Victor Ehikhamenor

Time to Run, By Victor Ehikhamenor

I don't know at what age Soyinka wrote poetry to his first white hairs, but…

Chijama Ogbu

Amaechi, NGF and missing $49.8 billion, By Chijama Ogbu

Amaechi runs the risk of losing credibility (more…)

Garba Shehu

Labaran Maku and his frenzied attacks on northern leaders, By Garba Shehu

If I sat in a jury to decide who among the three in the President’s…

Dele Agekameh

‘Nigeria’ in Cape Town By Dele Agekameh

‘Whatever the interpretation, the victory of the Super Eagles certainly boils down to team character and the will to fight, even against seemingly insurmountable odds’ (more…)

Ogaga Ifowodo Portrait 2

Are Homosexuals Human Beings? By Ogaga Ifowodo

The theme of the 1993 United Nations world conference on human rights in Vienna was Women’s Rights Are Human Rights. I was with the Civil Liberties Organisation then and attended the conference. Why was it necessary, you might ask, to state that incontestable fact 45 years after the Universal Declaration…

Voters casting their vote (3)

Nigeria2015: Why there will be no free and fair elections, By Godwin Onyeacholem

“It was on this same sub-region that the world saw a genuinely free and fair election in Senegal...” (more…)

Sam Nda Isaiah

My Dear Chief Anenih, By Sam Nda-Isaiah

The world is expecting me to respond today to the letter you wrote me, so I will go straight to the point. Your letter to me, sir, was a little strange because I can’t see what you intend to achieve. But, as my Esan friend recently told me, there is…

Nicholas Ibekwe

A young Nigerian grieves the loss of his brother to militiamen, By Nicholas Ibekwe

Last May a police officer in northern Nigeria was brutally slaughtered by militiamen, but to this day no one has been held accountable. His brother, our reporter in Lagos, remains tormented by the injustice. My brother, Christian, was gruesomely killed alongside over 90 other policemen by Ombatse cultists-cum-militiamen in Nasarawa,…

Senate chamber

APC Senators defy party’s directive, screen military chiefs

At least seven senators of the oppositionAll Progress Congress, APC, on Monday participated in the screening of military chiefs nominated by President Goodluck Jonathan last week, in an apparent defiance of the party’s directive that its members block the exercise and similar executive proposals to the National Assembly. Senators Attai…

Bámidélé Adémólá-Olátéjú

Why the gay lobby failed in Nigeria, By Bámidélé Adémólá-Olátéjú

In the last two decades, I have modified my views on homosexuality; from outright antagonism to polite indifference. I remained in the empty vast land of no bother, until the Nigerian Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act was signed into law on January 7. In this country, it is now a…

Muhammad Jameel Yusha’u

Tsaraba from an adventurous journalist (I), By Muhammad Jameel Yusha’u

Before you start checking your dictionary let me start by explaining that tsaraba is not an English word. It simply means a present or a gift brought by a person from a journey.  In Hausa culture, as with many other cultures, the family looks forward to the tsaraba the head…

Femi Aribisala, Ph.D

What does Bola Tinubu want? By Femi Aribisala

The very things that made Tinubu successful in the South-West are bound to shipwreck him in the APC. (more…)

Okey Ndibe

Billionaire House Helps, By Okey Ndibe

Nigeria’s (misnamed) Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has released the schedule for the 2015 set of general “elections.” The presidential and National Assembly “elections” will be held on February 14, 2015, followed by state “elections” on February 28, 2015. I have put elections in quotes to underscore a given: the…

Ose Oyamendan

Selling Nigeria Short, By Ose Oyamendan-Eimakhu

It’s tough to be Nigeria. If the country could speak, I bet the first words would be “guys, easy! Damn!” We’ve seemed to mastered life going in reverse. If the western scientist were fair, they would have made a study of Nigeria and let the world know how it works.…

