What Nigerians must do to get the change they want – Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari (Photo credit: www.ibtimes.co.uk)
President Muhammadu Buhari (Photo credit: www.ibtimes.co.uk)

President Muhammadu Buhari has tasked Nigerians to first think about how they could contribute to the nation’s development as individuals, before asking about the change his administration promised them.

Mr. Buhari spoke, Thursday, at the State House, Abuja during the launch of a national re-orientation campaign, tagged “Change Begins With Me”.

“Before you ask ‘where is the change they promised us’, you must first ask ‘what have I done to be part of the change for the greater good of society,’” the president said.

“If you have not seen the change in you, you cannot see it in others or even the larger society.”

The campaign was conceived by the Federal Ministry of Information, Culture, and National Orientation to raise the standard of ethics among Nigerians.

Mr. Buhari, over three decades ago as military Head of State, had introduced a similar campaign – the War Against Indiscipline And Corruption.

“Nigeria today is passing through a challenging moment where hardly anything works in a normal manner,” Mr. Buhari said as he flagged off the new campaign.

He said the nation’s value system has been badly eroded over the years, and that virtues like honesty, integrity, hard-work, punctuality, good-neighbourliness, abhorrence of corruption and patriotism, had given way to dishonesty, indolence, unbridled corruption and widespread impunity.

The “Change Begins With Me” campaign, Mr. Buhari said, was a framework to help sustain the achievements his administration has recorded so far in its fight against corruption.

The president called on Nigerians to support the campaign, which he said was “part of the determination of our party to seek to carry all Nigerians along on the journey to a better and greater society that we all can be proud of.”

He said the change being envisaged wasn’t only about economic and social progress, but also about personal behaviour – how Nigerians could conduct themselves, engage their neighbours, friends, and relate with the society in a positive way.

“Indeed when the campaign succeeds, it will impact heavily on the private sector. A punctual, diligent and hardworking staff can only be of benefit not just to himself or herself or the organization they work for but to various governments whether at local, state or federal level.”

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    I am very convinced that this so called change campaign is Liar Mohamed’s way of indirectly telling Buhari what he could not tell him directly …. that Buhari needs large doses of change ….. especially change from incompetence to competence …. change from WASC forgery included.

    Liar Mohammed is truly smart on this!

  • Concerned Nigerian

    Editor Sir,

    A silly “Change Begins With Me” campaign

    This very silly “Change Begins With Me” campaign is dead on arrival. It is a public insult to the people
    of Nigeria, as fraud victims, to start behaving in ways acceptable to the robbing treasury thieves who steal
    them in the name of GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS. It is the duty of all Nigerians to reject this public insult;
    reject the campaign and insist that no appropriated funds by parliament must be diverted toward this
    fraudulent and useless campaign to steal it without audit trail. The Buhari government is total failure.
    The Buhari government has no competency whatever to pass the buck on its CHANGE duty to others.
    If Muhamadu Buhari can’t deliver on his CHANGE manifesto as promised he should resign forthwith.

  • Olori Magege

    I am finding a lot of humour in PMB. So that is the change he promised us in his manifesto? With this Lai Mohammed will be smiling to the bank

    • Eko ti baje O!

      See the listed APC thieves who demand i am the one to CHANGE………

      In the year 2012 Lagos state floated a bond for ₦87.5billion in November to be borrowed at 14.5%
      interest rate and then got public investors to subscribe for repayment with interest, but once the bond
      was fully subscribed, Raji Fashola took 40% of the money, about 35 billion Naira or so, and handed it over
      in cash to Bola Tinubu, via bogus corporate fronts, namely: (a) Lekki Concession Company, (b) ARM
      company, and, (c) Hitech company
      ; in a fraudulent “buy-back deal” of a supposed concession right
      on the 15-kilometre Lekki Expressway.

      This patently corrupt deal was ostensibly to buy back Lagos state ‘concession rights’ on that Lekki tolled
      Expressway, according to the usually corrupt Raji Fashola. But what the dull and dishonest Raji Fashola
      did not say is that the Lekki land at issue belongs to Lagos state and was not sold to Bola Tinubu’s
      companies in the first place. Or did Bola Tinubu’s company invest any 35 billion Naira expanding
      the road.

