Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Say no campaign – Nigeria, About the Campaign


The SAY NO CAMPAIGN is a platform of Nigerians committed to fighting corruption, impunity, poverty, violence and other governance challenges in Nigeria. However, it builds the focus of its campaign around the twin issues of corruption and impunity, especially as manifest in the Presidential pardon granted to corrupt public officers.

The Campaign aims to mobilize Nigerians from all sections of the country and sectors of the economy to embrace people-driven and non-violent forms of campaigns and protests against the growing level of impunity and bad governance in the country.

Its network of civil society organizations, Non-governmental organizations, media, labour, organized private sector, faith-based organizations and local community groups amongst others will drive the different planned national and sub-national activities comprising campaigns, press conferences, advocacy engagements, media campaigns, street protests to push for necessary administrative, legal, policy and legislative changes required to reverse the trend of democratic rollback and promote good governance in Nigeria.

The Campaign is currently driven by a core of civil society organizations with competencies and expertise on a range of issues, including anti-corruption, good governance (economic and political governance), law, justice and human rights, poverty and election management.


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