Ifeanyi Uddin

The MPC’s Effect On The Domestic Balloon, By Ifeanyi Uddin

At its first meeting this year, held Monday last week in Abuja, the Central Bank of Nigeria’s rate-setting committee (the Monetary Policy Committee — MPC) opted to tighten monetary policy. Reflecting on this decision, I am still not sure which is the more surprising of the committee’s decision: the MPC’s…

Jibrin Ibrahim

Heating Up the Polity, By Jibrin Ibrahim

As the march towards the general elections next year progresses, the political temperature has been heating up at an incredible pace. Maybe in an effort to replace hate-waves with love, INEC has just announced that the presidential elections will take place on St Valentine’s Day next year. As the date…

Femi Fani-Kayode

When Will Our Shackles Be Broken? By Femi Fani-Kayode

On April 20, 1653 Oliver Cromwell, who was the Lord Protector of England, Scotland and Ireland and the greatest statesman and revolutionary that England ever knew, stormed the English ''Rump Parliament'' at Westminster and courageously pronounced the following words after which he sacked Parliament and boldly took power. He said:…

Adeolu Ademoyo

Of Snipers, Unresolved Murders, and All That, By Adeolu Ademoyo

After former Nigerian president-Mr. Oluṣẹgun Ọbasanjọ- made the allegation that the government of President Jonathan keeps snipers and has a list of 1000 Nigerians under watch, the Nigerian Human Rights Commission announced its preparedness to investigate state sponsored assassinations in the country. While this is welcome, a successful outcome of…

Femi Aribisala, Ph.D

Article of Faith: Paul’s Male Chauvinism Against Women, By Femi Aribisala (2)

Paul’s command that women be silent is not given by the inspiration of God. It is not profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction or for instruction in righteousness. Christians need to ask for the origins of Paul’s injunction that women are not permitted to speak in church. (1 Corinthians…

Pius Adesanmi

Your Headache, My Panadol? By Pius Adesanmi

In my Facebook inbox, in my gmail inbox, you have been relentless in your messages. Some of you have asked me: Prof, what’s going on? Why have your columns for Sahara Reporters and Premium Times gone cold? Why has your Facebook page gone cold? Have you given up on Nigeria?…

Olukayode Thomas

The Yoruba and Edwin Clark’s Outburst, By Olukayode Thomas

Reactions to Mr. Edwin Clark’s statement that Yorubas don’t have leaders have not only been sharp and swift, it has attracted general condemnation for the Chief, instead of sober reflection by the Yorubas. Mr. Clark may be loquacious and undiplomatic; but one question we need to ask ourselves and reflect…


Church and State in Osun, By Sola Adeyeye

Newspapers have a critical role to play in any society. This is why I agree with the American statesman and former president, Thomas Jefferson, who once wrote: ‘If I had to choose between government without newspapers, and newspapers without government, I wouldn’t hesitate to choose the latter’. Jefferson simply meant…

Victoria Ibezim-Ohaeri

Governance on hold in Nigeria! By Victoria Ibezim-Ohaeri

When a Blackberry contact forwarded the list of the new ministerial nominees to me, I quickly disregarded it as one of those serial BBM broadcasts typically shorn of veracity. My skepticism was premised on some eerie optimism, earnestly looking forward to the injection of a new breed of revolutionists and…

Muhammadu Buhari

Aribisala’s naked truth for Buhari, and the North, By Maikano Ahmed

Truth is bitter. And a Hausa adage has it that it is he who loves you that can give you that bitter pill. The columnist Femi Aribisala has just published a long and analytical essay which contains a fair dose of truth pills for General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) and his…

Femi Falana

Police Permit Not Required For Rallies in Nigeria, By Femi Falana

In January 2012, the mass protests against the so-called removal of fuel subsidy were violently disrupted by the police and the army personnel. During its recent industrial action the Academic Staff Union of Universities had cause to direct its members to embark on protests to draw public attention to the…