      In other words, by sheer fraud, Raji Fashola paid Bola Tinubu 25 years’ profit upfront in cash; without further
      work and then imposed a lien on Lagos state allocation of federal revenue for the next three years to pay
      for this 87.5 billion Naira bond debt by all Lagos residents.

      • Olori Magege

        incredible; the lion of Bourdillon

        • Vox Populi



          • Osakue


        • okey222

          @olorimagege:disqus Nigeria is a psychiatric yard. Thieves are saying victims of thefts must change first, whist thieves continue with the status quo. What a country! No one looking from outside will believe anyone inside this APC party went to school. Illiteracy is the governing principle of this crass APC.

      • Osakue

        Why you no write to EFCC take the pain and sacrifices if you really want to make a change Ode

  • time for buhari to go is now

    What an Insult to the sensibilities of Nigerians?—————–Did Buhari and the Apes in APC ever ask what Nigerians could do for their country first when he launched himself into begging for the votes of the masses the Apes deceived into selling their dirty regional conscience to him via the CIA in the south west and Fulani north—–As for the Fulanis they could be forgiven—-But the All knowing South West nko? Were they hypnotized into selling their brains to the Fulanis? Nigerians need food on their tables not empty slogans biko

    • Osakue

      Insult you say when your brothers still dey shit and piss for gutter daily we are animals Na military fit us

  • C3kwe

    Useless President. Now he is blackmailing Nigerians. He is introducing a useless slogan that reminds me of his war against discipline. This analogue president should change his ways.



      Buhari cannot parade false WASC claim, WASC forgery and blatant Perjury …… and still have the effrontery to ask other Nigerians to buy into this fraud callled ‘change must begin with me”


      Liar Mohammed is the most dishonest person in Nigeria today. He has elevated telling of lies to a position of shameless “virtue”.

      Liar Mohammed knows nothing about honesty and truth telling …. may this change begin with him …. shameless scoundrel!

    • Osakue

      Na you useless by God grace.

      • C3kwe

        Wanker and buhari arse licker. You are hungry and defending him. Lowest of the low.

    • Osakue

      Why you dey hide your name of you no be thief put your name here nau ode

      • C3kwe

        Shot up illiterate and dissappear on -line.

  • Repost by Popular Demand


    • Osakue

      Just like your family is infected with Ebola ole get lost

      • Investigator 2016

        Editor Premium Times,

        Alhaji Raji Fashola is another rogue –
        a Buhari Minister – who was recycled from a crime scene in Lagos state,
        where he’d brazenly lied that Lagos’ total revenues in eight (8) years was
        2.234 TRILLION NAIRA. But that was forgery, as later exposed by his own
        Planning Commissioner, Mr. Akhabueze, who told the media that to the contrary,
        Lagos got an AVERAGE of 400 billion Naira as revenue every year.

        By simple arithmetic it means that total revenue of Lagos state under Alhaji
        Raji Fashola was not less than 3.2 TRILLION NAIRA. By intentional fiddling of
        Lagos’ official account, and by the fraudulent accounting, Alhaji Raji Fashola
        hid away 800b Naira now presumed stolen and sanctionable by criminal law
        by conviction and sentencing to prison, in addition to the forfeiture of any
        and all assets in the name of Alhaji Raji Fashola or disguisedly held in trust
        for him by a nominee or corporate trustee, agent or fiduciary, to the tune of
        800 billion Naira.

    • dami

      Lagos state government has not come out to say their money is missing…so why are you taking Panadol for another man’s headache which he doesn’t have?

      • msenitanwilliams


        “Mr. Akin Ambode, the new governor of Lagos state, lately revoked the self-allocation of
        over 25 plots [in Lekki] by his predecessor, Raji Fashola, in his final days in office.

        Most of the plots, were allocated by Raji Fashola to his own relatives, friends, aides and
        associates — including Yewande Animashaun; his cousin who also served as his
        special adviser on public health, and Wale Ahmed; who served as his
        commissioner for special duties.

