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  • tundemash

    FeBuhari 14th is the D-day the looting will stop. Steal as much as you can and give as much TAN stove as you can to the e-rats between now and then but certainly what went up in Nigeria since 1999 will come down that day !

  • Rommel

    I don’t see the Okonjo Iweala eulogies anymore,this woman has shown a very high degree of incompetence in managing Nigeria’s finances much to the chagrin of her fans myself included.

    • Efe1

      So you once rated this frog eye? She looked good in the world bank because she was surrounded by competent people. In Nigeria, the case was incompetence surrounded by incompetence. How can you get competent outcome?

    • Ayelala

      The simple truth is that the woman had never run anything before in her life before she was given the job.
      Just like uncle Jonathan, she is simply learning on the job. Her . That money would not have been there in the first place if Obasanjo had not removed her earlier.

  • Shaun

    Dear Editor,

    Thank you so much for this most important newsreport. .
    I can now predict with certitude when Nigeria will collapse.
    Crude oil is down $50 p/b; and, forex income down by 62%.

  • lala

    Is that the plan of PDP? To make sure the coffers are empty upon departure. Na wa oh. E go hard for APC to fix things in 4 years. This PDP have taken the country for a joke. What a mess

    • Paul Young

      Looks like you were spot on with your prediction