Bring back our girls or resign, Chibok families tell Buhari

BBOG buhari

Relatives of the abducted Chibok girls have accused the Nigerian government of abandoning their daughters to suffer in captivity, and have called on President Muhammadu Buhari to resign if he cannot rescue the girls.

The relatives spoke on Thursday in Abuja after they were stopped by security operatives from reaching the Aso Rock presidential villa to see the president.

The protest march, the second in the week, was organized by the BringBackOurGirls group.

Relatives of the missing girls said the president neglected them after repeated unfulfilled promises.

The girls were abducted by extremist sect, Boko Haram, since April 14, 2014.

Enoch Mark, father of two of the girls, said President Buhari had failed the Chibok people who voted for him in 2015 with the hope that he would ensure the return of the girls.

“Many Chibok parents voted you because we believed that you would ensure the return of our daughters. You promised us that you are a military man and that you cannot lie. You said the war will not be over until the girls are back,” Mr. Mark said.

“Now we hear shouts of victory. And you turn around and say you do not know how to get out daughters. Former President Sani Abacha told us that no country can fight war for up to 24 hours without its government knowing about it. If the president lacks intelligence to bring back the girls let him resign.

“We have men who can do the job. There is nothing that Nigeria does not have. What is stopping the president from giving the orders?” he queried.

The mother of Dorcas Yakubu, the girl who spoke in the recent Boko Haram video, said the Federal Government should exchange detained terrorists for her daughter if the government has no better option.

“Because it is obvious that no serious effort has been done to ensure the rescue of our daughters, otherwise we would have heard some good news.” she said.

Mrs. Yakubu said the security operatives preventing her and the other members of the #BringBackOurGirls group from reaching the president were stopping her from fulfilling the request of her daughter.

“My daughter pleaded with me to try and see the president personally and talk to him regarding the rescue of the Chibok girls. They named her Maida. I named my daughter, Dorcas, but they changed her name,” she said.

Mrs. Yakubu called on the first lady, Aisha Buhari, to do her best to assist mothers like her.

Hauwa Abama, another mother of one of the abducted children, said the government was responsible for her ordeal.

“Government is the one that has taken my daughter from me,” she said.

Other relatives, Rhoda Ishaku, whose only sister, Zara, has been with her captures for over two years, and Martha Enoch, wife of Enoch Mark, called on the government to put an end to the silence and return their children.

Mrs. Enoch said her husband suffered a heart attack as a result of the trauma they have been through.

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  • Lenz

    Yes o…
    Please resign and let’s bring back Jona and the ‘missing’ girls will surely come out…

    • George

      Jona is better off so pls manager your Bingo president to avoid more disgrace for him

      • Lenz

        Jona is “better off”?
        In what way?
        The man is not sleeping fine due to the mess he created for Nigeria. And you say he is better off?
        And if Bihari is “Bingo” what is Jonathan? Barrawo?

        How can Buhari be “disgraced” for not being able to locate Chibok girls?
        Was he the one who lost them? Or Jona?

        You need to wake up and smell some cappuchino (or something)…

        • George

          You keep deceiving yourself you tribe of Bingo’s

          • Lenz

            “tribe of Bingo’s”?
            What tribe is that, pray tell?
            And who is deceiving who?
            You or Jona?
            The Chibok girls went missing and only after 18 days of denial between Jona and Mama Patience did Jona finally accept that they were taken..
            Until Jona left they have not been found…
            I feel for the parents, but if they like they can march to Aso Villa — Buhari is going nowhere…
            Let them go and ask Jona and Patience what happened for almost 3 weeks after the abduction and more than a year before they left Aso Rock last May…

            Those girls are gone…

      • Mufu Ola

        Jona is busy roaming around the world buying awards with our money.

  • shakara123

    Well said…

  • thusspokez

    “My daughter pleaded with me to try and see the president personally and talk to him regarding the rescue of the Chibok girls. They named her Maida. I named my daughter, Dorcas, but they changed her name,” she said.

