two years
        after many yrs … hmmm i nearly shed tears!
        just inside his cloth, standing on shoes.
        still forcing his body to teach but weeping in his soul
        as he complaint of being owed a 7months salary arrears.
        what an injustice…!

      • Ogini from Canada

        I support you. These animals do not deserve to live amongst men. They should be stoned to death or fed to the most vicious of crocodiles or sharks if a sea is close by, or run over by heavy duty lorries or locomotive trains. These disgrunted rascally Buhari’s men should be made to face hell on earth while they continue in the hottest psrts of hell when they die.

      • grand maze

        It is Jonathan fault. Why did he not fight corruption in the NASS during his time so that it will be easy for buhari to face more important things. Now the corruption nurtured by GEJ in the NASS is what is fighting buhari back.

  • Sanmi Falae

    Now we are talking. Nigerians are not fools, so stop treating us like one. A step in the right direction, Alhaji or Reverend Jibrin. Now tell us the exact reasons why [1] you were sacked as Chairman of Appropriation Committee [2] why you did not blow the whistle on Dogara and criminal waste of public funds in the National Assembly [of professional and apprentice criminals] – before your sack?

    • kusanagi

      Let a whistle blower blow the whistle. Should it matter why. Even if his motives are revenge.

      There should be laws to protect him.

    • veritas

      Thank you. well said.

    • Aminu Baba

      @Sanmi Falae: Nonsense. You are not following the drama closely. You have been sleeping all along. Wake up!

    • grand maze

      Am not interested in his reasons rather that what he is alleging is correct. This is what we have been praying for that God should put confusion amongst them. Even if his motive is revenge, the important thing is that the nation stands to benefit when our corrupt politicians go ahead to fight among themselves.

  • kusanagi

    Will anything come of this. No. Will Saraki be convicted? No. Will Dasuki be convicted? No Will Metuh be convicted? No.

    Will we see any high profile convictions? Maybe one head will roll but I’m seriously starting to doubt it.



    The Assembly is the law making branch. Unless you show, and demonstrate how their action(s) breaches the Constitution, you are basically farting in the wind; whatever they do, is the law, unless it breaches the Constitution.

    That is why, we need a Constitutional conference, or supporting those put together under previous administrations. 100% of Nigerian government is corrupt, from the president down to the local councilors. As you stated, you the ‘whistleblower’, you are even corrupt!

    • veritas


  • yusuf Mikail


    While you are at it, tell us Legislators salaries plus allowances every month. I asked you before. This is very important for your sake and all.

    • Julius

      Yes sir. Im with you. He should do the right thing all the way plus refund the money !

  • D.Derry

    You crazy people in Nigeria call these creatures your LEADERS. What!

    You guys need a shrink, man. You are not normal citizens. You have no

    sense of civic responsibility if forgers, perjurers, thieves and illiterates

    are your Leaders; then, in moments you would be dead in that country,

    if not tramping through the forests on exile from bloody violence to come.

    • grand maze

      You are absolutely right. Personally am afraid of the doom that will befall this country in the not too distant future if things continue this way

      • Powerlessconscious

        The doom of this country have been prepared by the last administration of gej. That is why Nigerians brought in buhari and oshibanjo. And the foundation of the mess can not be repaired in few years. By continue war against corruption, with time it shall reduce.

        • grand maze

          Your faith in buhari’s government is applaudable but I do not share it. So far his nepotic and biased disposition to national issues to my mind has left the country more divided. That is not a worthy foundation for the country. A good foundation should consist of peace which brings progress. This peace must be founded on justice: social justice, ethnic justice, religious justice etc. Right now some groups feel alienated in the scheme of things and so willing to bring the system down. Even if miraculously buhari is able to somehow put economic progress in the country, the fact remains that he will not rule forever and at his exit there will be people waiting to reverse whatever gains could have been made.

