Thursday, April 24, 2014

Putin signs treaty annexing Crimea to Russia

Vladamir Putin, Photo: Mr. Putin said the West he needed to act firm to check the West’s “hypocrisy”…... read more

Nigeria, Cuba pledge to expand economic cooperation

Nigeria commemorate its 40th year of diplomatic ties with Cuba in July. The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs 1,... read more

Nigerian Navy arrests 22 Chinese, 4 ships for ‘illegal’ entry into territorial waters

Suspects allegedly breached maritime laws by fishing in Nigeria’s territorial waters without permit.…... read more

ECOWAS mourns former Sierra Leonean President, Ahmad Kabbah

Mr. Kabbah died at 82.…... read more

Morsi’s son referred to trial in Egypt on drug charges

Mohammed Morsi Mohammed Morsi is Egypt’s first democratically elected president.…... read more

Crimean parliament declares independence from Ukraine

Over 90 per cent of Crimeans are believed to have voted for independence.…... read more

Crimea holds referendum to split from Ukraine

The West and the Kiev government are powerless to stop the referendum. Crimean people have voted in a referendum on... read more

Incarcerated Ethiopian journalist, Reeyot Alemu, spends 1000th day in prison

Reeyot Alemu In a month when we are celebrating women, today, Sunday March 16th is Ethiopian journalist Reeyot Alemu’s 1000th day... read more

Nigeria backs West on Crimea, condemns Russia’s support for referendum

A referendum Sunday will allow the Crimean people decide whether to remain in Ukraine of join Russia…... read more

Missing Malaysia plane “flew for hours” after disappearing from radar-Investigators

 Search efforts have shifted from South China Sea to Indian Ocean…... read more

Leading forensic police officer grilled at Pistorius trial

Oscar Pistorius Pistorius is accused of murdering his girlfriend.…... read more

Five buried alive in illegal gold mining pit in Ghana

The bodies have been recovered and taken to a nearby hospital.…... read more

Pistorius’ trial attracts more interest than 2014 FIFA World Cup – Survey

Oscar Pistorius is being tried for murdering his girlfriend.…... read more

Libyan parliament sacks prime minister over rebel oil shipment

Lawmakers passed a vote of no confidence on the prime minister after he failed to stop an illegal shipment of... read more

Missing Malaysian Plane: No sightings yet as search widens – Police

The police are probing the possibility of hijacking, sabotage, psychological problem of those on board, and personal problem among the... read more

Missing Malaysia plane carrying 239 people presumed crashed

Vietnamese searchers have reported sighting oil slick believed to be from the missing plane…... read more

Turkish Prime Minister announces plan to ban YouTube, Facebook

CPJ condemned the plan.…... read more

Pistorius `asked friend to take blame’ after firing gun in restaurant, trial hears

Oscar Pistorius The athlete is being prosecuted for murder.…... read more

2 Chinese arrested in Ghana for alleged human trafficking

The suspects allegedly trafficked seven Vietnamese.…... read more

Ukraine Crisis: Crimea parliament votes to join Russia

The new government in Ukraine said the move is unconstitutional.…... read more

Protesters attempt to enter court hearing “Allah” case in Malaysia

Muslims in Malaysia say it is their exclusive right to use the word Allah.…... read more

Ukraine: Deposed President Yanukovych has no political future, says Putin

Victor Yanukovich In his first public comments on the Ukraine crisis, Mr. Putin denounced the removal of Mr. Yanukovych as... read more

One killed in riot at Saudi Arabia migrant detention centre

Saudi officials announced in late October, that 951,272 migrant workers had left the kingdom.…... read more

20,000 Nigerians obtained visas to China in 2013 – Envoy

Shanghai Pudong The envoy said the bulk of those who travelled to China went there for business. The Consul-General of... read more

Letter: To all human beings who are human, By Journalist Wubushet Taye (Zeway Prison)

Journalist Woubshet Taye is incarcerated in Ethiopia over his works “Discussing these types of issues is forbidden,” said the warder... read more