    I truly feel your pain. I am thousands of kilometres away, nevertheless I often get very exercised when I am reminded of the Chibok girls. It makes me want to hate Nigerians, particularly, those idiøts who go on Nigerian websites to insult the Chibok parents and the BBOG campaigners. What kind of people are Nigerians? Some of you are very wicket and indeed an incarnation of the devil.

    I am beginning to despise Nigerians for their lack of support for the BBOG campaign. In a country of over 167 million inhabitants, only a handful of people bother to turn up to join the BBOG protest. What a shameful nation. And YES, the Fantastically Incompetent President Buhari should resign as he is not up to the job. Resign Buhari Resign!!!

    • nigerianunity

      Why can’t you go and join them. People fly around the globe to support causes they are endeared to. Stop making noise. Nigerians don’t like you either.

      • Daniel

        Did you talk this way when Jonathan was in charge?

        Is the BBOG becoming a distraction?

        Or those girls are less important than crude oil?

        Okay, the ‘USMAN’ has got the NPA job.


      • thusspokez

        Turnout for BBOG protests here are higher than in Nigeria even with a population of over 167 million people.

        People fly around the globe to support causes

        I am sure you would like people flying into Nigeria to help solve your problems — as you are useless, helpless and incapable of doing anything for yourself; and as you have have become much accustomed to.

        • nigerianunity

          Why cursing. It was a friendly exchange of fire!

    • George

      Chibok was fraud from inception hence clever people refused to buy into the fraud.

      • thusspokez

        Piss off! You are the fraud.

      • Mufu Ola

        And you are one of the “clever” ones??


    I already know what Buhari’s answer is going to be to these bereaved parents, it’s going to be: “Corruption and indiscipline is going to be stamped out”.

    • Mufu Ola

      Corruption lover.You are not clever enough to covert.


        If you are going to give me a title based on my concerns, you must add ‘injustice hater, massacre condemner, freedom lover, murder eschewer, pretender buster, Constitution Scholar …’ and so on.

  • Paul zadok

    Did buhari take your girls ? Why will he resign? We in the north east are all happy with him and God almighty for giving us back our freedom from the terrorist attacks. We all know that ever since buhari came to power we’ve witnessed peace in the north east, people can go to worship without fear of being attacked, people go to markets, motor parks and travel to anywhere in the north east without harassment and intimidation by the military boys at checkpoints . Buhari is not God, if you trusted and voted for him without trusting God why blasting him a mortal like you?
    It is sad the girls are still in captivity, let’s pray for their release.

    • George

      Please tell those fools that Buhari is no longer to guarantee their children return. it served them very well.

  • yahayaomaye

    It’s unfortunate things are going on this way but parents should stop accusing Buhari. The President is doing the best he could and I think we should understand that nobody including the President is happy over the situation.Afterall Jonathan who was the President was not asked to resigned. These parents should be reason

    • George

      Yes he is now doing the best he could oh yes yes yes he must remain to feeds Aisha from Chad which he married as under age girl. wicked souls

    • Arabakpura

      The President should have come out to tell them what you just said! Is it difficult for him to do?

    • abodes_124

      he was not asked to esign. he was voted out.

    • Gabriel Olasebikan

      Government and governance is a continuous process.

  • Comfortkay

    This is getting daily more political with different statement from this group.
    The President of Nigeria Buhari did not get his mandate from Chibok families group and they have no right to ask him to resign.

    • Nkemefuna

      My People, petrol per litre is how much today,
      after President Buhari increased the price few months ago? It is 145 Naira
      per litre. For 5kv generator, how many litres do you need per day to generate your own electricity,
      for just six (6) hours? You’ll need 10 litres. That is how much? It is 1,450 Naira per day.

      Now, since the zero megawatts Minister for Power Raji Fashola has no knowledge of how to supply electricity to Nigerians, how much do you now need per month, to get six hours of private electricity a day?
      You’ll need 44,500 Naira a month.

      Follow me, please!
      What is the minimum amount you’ll also need today to cook a pot of soup for your four children
      as a family? The minimum is six thousand Naira – with minimum ingredients. So multiply that by
      15 days, if you will manage the pot of soup for two days. What will you get? You will now need
      90,000 Naira a month to feed a family of four.

