Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Blurry Journey, By Victor Ehikhamenor

February 27, 2014

Victor Ehikhamenor Woman, your child is wailing and your vegetables are dying. I can see you but you can’t see me. For N 15,000, the Nigerian Police... read more


A love letter to my sweet Valentine, By Victor Ehikhamenor

February 13, 2014

Victor Ehikhamenor My dear love, I have no other way of calling you but by the very name that bring great men to their knees.... read more


Old Shrine, New Gods, By Victor Ehikhamenor

February 6, 2014

Victor Ehikhamenor I am back from church. It is noon on Sunday and the hammering has ceased. The carpenter is done. I look out my... read more


Time to Run, By Victor Ehikhamenor

January 30, 2014

Victor Ehikhamenor I don’t know at what age Soyinka wrote poetry to his first white hairs, but it must have been exhilarating or debilitating to... read more


Blindness at Nigeria’s Top, By Victor Ehikhamenor

January 23, 2014

Victor Ehikhamenor Growing up in my village in Nigeria, my friends and I had a favourite game. We called it Asesebhor — “Are we there... read more


What is the name of your year? By Victor Ehikhamenor

January 16, 2014

Victor Ehikhamenor We Nigerians name our years, but not like the Chinese who name their years after animals. God forbid bad thing. The God we... read more


Evangelist Evans’ Jesus Christ Of Okrika, By Victor Ehikhamenor

July 17, 2013

Victor Ehikhamenor A man has two scorpion tails that must never be stepped on barefooted – his mother’s reputation and his religious belief. Man can... read more


Achebe: Africa’s Voice, Nigeria’s Conscience, By Victor Ehikhamenor

March 28, 2013

Victor Ehikhamenor I grew up under my grandfather’s ancient pear tree in the Nigerian village of Uwessan. The tree’s roots were massive and its leaves... read more


Black Smoke for a Black Pope? By Victor Ehikhamenor

February 13, 2013

Victor Ehikhamenor Lately, I have been drawn into the affairs of the Vatican like a flirtatious butterfly to sweet smelling nectar. I have been submerged... read more


Superbowl Sonny, By Victor Ehikhamenor

February 5, 2013

Victor Ehikhamenor Last Sunday was Superbowl in America, and if you missed it I am sorry and if you don’t know what I am talking... read more


Obama’s Second Inaugural Speech As A Nigerian Politician, By Victor Ehikhamenor

January 25, 2013

Victor Ehikhamenor Victor Ehikhamenor delivers one of his best, a satirical inaugural speech Obama would have delivered, as a Nigerian politician.…... read more


My friend is going to America for Christmas, By Victor Ehikhamenor

December 22, 2012

Victor Ehikhamenor Congratulations, I heard they finally gave you American visa after five years of praying and fasting, gathering documents from bank to bank like babalawo collecting... read more


My friend is coming for Christmas, By Victor Ehikhamenor

December 21, 2012

Victor Ehikhamenor Another satiric piece from Victor Ehikhamenor on materialism in Nigeria.…... read more