Rihanna look-alike flies to South Africa for Orezi’s Rihanna video shoot


The Rihanna lookalike is from Mauritius.

Nigeria’s rave of the moment, Orezi, who is currently in South Africa shooting the video of his hit song, Rihanna, has actually succeeded in finding Rihanna and she arrived South Africa a couple of days ago-but she is from Mauritius not America!

When efforts to get the American super diva, Rihanna, to feature in the multi million naira video did not work out, reportedly due to her very tight schedule, Orezi and his management team and label, Sprisal Records, went online and decided to shop for a Rihanna look alike.

The search finally paid off when a ‘Rihanna’ sent in her entry from Mauritius. The young, beautiful ‘Rihanna’ named Kim was chosen above over 200 other contestants worldwide.

Orezi’s management team has kept mum on the actual cost of taking the stunning beauty to South Africa. However, a source close to the singer’s label said the label paid an initial deposit of $10, 000 (N1.6 million) to ‘Rihanna’s master card account; while she also reportedly travelled to South Africa on a Business Class ticket

A source close to Orezi’s management said the total video shoot is worth about N7.3 million.

Kim (Rihanna) is lodged in the same top class hotel as Orezi and his team; and spends most of her time in the company of Orezi going over the shoot plans. The Rihanna song video shoot started on August 12 and is scheduled to end on August 15.