Former British Prime Minister, David Cameron, resigns from parliament

British Prime Minister, David Cameron
British Prime Minister, David Cameron

Former British Prime Minister David Cameron has resigned from the UK parliament “with immediate effect”.

“It is not going to be possible to be a normal backbencher as a former prime minister,” Mr. Cameron told the BBC on Monday.

He added that his presence in parliament could be a “distraction” for his successor as Prime Minister, Theresa May.

Mr. Cameron had pledged to support Mrs. May, who “has got off to a cracking start” since she became the nation’s leader in July.

The ruling Conservative Party elected Mrs. May to lead the country after Mr. Cameron resigned following his failed campaign to persuade voters to remain in the European Union in Britain’s Brexit referendum.

He said at the time he planned to remain in Parliament although he would no longer have a leadership role in the Conservative Party.

Mr. Cameron’s unexpected announcement on Monday will trigger a bye-election for his seat in Oxfordshire.

It was not immediately clear when the bye-election for his seat would take place.

Mr. Cameron promised to support the Conservative Party candidate chosen to replace him in the bye-election that would be held to fill the vacancy.

He won re-election in 2015, but his position became untenable after losing the EU vote on June 23.


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  • Mamman Bako

    Let’s make a list of Nigerian politicians to be forced into retirement. Now is the time!!!

  • Nobody’sPuppet

    This is the true meaning of integrity not the type they attribute to a rtd zombie who came back to destroy what was left of his mess in 1985. Fools who believed that a coup plotter is the only man of integrity in Nigeria.

    • Powerlessconscious

      Fools who believe wicked PhD looter is the only integrity man in nigeria.

  • Fadama

    He is yet to meet David Mark.

  • Angry Niaja

    This is how and the true meaning of democracy, not the type or sort practised in Nigeria, someone loses an election concedes defeat, and we are told that person is done well, a state governor loots his state blind at the end of his 8 year tenure, he moves over to the Senate, mind you collecting retirement pension as a former governor plus stupefying salary as a senator. A senate president for 8 years, no contribution to society at large,

    • Emeka

      I believe you mean to say “bunch.” You forget to mention settling for local government chairman, instead of been out of power completely. The time to pay these idiots back with their own coin is fast approaching.

      • Powerlessconscious

        How do you want to pay back? You will only vote in another set of bigger thieves. Unless you refuse to vote. You can not pay anything back.

    • objective

      Democracy and Demonstcrazy are not the same. The later is Demonstration of Craze, and that is what is obtainable in Nigeria now; so the hoodlums operating the system cannot resign because as it is, it is a system designed for the ridiculous, and that is what they are. Bunch of never-do-well layabouts.

  • Henry the great

    Nobody from Nigeria can do that.

  • Ed

    …and unlike Bokohari and other deluded power hungry corrupt politicians of Africa, David has refused to retire into the Forests in the North East of England to address the loss at the BreXit vote. No suicide bombings, no spilling of blood of Dogs and Baboons. He simply resigns. This is civilization.