          • Powerlessconscious

            All the complains you listed above was caused by poverty. Nigerians are not divided, nigerians are simply poor. When the poverty is reduce, division will reduce. Mind you, your other complains is not the fault of buhari because every state is represent in government by their leaders either through government or national assembly up to ministerial post. So you don’t have any reason to say some people feel alienated. When southwest did not have enough representative under gej, there was no complain because southwest has governors and NASS members whichis enough. Concerning peace and justice and all others you listed, there have never be peace and just in Nigeria since 1999 when they gave is Democrazy which was eventually Demonstration of Craziness. Mind you, which country in the world has justice and peace? Tell me. You guys should have priority from government and not to talking about justice equity and peace Because you will never see a perfect government any where in the world as you expected. Because all what you listed shows that you want PERFECTION whereas you can never get PERFECTION. So for me let focus on priority from government. Which is to restore the economy and reduce the evils in the land. And those who gave their souls to evil should have a rethink for the betterment of all because it does not worth it if you are complaining everyday that your people are not in the government whereas their are a lot of your people in the government from 1999 till today. So there is no need to create unnecessary sorrow for manself. You can complain about economy but you can not defend any group. There is no amount of word you can write to defend any group. You are just wasting your time. Because all regions are represented in government through election by their people. And the worst region are those who are very much in the government which is NORTH. So that shows is not by how much your people are much in the government. Buhari only came repair some craziness laid by Demonstration of Craziness (Democracy) given to Nigerians since 1999 and you don’t expect him to perfect all. Also Buhari did not yell you he want to be in power forever so that should not be your worry. And if you are expecting some people to reverse all gains buhari has made, WHO WILL SUFFER for that? I leave you with question.

    • Powerlessconscious

      I think you are more crazy. How can you call innocent citizens crazy? Is Ghana HEAVEN? have you solved your blackout? You can condemn Nigeria government but you can not insult the citizens because they are innocent. What is the population of Ghana? Can Ghana survive without Nigeria? Mind you All African leaders are crazy except Gadafi who made his country better than lot of European nations. Mind you, Nigeria has a president that is currently laying the foundation for integrity and we do not expect things to be PERFECT IMMEDIATELY.

  • Aminu Baba

    I told you this man is inspired. God almighty has entered his heart to use him for His services to the hapless and pauperised Nigerian masses. Now let’s see how the APC government will approach this new revelation!

    • JoeTheBlaster

      But Buhari is refusing to take him seriously for reasons best known to him.

  • Edward Osadebay

    Something must give in, Nigeria can not continue the way it is presently constituted. Jibrin’s confession is just a tip of the iceberg when it comes the absurd and mind blogging looting going on.

  • Kwadoo Kuffor

    Honestly I blame Dr Goodluck Jonathan for the stealing going on in the National Assembly. See how his towns men and Kinsmen have shared money among themselves. How can people be this corrupt? Fantastically corrupt!

    The Nigerian Govt officials and some of their supporters will never cease to amuse me. If it were in my country Ghana, these guys will be in hot soup and will go to jail for at least 25yrs and all the loot recovered. But I trust Buhari to blame his predecessor for the sins of his cabinent and party men. Too bad!

    • IZON Redeemer

      U are insane–one of those paid Hail Hitler emciles from the Camp of the Apes in APC—The 10b was shared between the Fulanis and Yorubas who swore under the name of their Allah that their goal was to rid the country of corrupt elements ———-but the fake Saints led by Father Mbaka—ati Imam Buhari ended up becoming the most corrupt politicians on mother earth—Jibrin a Fulani is a member of the Apes in APC——————-not even PDP—————————-Those who shared that blood money from the crude oil revenue base of the SS—are the Fulanis—Yorubas and Ibos—–Not a single Ijaw man in the House of Rep was favoured in the sharing of that loot————–Sadly the money came from the soul of the poverty stricken people of the SS————————————region of Nigeria——–Besides any Ijaw man who thinks all will be well with his offspring’s while Fulani Buhari ati Osibanjo are in power must be fooling himself–or herself–Freedom should be our goal-not matter what—————————–That is the last hope of the Ijaw man——-from the Niger delta———————and other parts of Nigeria——–We will prefer freedom in Poverty than slavery under our God Given-oil wealth——animals

      • Kwadoo Kuffor

        Are you sure you understand English grammar at all. Haven’t you heard of sarcasm before? Did you even bother to read the whole of my comments? Sometimes these Nigerians too like to show “busy body”., and it is part of the reason your country is not working. Don’t worry, we will soon drive you people away from Ghana.

