Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Michelle Obama Vs Patience Jonathan: Same Title, Different Styles, By Emmanuel Onwubiko

July 1, 2013

Emmanuel Onwubiko While in contemplation on the extensive psychological, social and economic damage caused by the phenomenal rate of sexual violations of minors especially girls by adult... read more


Institutional Inequities Against The Nigerian Child, By Emmanuel Onwubiko

May 27, 2013

Emmanuel Onwubiko Nigeria will on Monday, May 27 2013 mark with the usual make- belief and heavily contrived fanfare in governmental quarters, the Children and... read more


Imprisoning the mentally-ill and the poor state of the Nigerian prison system, By Emmanuel Onwubiko

May 18, 2013

Emmanuel Onwubiko The mentally-ill makes up a significant number of inmates in Nigerian prisons. Uju Agomoh, the executive Director of one of Nigeria’s best known... read more


Jonathan’s Fangs On Amaechi And Verdict Of History, By Emmanuel Onwubiko

April 29, 2013

Emmanuel Onwubiko Few hours back, I stumbled on a publication by a very respected online medium [Premium Times] containing excerpts of what is said to... read more


MASSOB And Nigeria’s Judicial Anarchy, By Emmanuel Onwubiko

April 23, 2013

Emmanuel Onwubiko Nigeria, an amalgam of several hundreds ethnic nationalities with diverse cultural, religious and cultural affinities is indeed an interesting irony. Political historians often... read more


Boko Haram: Orji Kalu as unsung hero By Emmanuel Onwubiko

November 13, 2012

Orji Uzor Kalu The writer commends Orji Kalu for volunteering to mediate with Boko Haram insurgents…... read more