‘Why I won’t want to work for government’

Doyin Ade 1

Doyin Aduloju is the Chief Executive officer of Royal Icon salon, a hair-making venture in Wuse, Zone 2, Abuja.

Three years into her small business, Doyin tells PREMIUM TIMES how she works around the challenging economic environment, to meet customers’ satisfaction.

PT: When did you start salon business?

Doyin: I started six years ago. I started learning in Abuja, then I travelled to Lagos to improve myself. Since then, it has been awesome because I really have a passion for it.

PT: Why salon and not any other business?

Doyin: Before I chose salon, I started making beads since I was nine years old, and from then I realised that I enjoy doing things with my hands.

PT: How do you keep your customers?

Doyin: I tried to study them very closely. I take my time to study anyone that enters my salon to know the persons behaviour and who he is. If a customer comes to my salon and she doesn’t look happy, I normally engage her in talking about such issues and subsequently help in finding solutions.

However some might not talk immediately but will call be back to appreciate my concerns about them.

The second way is I normally call my customers at beginning of every new month to wish them a happy new month.
PT: Would you work for the government if given the opportunity?

Doyin: For me business is better off than working for government. A lot of people do government job because of job security, but in business you can still get the same thing. You can decide to open one account that you can save for your future.

PT: Who is your dream husband?

Doyin: A god-fearing man is what I always pray for and I want a guy that I can trust with my everything because I am a very open person and I want somebody that can support me.

PT: What do you do at your leisure?

Doyin: Anytime I am not working, I am always in church and I skate, swim and I love to sit alone and think. In fact I love thinking.

PT: What are your dreams?

Doyin: In future, I want to have a home that will have all aspects of fashion: Spar, Salon, Tailoring, and so many things. I will love to have a gym house. And the major thing I love in life is I want to have a motherless home.

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  • Egbuhuzor Chinomso Collins

    Loving her simplicity from the way she answered questions and her smile too.