        • Commentsfile..!!!

          Please, abeg the Guy is from Ghana,
          dont deny him, we tolerate him here,
          as we will cope with you as well but will not
          take insults for any unwarranted reason(s).
          You are that busybody cos if Ghana is working
          you wouldn’t be bored to the extent of trying
          to mix up with a country you think is not working.
          Lame Thing!

          • Arrest warrant

            Indeed kuffor is right.Nigeria is not working,but stealing itself to dead..Buhari is only trying but nothing has change.

          • Commentsfile..!!!

            you are one of the reason why Nigeria is
            not working if it would take a Ghanaian
            to remember you that!

        • JoeTheBlaster

          Your problem is that you are joking with a serious matter. Blaming Jonathan for the serious atrocities he committed against Nigeria is not a joking matter. It does not mean a case of stealing by legislators will be ridiculously blamed on Jonathan because you heard that Jonathan is being blamed. Either you need to get serious or you need to know the facts before talking. Your sarcasm is misplaced.

  • NinjaK

    Useless Jonathan! You bribe everybody sotee even “mr noise-maker” Gbajabiamila sef take style collect N1.2billion?
    Chiiiiineeeekeeeeeeee!!! Kai – everybody must die for Govt position in dis contri o even if na ordinary Councillorship!

  • truth is bitter

    This is how they spend and share the money of the Niger Delta people and leave them with nothing. Criminals and useless Animals sharing oil money among themselves while oil pollution ravages the Niger Delta. Won’t this N12b shared among these animals suffice to clean up Ogoni land and othe polluted rivers of the Niger Delta? No wonder AVENGERS are avenging.

    • Julius

      How do the Niger Delta People spend their allocations ?

      • Opekete

        $4.5 billion allocated to Niger Delta NDDC over the past 10 years totally squandered said Kachikwu the Minister of petroleum. How do the Niger Delta People spend their allocation? Go figure

        • Julius

          Its Buhari’s fault…they will say. Nonsense. You are correct sir.

  • Omolaja nofiu

    The unfortunate pains in all this is that most Nigerians (I mean hardworking but suffering Nigerians) continue to support and defend thieves who are in abundance in both PDP and APC. Who can imagined Dogara and co, including Gbajabiamal (who is Tinubu’ boy and anoited nominee) shared billions freely in a Nigeria where average Nigerians, including follow-follow party supporters, cannot pay their bills regularly?
    My view has been that no matter the level of blackmail and hatred for Obj (of course he has his faults and crudity), the man has always been right with his views about these disguised-robbers who are using politics to steal our commonwealth daily!

  • vagabonds in power

    Quebec Mayor to Muslim ‘Immigrants’: We Don’t Adapt to Your Culture, You Adapt to Ours.

    Muslim ‘refugees’ demanded the abolition of pork in all the school canteens of a Montreal suburb.

    The mayor of the Montreal suburb of Dorval has refused, and the town clerk sent a note to all parents to explain why…

    “Muslims must understand that they have to adapt to Canada and Quebec, its customs, its traditions, its way of life, because that’s where they chose to immigrate.

    “They must understand that the must change their lifestyle, not the Canadians who so generously welcomed them. –

  • Julius

    Next step…return the money !

  • Emeka

    Anyone who does not see the hand of God in all of the heist confessions by an inhouse source, would be presumed totally blind, spiritually….. This is not an assuming matter, it’s a pure fact, with concrete evidence to back up his claims. God has raising from HIS throne just to rescue innocent Nigerians, and HE won’t stop until the cleansing is over.

