Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Press freedom deteriorates in Cyberspace, Egypt, Russia – CPJ

Risk List underlines mass surveillance, fatalities, and censorship…... read more

Pakistan begins talks with Taliban

The first meeting held Thursday. Pakistani government negotiators have held the first of a series of scheduled peace talks. The... read more

Abduction cases rise in Africa as terrorism surges – Group

Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau A large number of terrorists in Africa abduct people for a ransom.…... read more

Xenophobia: South Africans loot foreigners’ shops

South African President, Jacob Zuma The government has condemned the crime.…... read more

Graca Machel gets 90 days to decide on Mandela’s will

Machel got three houses, several cars and jewellery among others…... read more

Corruption costs EU $162 billion yearly, report says

76 per cent of Europeans think that corruption is widespread on the continent…... read more

Mandela’s estate worth $4.13 million, will executor says

Nelson Mandela Mandela bequeathed money to family, servants and schools…... read more

3 killed in Johannesburg plane crash

The plane crashed and burst into flames while attempting to land in bad weather.…... read more

Central African Republic: Nigeria pledges $1.5 million to support AU mission

Months of violence has killed thousands of people in CAR, and displaced many more. Nigeria on Saturday pledged $1.5 million... read more

Kenyan journalist wanted by ICC fails to block arrest warrant

Kenyan journalist Walter Barasa leaves after a court session at the Milimani Law Courts in Nairobi, where he filed an... read more

At least 1,900 killed since start of Syria talks – Group

The dead persons include 498 civilians…... read more

African Union demands fair, transparent polls in Egypt

AU expresses support for Egypt…... read more

Mauritania emerges new African Union Chair

 Nigeria is third Vice President…... read more

CPJ condemns Egyptian government for clampdown on Al-Jazeera journalists

Mubarak is standing trail for the death of protesters during the Arab Spring. Egypt put 20 Al-Jazeera journalists on trial.…... read more

Niger Republic cracks down on critical journalists – CPJ

CPJ says Nigerien authorities are clamping down on critical media…... read more

South Africa, Niger join AU Peace and Security Council

The Peace and Security Council is the AU’s organ responsible for the promotion of peace, security and stability in Africa.…... read more

Catholic Church appeals to thieves to return Pope John Paul’s blood container

Thieves stole a container of blood belonging to the Pope John Paul II…... read more

Egypt army supports Field Marshal Sisi to run for president

The former general has been popular in Egypt after he deposed President Mohammed Morsi…... read more

U.S. threatens sanctions to curb Central African Republic conflict

Mr. Kerry urged CAR’s leaders to cease attacks on civilians.…... read more

African Union welcomes Madagascar back after power handover

Madagascar was isolated following a coup in 2009…... read more

Thieves steal Pope John Paul’s blood from Italian church – Custodian

John Paul to be made saint in May…... read more

Indian woman raped on orders of village elders

Woman was for having relationship outside community…... read more

South Sudan rebel leader vows to bring down government

[Photo:] More than 10,000 people have been killed in fighting in South Sudan…... read more

EU warns Israel, Palestinians of cost of peace failure

America objected to the vote saying Palestine acted unilaterally The European Union, long been seen as a payer not player... read more

U.S. setting dangerous example on surveillance – Human Rights Watch

The Human Rights Watch says the U.S. programme could lead to more censorship of critical speech on the internet.…... read more