Thursday, April 17, 2014

PDP women grumble as Patience Jonathan arrives Nigeria


Vehicular movement in and out of the airport was blocked for the first lady’s arrival.

The First Lady, Patience Jonathan, has finally arrived Nigeria after about seven weeks of treatment in a German hospital.

The First Lady waved to and addressed the few people who were allowed into the tarmac

Vehicles coming into the airport were allowed in 10 minutes after the first lady’s convoy left, while those leaving the airport were made to wait longer-about 20 minutes.

Hundreds of women members of the Peoples Democratic Party arrived the airport, some over four hours before Mrs. Jonathan’s arrival, to welcome the first lady. Several other officials of the party were also present.

The well-wishers had arrived in over 20 luxurious buses which were parked at the presidential exit of the airport. The buses belong to the Abuja Urban Mass Transport Company and ABC transport, with many having banners to welcome the first lady.

Disappointed women

Many of the women, who had trooped out to welcome Mrs. Jonathan, were disappointed when they realised they would not see her at the airport.

The First Lady was met by a few people who were allowed into the tarmac.

The welcome party included a large contingent from Rivers State, Mrs. Jonathan’s state of origin.

Some of the women were heard grumbling about their disappointment at the first lady’s action.

Patience not sick

The presidency has never admitted that the first lady was sick. The only statement from the presidency on the first lady’s presence in a German hospital was that she had gone to rest from a busy schedule.

Several news reports however indicated that Mrs. Jonathan was flown to Germany for a serious ailment. Several ailments were mentioned including food poisoning, while a source at the villa said the first lady was diagnosed with ruptured appendicitis.

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