  • Chike

    There is need to take this man serious and cause an extensive enquiry into the stench that is oozing out from National Assembly. Keeping quiet and looking the other way in the face of all this grave allegations by our beloved government is so unsettling to average Nigerians. What offense did we commit as a people to deserve this kind of rulers. It is shameful as a people that our rulers continue to exhibit lunatic tendencies by gathering what they need and what they don’t need at the expense of the already deprived population. How much do an average Nigerian need in terms of money to live happily. Greed and unbridled quest for wealth can only leave the individual poorer. It is simply impossible to build a virile society with this kind of attitude. This allegation must not be treated as a family affair. The whole world is watching us. The change we voted for must not be a change that changes little or nothing.

  • Lanre

    Mr. Jibrin. Thank you for your efforts. However, I assure you it will come to nought. Nigeria is not a real entity. You would be better working to become the President of an Independent Arewa Republic where you will enact laws to rid your country of corruption. As it is, Nigeria is steeped in irredeemable corruption, the latest being the arbitrage created between the official rate of Naira to the dollar and the market rate. Over =N=200 on $1.00. Why would anybody invest in any productive enterprise when you can obtain dollar at =N=200.00 and sell at =N=400.00. Your people are the ones who are versed in this trade since the Babangida days. Right from the airport, you see them asking to change dollar for you. But I digress.
    Nigeria is governed by a huge criminal enterprise. They are waiting to continue their game in 2019. Until and unless those who own the resources that you all are stealing (The people of Niger-Delta) rise up and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, this criminality will continue.
    UNTIL THE FLOW OF OIL MONEY IS STOPPED, THE CRIMINALS WHO RULE NIGERIANS WILL CONTINUE TO TAKE WHAT DOES NOT BELONG TO THEM. Nigeria is a false, fake creation whose rulers run a huge criminal enterprise!
    In the meantime Mr. Jibrin, please take my advise and concentrate on working for your Arewa Republic. Best wishes!

  • TKO

    By this latest revelation, Jibrin has just started the fight against corruption in our so called hallowed chambers. He needs to purge himself totally because he can’t be spotting a speck in someone’s eye while he has a mole in his. In addition, he who comes to equity, must come with clean hands; so, Jibrin must go the whole hog for him to attain a moral highground for his fight. Nigerians are waiting to see the end of this roforofo war among our representathieves and by extension, our stealators also. And ofcourse, Baba Iyabo’s (OBJ) incessant views about the house members are being confirmed.

    • udemeobong


  • Wetin Naija

    The Nigeria house of Arrogant thieves.

  • Arrest warrant

    Jibrin has sacrificed a lot by now..he has offered himself to any charges, if really Buhari is not among the criminals action and investigation is needed now,except otherwise..JIBRIN HAS EXPOSED HIMSELF TO DANGER,DANGEROUS AND UNGODLY GROUP OF PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY..BUHARI NIGERIANS ARE COUNTING YOUR DISAPPOINTMENTS DON’T LET US COUNTS THIS CASE AMONG..

  • owhonda

    Chai. I just feel provoked.

    • Political Observatory


      Nigeria is withering away under this rule of thieves…

      A country without any good thinker in public office today cannot move forward forever.
      Thieves occupy public office in Nigeria. A rule of thieves destroys a nation. Lies-telling is
      the opposite of integrity. The tragedy of Nigeria is that the citizens are too daft to react.
      They’re robbed to their face and denied a right to live, but they only mope or cry in vain.
      Nigerians are not fit to live in a modern polity because they have no sense of civic duty.

      Nigeria sinks further and further under the rule of crooks for whom honesty is anathema.
      Nigeria’s children die needless deaths because there’s no one in public office thinking
      or planning for Nigeria to give the country a redemptive future.

      Lies-telling on school credentials and the theft of the treasury by public officials is signal to the
      rest of society to take to crime as a way of life. A country with a badly forged Senate President,
      like Bukola Saraki, has no law-making parliament, because fraud utterly unravels everything.
      Truth is, a country without a single honest role model in public office today can’t progress.