      That means Naira devaluation by President Buhari plus the petrol tax by President Buhari
      have now made life impossible in Nigeria. Just to eat and have six hours electricity for a family
      now cost 133, 500 Naira per month, without doing any other thing, not even going out, or, even
      going to school. How many Nigerians earn 133,000 Naira per month? Answer me, please!

      • Comfortkay

        All this have nothig to do with the topic of which l wrote about . Can you read the topic pleas.

        • George

          He wants you to read his you coward

          • ceevee2016


            Is your name MY PEOPLE? @Nkemefuna addressed his own post to all the people!

          • Comfortkay

            You are very sick, you have Cancer of Corruption in your body go for medical checkup.

    • Tammy Brown

      What was more political than Buhari and his entourage of APC liars lampooning GEJ over the Chibok girls and security in general when GEJ was obviously performing better. Buhari was massively voted for on the grounds that he will get back the Chibok girls and improve security and the economy. It is obvious he has failed woefully. The Chibok girls are yet to be accounted for talk less of their rescue. Security has deteriorated not only in the North East but all over the country with Fulani brothers of Buhari killing and maiming. In other parts of the North protesters are killed and buried in mass graves. The same obtains in the South East. The Niger Delta is another matter and economy is comatose. Your argument lacks merit and is totally baseless. The Chibok parents have moral, philosophical and legal grounds to call for the resignation of Buhari/APC who lied their way to power.

      • Comfortkay

        During the time your Uncle GEJ was in power a large part of Nigeria was in the hand of Boko Haram, your PDP did not buy weapons but they were sharing money, fortunately you are one of the bunch of hypocrities that never understands what is going on in their fathers land. Man start to think big.

        • Tammy Brown

          After you milady. For now you think small because you are yet to explain where Buhari got the weapons the military is using to fight Boko Haram. If GEJ did not buy weapons which weapons is the military using to prosecute the insurgency in the North? If you recall GEJ purchased weapons that was used to chase Boko Haram into Sambisa forest before the last elections. You are the hypocrite or ignorant of the facts on ground. You are the one who needs to grow up and think big milady.

          • Comfortkay

            Keep stop making comments here because it makes no sense

          • Tammy Brown

            Oh really? Why don’t you point out exactly how it makes no sense? You can’t because you have nothing but hatred to spew.

  • Akinmade T.


    Don’t push Buhari out of office, please!

    Muhamadu BUHARI SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO RESIGN BY HIMSELF. He shouldn’t be stoned out of office.
    He is a let down before God and Man. Buhari’s the worst and most incompetent president Nigeria ever had.
    Buhari doesn’t know his left hand from his right hand. He does not have the intellectual capacity for the job.
    Nigeria is going under water everyday and Muhamadu Buhari just looks and mopes, without a clue, or idea.

  • Paul Young

    There’s no need for us to deceive ourselves. The odds of getting those girls back is really slim. The first 24-48 hours is when they could have been rescued easily. At the moment the only way to get them out is to negotiate and release BH prisoners in exchange for the girls. I personally favor that but then again i ask myself, these guys that will be released are they not the BH commanders and bomb makers that have killed thousands of people, do we just release them back to the society so they can kill thousands more? Is the exchange worth it? Probably not. Its a very dicey situation

    • Oladele

      You asked very good questions. The President however could have met with them even before they were protesting and present various scenarios to them some of which you already enumerated. Besides BH has nothing to loose if after releasing their fighters they decided not to release the girls. They should also have access to MOD briefing at some secret location each week or every two weeks excluding operational tactics.

  • George

    Buhari won’t resign because Tribe of Bingo’s aka Dog are in his support.

