Thursday, April 17, 2014

Edinburgh World Writers’ Conference calls for creatives


“The Conference is looking for “an artist, in the widest sense of the word”.

The Edinburgh World Writers’ Conference has offered a commission fee of £3,500 (about N 840,000) for an artistic piece in any media- “poetic, digital, visual, tactile”- that would capture the conference’s aims, output, and resonance.

According to its website, the Edinburgh World Writers’ Conference is “a unique series of events that are bringing writers together around the world to create an historic picture of the role of literature today. The conversation began in August 2012 at the Edinburgh International Book Festival” in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The commission fee is meant to cover all materials and requirements for display and provide for practical application, shipping and delivery by early August in Edinburgh.

The conference, which is a collaboration between the British Council and Edinburgh International Book Festival, has since been hosted in other cities across the globe including Berlin, Cape Town, Toronto, Cairo and Beijing amongst others.

“By its close in August, 2013 the conference will have have convened around 40 Conference discussions and commissioned some 35 speeches from the most exciting and celebrated writers of our times, along with myriad offshoots and wellsprings, thousands of tweets, comments, aperçus, vignettes and inspirations,” its organisers have said.

The Conference is looking for “an artist, in the widest sense of the word” – could be a writer, a photographer, an artist or a performer – who can best encapsulate, with a piece of work, what the conference stands for.  The artistic piece would be displayed in tandem with the reprise conference events at the Edinburgh International Book Festival this August.

Interested individuals are expected to send a proposal of not more than 500 words, describing their concept, to by April 26.

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