      • Gift Ehime

        ….Nigerians are not human beings……They are waiting for America to liberate Nigerians from thieves…..
        ……..like Raji Fashola, Jide Omokore, Bola Tinubu, and, Jonathan…..they can’t liberate themselves!……

        • SOMEBODY

          This information you people are giving us here is too important. Why did our newspapers not say anything about it for one year now? Our journalists in Nigeria are part of the big stealing under Babatunde Raji Fashola. Any journalist with primary six education should be able to do simple arithmetic that 400 times 8 is 3.2, not 2.34.

          But our journalists in Nigeria have been so bribed they can’t do simple arithmetic again. If Raji Fashola has sense he must know that he will still face criminal trial, no matter the cover up that Muhamadu Buhari is still giving him by pretending that he is not aware of this criminal stealing in Lagos.

          I have lost faith in Muhamadu Buhari. He is not a honest man. He is not doing any anti-corruption.
          He is just running after PDP people only. That makes Muhamadu Buhari a rogue too.

      • Sir Louis

        Well said. What a tragedy. This is the result of ethnicity, nepotism and injustice which for long, goes unchallenged.

    • ???

      @owhonda:disqus : Raji Fashola stated publicly at his handover in Lagos on May 29th, 2015, that he got total

      revenue of 2.34 Trillion Naira in all his eight [8] years in office. But that figure is very false, forged,

      and fraudulent. It is just to cover up thefts, because the Lagos state Planning Commissioner (Akabueze)

      has falsified it and said that an average of ₦400 billion Naira entered into the Lagos state bank accounts

      yearly. Give or take, total Lagos revenue should be ₦3.2 trillion; no less. Where’s the money?

      • Jaga


        • Dafe


          I remember
          that one civil rights group, I think SERAP, or something like that, petitioned
          two years ago to ask Raji Fashola for this same Lagos state account. Raji
          Fashola replied at the time that Lagos people are not entitled to know the
          accounts of their state under his regime. Fashola’s reply letter was signed by
          his useless attorney-general, a lawyer called Ade Ipaye. In another country
          with civilized people all hell would have been let loose for that sort of reply
          letter. The people would have brought down Raji Fashola’s misrule in 48
          hours and taken him straight to prison. But our yeye journalists kept quiet.

          No editorial
          on Raji Fashola’s declaration of non-accountability as governing principle
          So, what do you expect from Raji Fashola a year later? Stealing of course!
          With 24 hours to his handover, and for the first time ever since 2007, Raji
          Fashola now gave fraudulent account to his successor and ran away like
          thief. Some journalists like TUNDE FAGBENLE on Raji Fashola’s payroll
          wrote apology to the public for being part of Raji Fashola’s financial fraud.
          But that was after the handover, and after they have enjoyed paid favours
          like bribes, for eight years.

    • marc umeh

      Relax bro , this is a sinking ship. There are NO just men here .
      We are watching a financial Sodom and Gomorrrah !!!!

  • olat

    Any World frm Sultan? No
    Any world frm CAN? No
    Any word frm NBA? No
    Any word frm NLC? NoNigerians?
    Thre is a direct positive relationship b/w dis illegal allowance n exchange rate in Nigeria.

    • grand maze

      The worst is that all these money will end up in foreign accounts thereby weakening our naira the more.

  • Spoken word

    Chai.when will the wanton looting of this country stop

  • JoeTheBlaster

    And be sure they will be quick to jump on him rather than those who padded the budget and collected billions. Dogara and his boys seems to have strong godfathers.

    • udemeobong

      The guy Dagora (sounds like Gomorrah) is a revered (an elder of a church) Christian abi?
      That is why I love the bible, it never fails in its sayings.

  • marc umeh

    Can anybody tell us why nigerians should not be punished by the Almighty for keeping quite as their country is ruined by a few ?