        A female newscaster with a
        Lagos-based TV station was one of the beneficiaries, TheCable learnt.
        The land was officially parceled into 25 plots and shared by Raji Fashola
        who went on to sign the certificates of occupancy on May 26,
        three days to his exit from office.”

        • dami

          If to you this is what amounts to an official complaint to the relevant authorities by the lagos state government…then I’m wrong…but you and I know better.

  • Osakue

    I petty everyone of you. PMB as only 8 years to serve. He can only do his best. The change begins with me is for those in public office most especially but we also the masses. Conductors drivers area boys street hawker policeman lasman the list goes on tell me with a clear heart can PMB make this change on his on (when he is not God) the change most start from us. Especially public servants. So far FGN is leading by example

    • alkali

      No, let CHANGE begin with him: CENTRAL BANK audit result

      • ₦38.23billion developed legs and got missing in Central Bank under Sanusi Lamido Sanusi.
      • ₦160billion was taken by Sanusi Lamido at the Central Bank for self-determined spending.
      • ₦1.12billion was taken as spent by Sanusi Lamido on lunch for 12 CBN police guards
      in one year.
      • ₦1.12billion was taken in cash and entered in the account as paid to a non-operating airline
      for charter service.
      • ₦240billion was discretionally doled out at will as ‘donations’ by Sanusi Lamido.
      • ₦1.97billion was paid out in cash and entered on Central Bank accounts as “inexplicable
      expense” by Sanusi Lamido Sanusi.
      • ₦20billion was paid out in cash as Legal Fees by Sanusi Lamido to persons unknown.
      • ₦3.086billion was taken by Sanusi Lamido and written off as expense ostensibly to promote
      Central Bank image.

      • dami

        Maybe you should also add diezani and dasuki’s expenses to this list as well…just to be objective.

    • Domingos

      Who gave him 8yrs? he is 76 now and by 6 yrs he will be 82. Are u the one who will be changin napkins? All over the world people elect politicians who will experience the effect of whatever policies they make good or bad. But an old man cares more about the dead than the living because where he is going is closer than where he is coming from. People are hungry, instead of you to talk about food and how to get food, jobs, light and things to keep people alive, you are talking of launching a useless “Change begins with whatever…”. – It has no other name, it is called mumudity.

    • FEMI A USA

      Progressive minded person. The prez has said in a clear term and it’s left to the masses to embark on it.

  • Al

    His on right tract for us to be productive nation. Hard way the only way!!!

    • Osakue

      Noo we should depend on import o lazy people want money but no body one work thieves

      • Oloye Akintan


        Nigerians are the only species of mankind
        who voluntarily queue up in the sun or in the rain to vote and give
        approval to notorious thieves to continue stealing the community’s
        assets. No one with average intelligence in Lagos state can fail to note that
        the looting combination of Bola Tinubu and Raji Fashola turned Lagos state
        into an unlivable place of blood-flowing and running violence. But like robots,
        supposedly educated ones amongst the retards in Lagos state kept voting
        for thieves and expected progress and CHANGE. What a people!

        • Mons

          yes o

          • Rodriguez

            Bayo Onanuga as President Buhari’s parable of folly

            President Buhari should consider sacking
            Vice President Yemi Osinbajo and replace Osinbajo with Bayo Onanuga who
            knows a lot of canteen where Nigerians can live by food alone.God, this bald
            headed man they call Bayo Onanuga is a real genius. Out of all the 185 million
            Nigerians Bayo Onanuga is the only who knows that Nigeria is NOT in any
            economic recession.

            He has opened our eyes that President Muhamadu Buhari is a big liar to
            say Nigeria is in recession. Nigerians only need to go to the canteen that
            Bayo Onanuga went in Jos and eat for just 700 Naira per person. If you eat
            breakfast, lunch and dinner there, it will be 2,100 Naira per person a day.

            For a graduate worker in the civil service on Level 08 salary the cost
            of eating in that canteen however exceeds monthly income of 60,000 Naira
            a month the Buhari government pays to university graduates in the civil
            service. So, where really is the economic recession and where’s the so-called
            poverty in Nigeria, if after eating at Bayo Onanuga’s canteen for a month a
            graduate worker will be unclothed, homeless and unable to pay bus transport
            to anywhere, or buy tablets, or even buy a bottle of coca cola?

