Two women sentenced for fighting in public


Not content with public brawl, the culprits continued their bout at the police station.

Two women were Monday found guilty of disturbing public peace by fighting in public.

A Karu Magistrate court in Karu, Abuja, found Chinasa Amankwe, 22, and Gloria Nweke, 27, guilty and asked them to pay fines.

Ms. Amankwe reported the incident to the police on August 26, at the Jikwoyi Divisional Police Headquarters, claiming Ms. Nweke came to fight her in her house.

A police prosecutor, Pascal Njokwu, however told the court that police investigations found both women guilty of fighting in public.

Not satisfied with their public fight, the two women continued their brawl at the police station, Mr. Njokwu told the court.

When asked why she went to Ms. Amankwe’s house to fight her, Ms. Nweke said the former had usually insulted her.

“Amankwe has been looking for my trouble for long now. Anytime I am angry, if I don’t fight, my mind will not calm down. That is why I fought with her,’’ she said.

The magistrate pronounced both women guilty of disturbing public peace and ordered them to pay fines. While Ms. Nweke was asked to pay N4, 000, the accuser Ms. Amankwe was ordered to pay N2, 000.