    • udemeobong

      Nigerianische are sitdon look sort of species. No interest in fighting for national interest, no appetite to resist corrupt system, always hoping to church and mosques, but don’t practice the right religion, always believing and waiting for miracle without hard work. They always say, “God dey“, “we thank God“, as if God exist only in Nigeria. Fela said it all in many of his songs. In facts, Nigerians are afraid to die through barrel fighting for the future of their children, but are dying everyday through hunger, diseases, detention, kidnapping, armroberry, corruption, lack of hospitals, good roads, good functioning telecommunications, bad road network, rotten police system, ethnic conflicts and hatreds, religious war and brain-washing religious and political elites. They are dying due to lack of patriotism on the side of those that are trusted with national responsibilities. I can write a whole book here on why Nigeria is the way it is. Since we all know that, I save my time and pen.

      • marc umeh

        Some of us ( the crazy ones) MUST be ready to fight , otherwise that country is DOOMED.
        Even the newspaper’s are part of the problem. The don’t expose these massive misdeeds. They don’t go into this business to help nigeria , to fight the powerful and the corrupt. No , that is not the mission.
        Yet in this fight to find the soul of this country , silence and neutrality is not an option.

    • ScrollCreed

      Isn’t annoying to read about the scandals yet the judiciary can’t jail these scumbags? With many unemployed, poverty at an alarming rate, there is no respite in sight for ordinary masses.

      • marc umeh

        Yes ooooo !!!!!

      • Sir Louis

        Judiciary also stinks. It’s made up of the same crop of people!

    • Sir Louis

      That is why Buhari is here.

      • marc umeh

        In my book , Buhari is a huge disappointment !!!
        He is allowing the judiciary to destroy all efforts at reform.

  • Dejandon

    Has anyone heard anything from the NLC on this issue? If it is to remove fuel subsidy that govt cannot control, they would have been threatening fire and brimstone. Yet the one that affects us the most – corruption in high place – they will choose to keep silent until swept under the carpet

    • udemeobong

      That is why States don’t have money to pay workers and even some states are planning salary cut. NLC is a shadow of itself since Oshomole left.

    • ScrollCreed

      NLC is only used for self serving purpose and interest. NLC is useless

  • UOU

    Corruption breeds from all manners of ills, from deceit, hypocrisy, pettiness, vengeance, revenge, saddism, hate, lies, propaganda, threat, greed, charlatanism, etc, upto nepotism

  • ScrollCreed

    This country is dying and the people without knowledge shall perish

  • George

    They shall never know peace

  • Kevin Peter

    A house divided against itself…., I hope Jibrin is a true repentant also ready to return all he has collected that looks “illegal”

  • Mike Johnson

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  • najabbiri goga

    Indeed, members quarterly bonanza is illegal. The arrangement is every member enjoys 30 million naira every three months, it may be more or less as the case may be for doing nothing. This is in addition to his/her monthly salary and allowances.There are people whose duty is to help members retire the fake expenses incurred for which they get one percent of the amount retired. Every member is involved in this scam with no exception.


    House, while the white guys are really living off the internet and becoming billionaires by the day, what is the most populous black nation in the world doing? Sitting down and asking if its possible! Wake up Nigerians, its possible and if you’re dedicated to it like your regular 8 – 4 job, you’d make millions out of it, expect your returns back in just 4 weeks!

    For leads, you can try:

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    Wish you well in your online exploits!!

  • sammyctu ode

    I blame the NLC, TUC and all the useless civil society organizations who continue to fight PMB on GSM tax rather than mobilizing Nigerians to go and shut down the corrupt infested NA. Workers can’t get their salaries yet ten principal officers just decided to share N10 billion without doing any work while these useless trade unions are keeping quite. We need a Rawlings to kill all these people who are killing Nigerian and Nigeria.

  • grand maze

    This calls for a citizens arrest. Take over the NASS and block their offices and demand arrest and prosecution of all those involved. Why are we so docile as a people? This is the real anti-corruption and it is happening right under buhari nose but there is deafening silence. This Jibrin might end up a blessing after all. Even Gbajabiamila is involved. What nonsense. I think if the people continue to keep silent over these issues, then nobody should blame GOd for whatever state the country ends up in. There are things God will not do for us. Let us arise and storm and occupy the NASS right away.

  • GbemigaO

    Bunch of thieves that should be shot !