Tuesday, April 15, 2014

House where Lugard signed amalgamation of Northern Southern Nigeria needs attention

Dear Sir,

My name is Pelu Awofeso, travel journalist and publisher of waka-about .

In the light of the federal government’s plan to mark Nigeria’s centenary in 2014, we sent one of our writers on assignment to Zungeru, the historic town.

Among other landmarks, the tour brought her to the building , where Frederick Lugard supposedly signed the Amalgamation of Northern and Southern Nigeria on 1 January 1914.

We like the idea of a centenary celebration. if anything, it will help to  unite our dear country even more. Already, there is a whole raft of  centenary everything:centenary city, centenary slogan, centenary song,  centenary logo/emblem, centenary lottery,centenary website.

But so far no mention has been made of Zungeru, Niger State, where Frederick Lugard  actually signed the amalgamation into effect.


Photo Credit: Oluyomi Abiona/wakaabout.net

Zungeru should be the ideal  CENTENARY CITY, a town that should be properly prepared ahead of the 2014  commemoration. I do hope this image will be published in your respected  medium to draw attention to an unfairly neglected but significant town in our country’s history.