Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Nigeria may not get to 2015, says El-Rufai


“The way the country is going, I am not even sure we will get to 2015 unless those in power change their strategy,” Nasir El-Rufai, a leading member of the opposition Congress for Progressive Change, has said.

Mr. El-Rufai who describes himself as an official “ruffler of feathers” said this in an interview with PREMIUM TIMES.

Mr. El-Rufai, 52, said that in his lifetime, he had seen three governments fail on similar premises.

He also commented on several other issues including the state of Nigeria’s economy, Boko Haram, the current reformation of his party, CPC, and plans to merge it with other opposition parties and and his political future with regards to running for Nigeria’s presidency in 2015.

We bring you excerpts  of the interview in series. 

In this first part of the series, Mr. El-Rufai talked about the state of the economy – “they are broke,” he said. 

He also talked his political future and why he thinks Nigeria may not survive till 2015.

Play the video below to listen.

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