Wednesday, April 16, 2014

PDP denounces group seeking Jonathan’s resignation


The PDP said the group is an impostor.

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP has denounced a youth group claiming to be members of the party who issued a statement Thursday asking President Goodluck Jonathan to resign over his inability to overcome the challenges facing the nation.

The party in an email sent to media houses accused opposition parties of “using a faceless group (PDP Youth Council) to send out stories to journalist on our broadcast list”.

Also PDP spokesperson, Olisa Metuh, when contacted to speak further on the group said ” just leave me out of this, I have better things to do than waste my time on a faceless group making spurious claims”.

The group had in their statement signed by Bala Usman and Fidelis Uzoka, Publicity Director and National Director respectively, accused the president of reneging on the promise he made in 2010 at Addis Ababa Ethiopia to serve only one term in office.

The group said the commencement of a presidential campaign by Mr. Jonathan is an “unwarranted test of the will and patience of Nigerians who have tried to exhibit high level of tolerance to a regime which seems in the last two years to have lost the focus of true leadership and proper understanding of the ideals of our party’s founding fathers.”

They also said although they believe in the right of every member of the PDP to seek for elective positions at all levels including the presidency, they condemn such act when it is targeted at destroying the “unity, stability, trust, fairness and future survival of the party”

‘The president is incompetent’

The youth group said Mr. Jonathan has not shown the will and competence to solve the many problems bedeviling the country for which Nigerians entrusted him with their mandate.

“Today under Jonathan Nigeria, the labour and pains of democratic stability and intra party unity built by our party founding fathers has gradually been destroyed to the extent that the picture emerging today if unchecked is that PDP will suffer its first presidential electoral defeat under Jonathan Presidency.

The group also accused Mr. Jonathan of refusing to honour an agreement he signed with party leaders and governors, prior to the 2011 election, to serve for only a single term of office.

“Why is the President scared of honouring his deal with former President Obasanjo to do only a single term which made Obasanjo to lead the peace moves that doused tension in trouble areas and convinced party stakeholders to vote for him?” they asked.

They said it is improper for President Jonathan to abandon his responsibility of governance to pursue a “phantom 2015 project without a single achievement”.

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