Fertilizer suppliers fault Presidency on settlement of N65 billion debt


A group of suppliers of fertilizers to Nigerian farmers under the President Goodluck Jonathan administration has faulted the claim by the Presidency that N65 billion owed the suppliers have been paid by the current administration.

Growth Enhancement Scheme Agrodealers Association of Nigeria (GESAAN) said only N25 billion of the amount was paid, contrary to the claim by, Shehu Garba, a spokesperson to President Muhammadu Buhari, that the total debts have been settled.

The Southwest chairman of the association, Ayodeji Babawibe, said he was surprised reading in the newspapers a statement credited to Mr. Shehu that the N65 billion owed the Agrodealers across Nigeria by the federal government has been paid.

Mr. Fawibe said since reading the statement by the spokesman of government, banks have been disturbing members of his association to repay the loans they took to finance the scheme for the supply of the fertilizers.

“We are surprised reading it on the pages of newspapers that federal government has offset the debt of N65 billion owed us. What was actually paid to Agrodealers was N25 billion out of the N65 billion federal government owed us, not N65 billion as claimed by Shehu Garba.”

Mr. Babawibe advised Mr. Shehu to “relate well with Agriculture Minister, Chief Audu Ogbeh, before issuing statement on issue he didn’t know much about because (the minister) has once told Nigerians that only N25b was paid to the Agrodealers and that federal government is making moves to settle the remaining debts”.

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  • Truth Justice Equity

    The trademark of this integrity deficient government of buhari is lying, falsehood peddling, propaganda and malicious blackmail. My suspicion is that this bankrupt government of buhari is indeed much more corrupt than Jonathan and obasanjo joined together. From emir sanusis revelation about the fraudulent deals on forex ,to the reported corrupt deals of the operators of this government, to denial of the trillions this government said that they recovered from looters,to the amount said to be paid to petroleum importers etc,this government is really telling Nigerians half truths,lies and highly crafted falsehoods. May God save our dear nation from this buhatsunami rule.amen.

    • Dejandon

      And your hero GEJ left another 65B unpaid despite high oil price during g his period.

      • Truth Justice Equity

        Government is a continuum, there will never be any time that government will be free of debts no matter the governments revenue base.even at $140 per barrel of oil,and at 2.5 m BPD ,government still run short of its revenue targets.check out this solid facts about your gods in axis of evil APC government like fashola who left 1 trillion naira debt for ambode,amaechi 500 b for nwike,aregbe 500 b for Osun ,kwankwaso 400 b etc yet they governed with Jonathan when their was oil boom and they received the highest amount of revenue just as Jonathan did for FG.
        Let me educate some of you who have been thoroughly bewitched by APC and buharis propaganda, Nigeria became the biggest economy of Africa because Jonathan invested the highest ever investment ever done in Nigeria between 2010 to 2015,it was the golden age of Nigerian nation with virtually every state of Nigeria making a quantum leap in infrastructures ,economic and social development. Jonathan managed Nigerian economy so well that even when the global oil boom was over in early 2014,Nigeria was trudging on majestically until the buhari disaster came with a terrible big bang that disjointed, destroyed and bankrupted Nigerian nation. Have you not wondered why US dollars will exchange for 425 naira ,8m jobs lost ,more than 2/3 of companies in Nigeria close down,rice sell for /22000 from 7000,our roads getting back to 2007 conditions, insecurity expanding to all the states of Nigeria from just 3 states of northeast ,Nigerians hating themselves more than even during the civil war?. It is simply because an intellectually unfit,clueless, very myopic,sleepwalking, clannish, demented,weak,tired and expired old grandpa ,took over the once enterprising Nigeria and attacked her on every side with grave misrule, mismanagement and failed leadership.