          • Bolu Folorunso


            Indeed, Bayo Onanuga who was appointed by President Buhari as
            Managing Director of the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) said yesterday
            there’s no hardship in Nigeria at all and that newsreports of hardship and of
            hunger in Nigeria are all (exaggerated) propaganda to undermine Buhari’s
            government. Twenty four hours later, President Buhari’s official spokesman,
            Femi Adesina, has come out today to paste a strong plaster and seal up
            Bayo Onanuga’s mouth with a firm rebuttal. “There is hunger, lack, and,
            deprivation in the land”
            , Femi Adesina wrote.

            If President Buhari wants continuance and
            stability for his government he should fire Bayo Onanuga right now.
            If Bayo Onanuga remains on the job beyond today, President Buhari will be
            implicated as speaking through Bayo Onanuga whom he appointed into N.A.N
            without intellectual or ethically obvious merits. It takes one irresponsible person
            like this so-called Bayo Onanuga to define a government he belongs and cause
            public wrath to form against that government. President Buhari’s best option is
            to sack Bayo Onanuga immediately and distance his already wobbly government
            from Bayo Onanuga’s future outrages.

          • S.S Dodo


          • O’Jose

            ……..My people……it’s not looking good O……Buhari is losing goodwill very fast……
            ….more than he’s gaining it…..and now…after 15 months…..he has negatives ……
            numbering enough to write a book……….from his blunders overseas…..to this…..
            …huge suspicion… that he’s another Fulani Islamist hegemonist and northern tribalist……
            ……….but, that’s a smelly body odor to carry around…….if it also includes…… as it does…..
            …….jumping the window of parliament to forge appropriation bills…….. and merely winking….
            …at the genocide of Shiite Muslims… …..and winking at the murders committed daily……..
            ………………….by rifle-bearing mad and maddening Fulani herdsmen……………

          • Ed Noble


          • Celestine Onuoha


            Is Bayo Onanuga the only misfit?
            Look, my friend there are so many misfits inside Buhari government.
            Plenty. Not just one person. Why do you mention only Bayo Onanuga?
            How about Abike Dabiri? What does she know about foreign policy issue?
            President Buhari just appoints all sorts of stand up comedians as officials.
            Why will there not be recession, when Buhari’s appointees are all dullards?
            You cannot run a good government with mediocre people like those ones.
            If you look very well you will see that all these appointees are Muslims too.

          • Short & Sharp


          • i go die O

            Hahahahahaha! I never you hear well. Make i go drink water first. I beg i still dey come!

  • Nonsense

    Buhari shud keep quiet. I really do not know how we get here. Who does he think he is talking to? Does he think Nigerians are Almajiris or cattle herdsmen? If he wants to change his wicked ways, then that will be ok. Because we are tired of hearing our youths die in the hands of the soldiers and policemen who he sends to kill people and bury tham in mass graves…and when Nigerians complain, he says nothing. When Nigerians die, he does not visit the community e.g., Zaria Massacre of Shit muslims and the Biafran massacres of Igbo protesters. So how can such a man speak of other people changing? Buhari is d one who needs 365 degrees change and not Nigerians he kills every now and then. Yesterday, an 80yr old Pa Ekpemuopolo died in Delta state from the beating soldiers meted out to him and Buhari said nothing. No condolence. No statement. Evil. Pure evil. You need change.

    • dami

      As usual no comment about the policemen that were killed and thrown off the bridge…as if that’s not evil as well

      • carpionie

        The event you describe was reactionary and a defense strategy. It would only be evil to any to whom truth is alien.

        • dami

          Continue to justify being foolhardy…it always leads no where.

    • ojomaje ijato

      If one makes 360 degrees change, he gets back to the same spot. Maybe you meant 180 degrees change to make what soldiers call about-turn so he can move in opposite direction

  • dami

    Well said Buhari, but maybe if you provided what is in your control then maybe we “the masses” won’t be in a 24hr hustle day in day out…Water / light / security / healthcare…provide these things and just maybe change will be a lot easier.

