Femi Aribisala, Ph.D

The surprising merger of the PDP and the APC, By Femi Aribisala

The PDP and the APC have decided to form a grand coalition in order to…

Saleh Ashaka

Confab delegates and the unity of Nigeria, By Saleh Ashaka

Writer presses the argument of a united Nigeria. (more…)

Tolu Ogunlesi

How do we make decisions in Nigeria? By Tolu Ogunlesi

"…the decisions that most affect our lives as Nigerians are made with the same attention…

Prof Akin Adesokan

Another Long Walk Begins (2), By Akin Adesokan

Right now, I have before me two documents: the Bill proposed to the Nigerian parliament in 2006 to “make provisions for the prohibition of sexual relations between persons of the same sex,” and the act signed into law in January 2014 “to prohibit marriage or civil union entered between persons…

Jibrin Ibrahim

The Numbers Game in the National Conference, By Jibrin Ibrahim

Over the next three months, (or longer, as I understand some delegates are already campaigning for an extension of the life of the Conference), I plan to write a number of columns following the issues and debates at the National Conference. I have always been a keen supporter of the…


Crying For Hope, By Ose Oyamendan-Eimakhu

I’m 35,000 feet above the ground, floating in a giant mechanical bird that man calls an airplane. This has become a second home to me. I’ve had immigrations officials say “I just saw you a few days ago” to me at my local airport in Los Angeles. Once, flying was…

Ifeanyi Uddin

Measuring Bank Liquidity, By Ifeanyi Uddin

In the last four years, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has tightened monetary conditions even as inflation moved into and seemed comfortable in the single digit range — an unusual experience for this economy. The organised private sector has made much of how these tight conditions, especially high interest…

Remi Idowu

A State’s Welfare Triumphalism And Its Economic Implications, By Aderemi Idowu

The primary objective of a good government is to impact positively on its citizenry through policies and programmes that would have direct bearing on their day-to-day living. Those great men and women that brought about a welfare society must have thought completely out of the box in favour of those…

Nnimmo Bassey Photo Credit: Courtesy: vimeo.com

National Conference and the art of dialogue, By Nnimmo Bassey

Delegates have to get to the point of hearing and feeling each other, author says. (more…)

Femi Fani-Kayode

The Barbarians Of Africa, Femi Fani-Kayode

Last week I wrote an essay titled ''12 Years A Slave and The Case For Reparations''. It was a historical account about the travails of the African and the black man over the last few centuries. Frankly, it was very moving. I shed tears as I wrote that essay- tears…

Femi Aribisala, Ph.D

Article of Faith: Unraveling the Mystery of Dreams, By Femi Aribisala

The fact that you saw someone in a dream does not mean the dream is about him.  In 2003, Femi-Kevin’s headmaster sent me an email forecasting that he would fail his GCSE exams because he had done so badly in his mock exams.  I wrote an angry response and asked him:…

Pastor Taiwo Odukoya

Proactive Leadership, By Taiwo Odukoya

Where there is no vision, the people perish…  (Proverbs 29:18a) A 2005 research by Tiina Jokinen of the University of Vaasa, identified proactivity as one of the key global leadership competencies of the modern age. Proactivity we all know is acting in advance to deal with an unexpected difficulty; it…

Sunday Ogidigbo

Nigeria: A clueless generation, By Sunday Ogidigbo

I don’t blame the people that think that Nigeria is God’s cartoon network. One hundred years after the birth of our nation, we cannot provide the simplest of amenities for our ever growing population. Against this backdrop of gross socioeconomic deficit, the drums were rolled out for a multi-billion Naira…

Fred Adetiba 2

ELEVATED SIGHT: Dangers of Lagging Behind God’s Agenda [3], By Fred Adetiba

This is the third and concluding part of this series. Kindly follow these links for the part one and two. In the part 2, we established that there is a manifestation of God beyond Pentecostalism, and the failure of Christians to move beyond that has largely been responsible for the…


By the Way, What is SLS doing About Reno Omokri? By Pius Adesanmi

I am not done with Sanusi Lamido Sanusi’s post-suspension politics yet. I stated last week that he is poorly served by the combination of his advisers and his personal arrogance and this explains why he has been travelling on the dead-end road of justifying and rationalizing the one area of…

Hannatu Musawa

Surprise Inspiration, By Hannatu Musawa

Last week was an extraordinarily difficult week for me professionally, personally and medically. Usually when I go through periods in my life that challenges me, I normally recline into my shell, remove myself from whatever situation I was in before, to reassess what part I may have played in the…

Joseph I.Amenaghawon

Prayer For Nigeria, By Amenaghawon Joseph

In Nigeria, we pride ourselves as being very religious and prayerful people. It is not uncommon for our places of worship to be packed full with Nigerians from all walks of life on the prayer days of the different religious faiths. It is not also uncommon for Nigerian families to…

Zainab Suleiman Okino

The growing militia threats, By Zainab Suleiman Okino

Everyday, hundreds of people are killed across the country. The killings are attributed to the rising threat of militia groups in Nigeria. Described by the United Nations as 'increasingly monstrous', the upsurge of militia aggression should be a growing concern to all except perhaps, those protected by state powers and…

Dele Agekameh

Immigration Recruitment Tragedy: My Niece Was Involved, By Dele Agekameh 

“I mean we were out to look for job and not to be treated like refugees.”   In the wake of the hullabaloo that greeted the unfortunate death of more than 19 applicants at the charade recently organised by the Nigeria Immigration Service, NIS, I reached out to Evelyn Abiodun,…


Power Sector: Government is Attempting an Escape, By Garba Shehu

It doesn’t sound like we have a government in place. If we had one, someone should start worrying about the sliding power supply. I am of the generation of Nigerians who cut their teeth on candle lights and rechargeable lamps and given the way things are going, from bad to…

Okey Ndibe

Abba Moro and the War on the Poor, By Okey Ndibe

I was going to title this piece, “Why is Abba Moro Still a Minister?” but changed my mind. In the context of Nigeria, the answer to the question seemed rather obvious. Nigeria is ravaged by human-made poverty. A society with a humane sensibility would invest every resource and deploy its…

Saleh Ashaka

Centenary awards without Ribadu: A huge mistake, By Saleh Ashaka

“The extent aggrieved persons could go to get even was exposed when Obasanjo left government and the politicians swooped on Ribadu...” (more…)

Bámidélé Adémólá-Olátéjú

Bamidele Upfront: Nigeria’s Herods, Herodias and Salomes, By Bamidele Olateju

I write to you today as a people who are rejecters of truth. Truth is bitter, truth is constant, truth is dangerous, especially when spoken to power. Not everybody is waiting to hear the truth we proclaim on civic leadership, follower-ship and duty. There will always be rejection of the…

Femi Aribisala, Ph.D

A Jerry Rawlings solution for Nigeria, By Femi Aribisala

A fictitious prescription for Nigeria’s class of political “lootocrats.” (more…)


What Hope for the Unemployed Graduate? By Gidado Yushau Shuaib

As a student, I still have the fear of tomorrow after graduation if one could get a job or die while searching for non-existing vacancy. In fact as many have lately observed, we  are now sitting on a time-bomb when millions are unemployed. A 2012 survey by the National Bureau of…