How Senator elected 10 months before end of session was paid for 4 years – Audit Report

Shem Zagbayi
Shem Zagbayi

A Nigerian senator who replaced a deceased lawmaker barely 10 months to the expiration of the Seventh Assembly under David Mark, received full four-year pay for accommodation and furniture, the government’s audit report has shown.

The 2014 audit report said the lawmaker was overpaid by nearly N8 million.

The report released this year, had earlier been submitted to the National Assembly, but its full details recently became public.

It contains shocking revelations of how state resources were squandered on bogus spending, and how officials, in many cases, arbitrarily spent billions of naira without explanations.

“A Senator who was elected to replace a deceased Senator, in the month of September 2014, 10 (ten) months to the expiration of the 7th Senate was found to have been paid full Accommodation and Furniture Allowance (of Four Years),” the report disclosed.

According to the report, N10, 132,000.00 (Ten million, one hundred and thirty-two 229 thousand naira) was paid to the Senator, “instead of N2, 533,000.00 (Two million, five hundred and thirty-three thousand naira) which represented his actual entitlement for one year.”

While there was no mention of the name of the lawmaker in the report, senate records show that Shem Zagbayi, Niger East, was the only lawmaker sworn in in September 2014 – the period referenced by the audit report.

Mr. Zagbayi, a member of the Peoples Democratic Party, was elected as replacement for Dahiru Kuta, who died in June 2014.

The audit report shows that Mr. Zagbayi was overpaid by the David Mark-led Senate by N7.6 million.

The report demanded the amount be recovered and paid back to government.

Although the audit report said the overpaid Senator had 10 months to serve, records show Mr. Zagbayi actually served for just seven months, as a court later ruled that his election was fraudulent in the first place.

On March 11, 2015, the Minna, Niger State, division of the Court of Appeal, sacked Mr. Zagbayi about three months to the end of the Seventh Senate.

The court affirmed an earlier ruling of a Tribunal which cited malpractices and non-compliance with relevant laws, and granted victory to the All Progressives Congress candidate, David Umaru.

Mr. Umaru who was sworn in April 1, 2015. He later returned to the eighth senate, and is currently the chairman of the committee on judiciary and human rights.

It was not immediately clear if Mr. Umaru, like Mr. Zagbayi, was paid for four years instead of the barely two months he had to serve in the Seventh Assembly.

Mr. Umaru did not answer calls or reply to messages from PREMIUM TIMES.

There is no evidence, also, that Mr. Zagbayi made any refunds to the government. He too could not be reached for comments.

Mr. Mark, who authorized the humongous pay for Mr. Zagbayi, could not also be reached, for comments.

His spokesperson, Paul Mumeh, did not answer calls placed to him.

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  • CrimesWatchers

    EFCC SHOULD WAKE UP and follow up the Special Investigation Report done by Premium Times
    on moneylaundering and stealing by National Assembly officials, including the bureaucrats whose
    names were listed in that Special Report. Immediate arrest of all the persons named in the report
    is the best way to surround the thieves serving as Directors and Clerks of the National Assembly.
    No theft was possible in the National Assembly from 1999 till date without those named officials.

  • SAM .A

    Nigeria Senate and the house of Representative , are both corruption brewing centers , Nigerians have been pretending to elect or select the worst and most corrupt to represent them . Rather than making laws they become experts in paddling budget sharing and looting their own budgets , and device means to steal more from the national budget ,device various tactics to steal more like wardrobe allowance , furniture allowance etc . You would remember Pa Obasanjo interacted with these pen robbers for 8 solid years , he knows their antics . He came out boldly to call them THIEVES . So backdating payment of one of their own for 4 years allowance instead of 10 months service is just confirming the decay and stench in the so called green and red houses .
    Majority of retired , corruption soaked governors are in these house helping to milk the country dry.
    SOLUTION : Scrap the Senate and leave only the House , which should be a part -time as is done in Texas , US.

  • JasV

    This man is a thief, unreliable in all ways. He stole his wives, he rigged his election and was subsequently evicted, ejected from the committee of better thieves and above all he stole at least 7.6 million naira within seven months. Average of 1.1million per month. In four years this dumb looking mumu would have dealt with 52.8million naira just for starters. You need to see how he will be staring into the horizon like a zombie.

  • Apostel

    Nigerian Senate is the epicenter of corruption.
    Mr. President, please clean this pigsty, immediately!

  • Arabakpura

    They should dig more; there are dirts everywhere!