    • Mons

      nice one, mr president, Water / light / security / healthcare., good road….provide these things and just maybe change will be a lot easier

  • Otile

    God forbid evil. Imam Olodo has nothing to offer. This is a pity.

    • Rommel

      If you found what the president said offensive,it means you are one of the unrepentant evil ones in that country

      • Aloy Kris

        “Change begins with me” means that the president is part of the me, so let him begin by showing us his WAEC certificate and assets declaration. O, sorry, I forgot we are living in “Animal farm” where some animals are more equal than others.

  • Bee

    President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday said nothing is working normally in the country
    because of the total breakdown of our core values over the years.

    He can take a gaint step in restoring those values by showing his WAEC certificate as
    stipulated in the constitution he vowed to protect. He also could retake the
    WAEC Exam if that is easier for him.

    The ball is in his court.

    • Weydem



    • Reality

      God bless you.

  • S. Colonel Mariam

    I used to wish his administration nothing but failure. I don’t do that any more as failure is everywhere around u that we cannot now deny it. My wish now is for him to be removed from office by any means. This is unbelievable. Blame the people for votig you into office to effect that change they expected, which you were not equipped to give them.

    • Jones

      APC is the
      worst scam
      in Nigerian history, finessed by Muslims under the guise of CHANGE,
      to dupe supposedly educated Yoruba Christians into becoming wild broom wavers for
      Islamist Jihad.

      • Edmundo2000

        My brother. Na so O! The Chief Law maker too, who is the Chairman of the National Assembly today –

        Bukola Saraki – is another APC career criminal facing serious forgery and assets fraud case in court.

    • Omotolaaraujo

      The problem is with you. You obviously do nothing for your community. Your attitude is exactly what Buhari is talking about, and he is completely right. Employers pay salaries late and Landlords collect their rent early. Where is the month-to-month rent? I read the late payment of salaries would include penalties? Nigerians throw trash on the street as though filth is an expectation. Everyone is “on the take.” Fuel Marketers gouge the public. None of them is honest. I could go on for hours. Nigeria is a corrupt country overflowing with corrupt people. It’s Nigerian culture. So many people want tradition to remain. GOOD LUCK!

      • Bee

        Stop enumerating, when people set bad precedence by assuming offices they are not
        qualified for, they should not wonder that thing over the years get out of
        hand. To be a little diplomatic, none of our morally bankrupt, self-acclaimed
        patriots till date have the moral right to accuse anybody of corruption. They
        should rather come clean first.

        Institute an audit of the National treasury for the past 56 years of the
        countries existence and heads will roll. I personally challenge them on that,
        knowing fully well that this is what every small Business operator would do to ascertain
        where things went wrong in his Business. Otherwise they can permanently keep
        their mouth short about discussing corruption with the over 170 million
        Citizens of this country.

        And having seen so many other countries and their citizens around the world, I
        would plead to correct you by asserting that the Nigerian citizens are one of
        the most law abiding Citizens in the world, they just have to be assured that
        the law applies to everybody. Thanks


    Election time was change, now the electorate are the one to bring good economy policy, hmm, it is a lesson, so the govt know this there were bleming Jonathan?

  • favourtalk

    This is the will and good one from the president, the nation needs to buy into the idea and move the nation ahead, some of the people needs to see the content and what the NOA is asking us to do before castigating us all, we shall surely move forward in the nation, we shall surely get there if everyone do thier part

  • born Great

    I think Mr Buhari should start by showing us his WAEC certificate and his assets declaration form. Is a pity that what he is saying is different from what he is thinking, and both are not in tandem with what he is doing. Is a pity. He promised change to Nigerians, now he is telling Nigerians to bring the change and be the change. What is this senseless nonsense.

    • K.K


      APC party starts by deeming Nigerians as retards; to be flogged into line like cows, en route an abattoir.
      Otherwise, the APC apparatchiks will not announce that CHANGE begins with the victims of massive thefts of the treasury rather than with government officials in charge of the treasury – who are given no obligation under the bogus APC’s bare slogan of CHANGE – which has never had any meaning, except as sheer noise.

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    The hurdles now wont stop us, We shall surely get there.


    We Nigerians won’t giveup. We will surely overcome all difficulties and I believe and support president Buhari.