    • Iskacountryman

      you need haddi lashing…

  • Simeon Nigel

    One can understand the frustration of Chibok girls parents, as it is not easy life when knowing that your love ones were brutally and viciously kidnapped with no hope on sights as to never knowing when those girls shall be returning back home to their parents. It is really hard. But to demand for the resignation of President Buhari is another matter all together, which I do not subscribe to it or with Chibok girls’ parents. The only solution which the president should embark upon now is to liaises with friendly nations to help him to assemble and hire hard fighting mercenaries soldiers from across the globe to confronts these Boko Haram sects at their evils game of killings, because it appears that the Nigeria armies have unpatriotic Judas or traitors within its ranks that are passing on the entire Nigeria army’s fighting plans to these evils and ‘blood sucking’ Boko Haram sects. Even though the group seems to be splits into two factional groups at the moment, but they are still pursuing the same collateral destruction, damages and killings, especially mainly targeting Northern Christians, as it is also the same taking place right this minutes in Benue, Nasarawa, Kaduna, Niger, Kogo, Plateau and kebbi states, where Christians were painfully under sieged by their moslem brothers in these states.So, good Nigerians including Chiboks girls parents all should present and come up with hard thoughts solutions to President Buhari as to deal decisively with these evils sect Boko Haram and rather than calling for the president to resign at this time that the president has gone too far in anti-corruption war and also he is still keep on exposing out into the open in Nigerian public domain all the evils deeds of Nigerian politicians tactics of stealing our public monies.

  • abc

    The chibok community massively voted for GEJ when their girls were in the hands of Boko for 9 months. The must disheartening thing is that; the same GEJ and his govt which they voted for massively have never even believe that the girls were truly abducted. Yes my prayer is always for safe return of the girls to their families, but i want chibok community to know that Buhari is not elected only to liberate their girls but, to do what he is already doing. Therefore, let them not play with our consciousness’

  • Taiwo Odejimi

    Na lie una talk,Buhari no go resign at all,No bi for im time dem kidnapped chibok girls,I no believed una say make e resign,Uan doooooo

    • Dende Aku


      What exactly is wrong with VP Yemi Osinbajo?

      My concern is different topic. Let me say my own. Did this Vice President Yemi Osinbajo go to school at all?
      I don’t think so. He talks rot. Yesterday, he was saying that federal government has saved 1.4 trillion Naira
      by not paying fuel subsidy. That is a very illiterate statement. The fuel marketers did not sell petrol at a loss
      of 1.4 trillion Naira in Nigeria. It means somebody paid for it, not just somebody, but all Nigerians who bought
      fuel from petrol station paid that 1.4 trillion Naira at the newly increased price of 145 Naira per litre. Does
      Vice President Yemi Osinbajo expect the people who paid 1.4 trillion Naira to rejoice that President Buhari
      became 1.4 trillion Naira richer by not subsidizing petrol price? Somebody close to Vice President Yemi
      Osinbajo should whisper into his ear that he doesn’t talk sense and should either shut up or learn logic.

      • Senator D

        He speaks “Spiritual Mathematics”… Have you forgotten he said they saved trillions with TSA? How can you keep money in your vault and tell your children to go hungry and naked while you then boast to your friends how much you have in your vaults? He is a very good mathematician….

      • Otile

        He is one of the voodoo economists surrounding Imam Mohamed Buhari. The presidency and his overpaid cabinet are full of dummies.

    • Senator D

      It was a core campaign promise my brother… Infact it was used to weep up sentiments against Jonathan’s government… He is under obligation to fulfill it… He MUST!

  • favourtalk

    I believe they should commend the good work been done by the president over the time and stop for once , it is not a magic work that the president will do but the goodwil of the country which must be respected

    • Senator D

      PDP also said that… But we see they failed… You can’t build a stronger and united Nigeria on a faulty CONSTITUTION… Our system of government is fraught with deceits and nepotism at its core… We need to sit down and ask how can we build a better Nigeria where everyone will be genuine patriots of this Nation!

      • dele20

        The abduction of the chikbok girls was due to lack of security & incompetence of the previous administration, Why wouldn’t the clueless party “PDP” fail? what did you expect from a bloody civilian? This APC administration has not ended, it is early to compare both parties, PMB will surely deliver

    • dele20


  • dele20

    The FG understands the pains the parents of these chikbok girls are facing , our gallant soldiers are not resting , PMB is really working and unrelenting, to rescue the chikbok girls is not magical but by tactics, these parents still need to exert patience.