    • Emeka

      Did you say dirts? I doubt that that very much, because what I can see all over that “Hammer House of Horror,” is nothing but dead decayed rats, with maggots everywhere in that “house of iniquity.”

      • Arabakpura

        Thank you for the correction bro! I am hoping that strong signals will be sent against malfeasance like this!

  • Debaptist

    I’m still waiting for the year Nigerians will take back their country from thieves.

    • tundemash

      That process started March 28th 2015 hence you are reading about all these revelations. A journey of a thousand miles start with a step.

      • Otile

        Abubakar tundemash,
        What you are saying is that Islamizationn started March 28th 2015, and that you Muslims are determined to conquer Nigeria no matter how long it takes. So far your strategy is working; you first afflict Nigerians with poverty and hardship to weaken people’s resistance. Then you send Muslim herdsmen, and call upon Beelzebub to walk over ‘unbelievers’. When you finally shout Allahu akba we know it is over.

        • +Truth -Lie

          It seems you are sick. You can visit Uselu or Aro and get proper treatment.

        • Voice of the oppressed

          What does religion has to do with this report of corruption, why dont you for once remove religion sentiment and face reality, rather than pointing accusing finger to anyone.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            He’s an ethnic terrorist and bigot too.

        • Tayo Patriot


          • Otile

            Islamic terrorist

        • tunde008

          Buhari’s driver for many years was a christian. Tunde Bakare of latter day church was his vice,and the present vice is a Pentecostal man.Severally he had had Igbo his running mate.What is your problem

          • Julius

            Homosexuality is his problem !

  • Emeka

    The evil these few persons in the NASS are doing to the poor suffering Nigerians, without any atom of fear or pity, is really bad before God and man!! My heart bleeds….

    • SBA

      Same here my brother.

  • Man_Enough

    why were the authors of the report afraid to mention the name. what a crap.

    • ODOFIN, Lagos

      I think our concerns should be about the issues reported and not the author. This could be a case of whistleblower which is allowed globally…the questions are: is this story true? who authorized such payments? what is the govt doing to curb that in the future? and not the authors?

      • Tayo Patriot

        Good comment. May God bless you.

    • zaky

      read the report again ignoramus….its in thee!

      • tunde008

        You read the report.He meant the audit report,you ignoramus

    • tunde008

      I wonder oo

    • Julius

      I think it did a way. There was a name of the Senator who was sworn in at the time. They mentioned him.

  • Emeka

    When we have a Senate and House of Reps filled with corrupt, men and women how then can they claim that they are in the fight against corruption with the rest of the country when they are the corruption. These rouges go about claiming to be Honorable and Distinguish members of the National Assembly rather they are Dishonorable and disgusting parasites members of the Nigerian Senate and Federal House of Representatives. The National assembly should now be made a part time house where members will only be paid for a sitting allowance. Nigeria should revert to the old regional system that the British bequeathed on Nigeria when the departed.

    • Saleh Michael

      I totally agree with you brother. We are not ripe for parliamentary democracy. The legislative arm simply believe they are elected to enrich themselves while the judiciary have sworn never to be left behind.

  • George

    What of the $500,000 and the two SUV’s Bingo Buhari received from DASUKI.

    • tunde008

      They are in your account

      • Julius

        Ma da were ye lohun jare

    • Julius

      You are a born liar. There wasnt any money involved. The SUV was for all the former Head of States.

    • Voice of the oppressed

      Please always verify information before commenting on any issue, so that you dont wrong people with ignorance.

    • bala


  • realist

    Corruption in government is usually reported in past tense. By the time present government cupboard will be opened it will equally be filled up with skeletons. So no imperfect man can fight corruption. Any one who claimed to will only be rubbing shoulder with the Christ which God has appointed to judge both the living and the dead.

    • Kamalu

      You are aware of this particular reported fraud because the man of the moment has the political will to open up audit reports to the public. If the next man sustains and opens up future audits rather than sweeping them under the table, politicians and bureaucrats will gain consciousness that their actions while in office will come to question sometime in the near future. Talking about any misdemeanour you are aware of happening today, it is your civil obligation to blow the whistle to attract the attention of law enforcement agents. Don’t expect that the President is everywhere to monitor and supervise every official of government and the citizenry.

  • Julius

    Orishirishi under Jonathan , David Mark . and pdp. May the good Lord punish these people. Amen !!

  • tuby NY

    What else is NEW with these ppl pls?..

  • bala

    This is the only way Nigeria can come out from recession. Is there anything impracticable in the national assembly of rogues and criminals? NO