Armed SSS officers in 10 vehicles arrest editor, reporter in early morning Kaduna raid


The Nigerian SSS men wore quasi-military uniforms when they stormed the homes of the journalists.

In what appears a military-era Gestapo tactics, the State Security Service, SSS, stormed the house of two journalists who write for Al-Mizan, a Hausa language newspaper, and arrested them.

Witnesses said the security operatives came in about 10 cars and first stormed the house of Aliyu Saleh, a reporter who resides in Rigasa, Kaduna.

After rough-handling Mr. Saleh and his wife, the couple were arrested at about 4:00 a.m. from where they were conveyed to the next destination of the security agents.

The next stop for the gun wielding men was the house of the editor of the paper, Musa Awwal, who was also manhandled alongside his wife. When the police were through with harassing the couples, they left the two women and arrested the two journalists.

The journalists were then taken to an unknown destination.

Reasons for Gestapo attack

PREMIUM TIMES gathered that the reason for the actions of the security agencies is the latest story written by Al-Mizan.

The story, with the headline, “Atrocities of JTF in Potiskum,” narrated how the Joint Task Force in Yobe State have been engaging in extra-judicial arrests and murder of innocent citizens.

The story narrated how 84 young men were arrested some weeks ago in Yobe by the JTF in Potiskum, and how the whereabouts of the men were unknown as at the time of publication of the story.

The story is said to have angered security agencies who felt the story would incite the local Hausa populace against security forces.

When PREMIUM TIMES tried to confirm the reasons for journalists’ arrest, SSS’ spokesperson, Marilyn Ogar, could not be reached on her telephone.

The Kaduna State Police Command also said claimed ignorance of the arrest. Spokesperson Aminu Lawal told PREMIUM TIMES in a telephone interview his command was not responsible for the arrest.

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    Imagine a country where government armed agencies are maiming and killing those who the are been paid with taxpayers money to protect. Allah Ya isam mana

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