Kano Shiites support mass protests

Leader of Shiites in Nigeria, Sayyid Ibrahim Zakzaky
Leader of Shiites in Nigeria, Sayyid Ibrahim Zakzaky

Shiites in Kano have declared support for the ongoing nationwide mass protest over the withdrawal of fuel subsidy by the federal government, saying the sect would stand by both Muslims and Christians in their peaceful protests.

Shiites are followers of Shia, the second largest school of thought in Islam.

Leader of the Shiite in the state, Muhammadu Turi, in a press statement made available to journalists also called on protesters to ensure they were not infiltrated by hoodlums or government agents who might want to seize the opportunity of the protests to cause confusion or even mayhem.

“We call on the masses to be wary so that people with questionable character will not join them to compromise or even hijack their protests,” the statement said.

The sect observed, “The price of fuel has more than doubled overnight. Although the government has promised to alleviate the inherent sufferings of the masses as a result of the increase in the price of fuel but the masses have every reason not to believe the government which has failed to deliver its promises in restoring adequate electricity supply and other basic infrastructures.”