Kannywood: Six movies to watch this Sallah break

Kannywood Actors

As Nigerians celebrate the Eid-el-Kabir, it is only right to select some good movies to watch. For those interested in Hausa movies, the following selections are great choices.

The themes of the selected movies are based on love, betrayal, family values and the stark realities between vices and virtues.

See list:

Uwar Gida starring Adam A. Zango and Fadeela Mohammed

This movie shows that outside influences especially in marriages may not always have the best interests for the parties involved.

Married couples will definitely learn a thing or two from this entertaining movie. It will also teach them to take whatever their friends say with a pinch of salt, while they commit their marriage to Almighty Allah.

El-Mustapha starring Abba El-Mustapha, Sadiya Mohammed

This movie is for the whole family as it brings laughter and light-heartedness into the home. The story is centred on El-Mustapha who despite his parents’ affluence, feels he must find his own path. Much like Eddie Murphy’s character, Hakeem in the 1988 classic, ‘Coming to America’, he finds a bride, whom he later marries with the help of his parents!

Gani Na starring Ali Nuhu and Rahama Amir

This movie is centred on tainted love. Or better still, a love triangle gone wrong. The love meant to be shared between siblings seems to take a bitter turn as a young woman swears to destroy her sister’s happiness.  In fact, this movie easily reminds the watcher of ‘Sheesha’, the indian classic movie where a sister goes to extreme lengths to destroy her sister’s marriage.

Fakat starring Maimuna Muhammad and Sheriff Aminu Ahlan

This story shows how bad behaviours put up by parents can result in temporary or permanent destruction of their children’s psyche. The main character grew up as a terror to the opposite sex. This was due to his mother’s unpleasant actions as a wife and mother. His experience led him to declare war on women, but can he be redeemed?

Haduwar Jini starring Asmau Ahmad and Shehu Hassan Kano

This movie is focused on giving alms, which is one of the virtues expected of everyone especially during Sallah.  It cautions viewers against pride when they have wealth.

Most viable lesson is the realization that no condition is permanent. Anyone can be poor and anyone can be rich. A must-see for the family.

Sharifah starring Ali Nuhu and Nafisa Abdullahi

This movie dishes a lesson in blind trust and reliance on Almighty Allah for wisdom to counter ill-will from those closest to us. A woman who was left great wealth by her family, was the target of an unexpected ‘enemy’. But will she overcome?

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    What is nollywood?What is kannywood?What is whatelse wood?What is is this nonsence?Nigeria is one country.Is this the genesis bifocation of entertainment industry along ethic and religious line in nigeria as we know it?Expouse your view.The country should come with a sinlgle name.