Friday, April 25, 2014

Doctor convicted in Michael Jackson death leaves prison

Conrad Murray was released after serving half of his four-year sentence.…... read more

Africa: Advances and setbacks in Polio fight

As the global community marked World Polio Day last Thursday, recent events show there is both cause for celebration and... read more

Africa loses $50 billion annually to illicit financial outflows – AU

The NEPAD stated this in a statement.…... read more

Iran suspends 20% production of enriched uranium – lawmaker

“The fuel for Tehran reactor has been provided and there is no need for the 20 per cent enriched uranium... read more

Vatican confirms communion ban on remarried divorcees

Pope Francis The question of married divorcees is a major issue in Catholic Churches in a number of developed countries.…... read more

Gadaffi’s widow demands return of his body

The former dictator was captured and killed by rebels in 2011…... read more

EU has new ambassador to Nigeria, ECOWAS

Arrion served in Rwanda, Liberia and Cote d’Ivoire.…... read more

Israel enacts new law on negotiations with Palestinians

80 of the 120 Israeli parliament members must now approve any deal on Jerusalem.…... read more

Suicide bomber kills 13 at restaurant in central Somalia

A legislator confirmed the attack to Reuters. A suicide bomber killed at least 13 people on Saturday outside a restaurant... read more

World court excuses Kenya president, as ex-ICC prosecutor slams colleagues

A former prosecutor for the court said his colleagues ignored political realities in the case against President Kenyatta…... read more

Saudi Arabia rejects UN Security Council seat

Saudi Arabia cited the Syrian crisis as a reason for the rejection.…... read more

Americans travelling to Cuba in record numbers

Over 98,000 Americans visited Cuba in 2012.…... read more

Sun Newspapers journalist charged for allegedly receiving stolen property

Nick Parker is accused of receiving a stolen phone.…... read more

Africa: Free speech equals better governance, says report

The more freely Africans can speak their minds, the more confident they are in the performance of their governments, says... read more

Libyan Qaeda suspect seized by US commandos appears in New York court

The Libyan man had been interrogated aboard a U.S ship…... read more

No winner of the 2013 Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership

The Mo Ibrahim Foundation’s independent Prize Committee has decided not to award this year’s 2013 Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in... read more

Africa Is Rising But Slowly and Unevenly

By John Allen Standards of governance are gradually improving across Africa. Although the performance of some nations has deteriorated in... read more

Malaysian court rules use of “Allah” exclusive to Muslims

Lawyers for a Malaysian Catholic paper say they will appeal the ruling…... read more

Pakistan rearrests former President Musharraf over Red Mosque deaths

Mr. Musharraf had earlier been granted bail on Wednesday and cleared to leave the country   …... read more

Vatican tells bishops not to reform faster than Pope Francis

Pope Francis A German diocese had issued a guide-book on remarriage.…... read more

Ghana becomes first country to launch national yam strategy

Ghana has taken a major step ahead of other yam-producing nations with the launch of a strategy for the development... read more

U.S. Nobel laureates worry about future of basic science

There have been funding cuts for research in the U.S.…... read more

Kenya offers $6,000 reward for information on car allegedly used in mall attack

The Somali al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack.…... read more

Nigeria, U.S, UK begin joint military drill on counter-terrorism

The exercise involves 150 Nigerian personnel, and 739 foreign Special Forces. The Nigerian military, in conjunction with Special Forces from... read more

UN team begins removal of Syria chemical weapons

Syria’s chemical stockpile is expected to be completely removed in 2014. An international team of experts has begun the destruction... read more