Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ehikhamenor’s ‘Amusing the Muse’ opens April 29


Victor Ehikhamenor

The exhibition includes ’Adam and Eve Waiting for a Flight out of Eden,’ a151 inch wide painted wall hanging of the entire book of Genesis.

An art exhibition by award winning Nigerian visual artist and writer, Victor Ehikhamenor, will be open to the public from April 29 in Victoria Island, Lagos.

The exhibition titled ‘Amusing the Muse,’ a collection of his recent drawings and paintings, will highlight a new dimension to Ehikhamenor’s “paintforation technique”– the use of nail perforations on thick, white, handmade paper to create subtle relief work.

Ehikhamenor told PREMIUM TIMES that the technique, a new take on his popular ‘Face Series,’ had translated ancient rituals of body scarification evident in 16th and 17th century Nigerian bronze heads into contemporary masks.

“The face phenomenon dawned on me during the Occupy Nigeria protests, while I was photographing people,” Ehikhamenor, who holds two Masters degrees in Fine Arts and Technology Management from the University of Maryland, USA, said.

“I realized what really formed the mass of differences are the faces. People live and die by the look and shape of their faces. I believe faces define humanity. The face is the Graphic User Interface of the brain,” he adds.

In one of his works, ‘Adam and Eve Waiting for a Flight out of Eden,’ Ehikhamenor painted the entire book of Genesis in a 151 inch wide wall hanging.

“As a figurative-abstractionist, I hate taming my style. I have started working on very large pieces using charcoal on canvas. These works are stories and histories, myths and mythologies, tales and folktales, beliefs and disbeliefs,” Ehikhamenor said.

‘Amusing the Muse’ is presented by Temple Muse, a luxury design and lifestyle space which has been active in the highly competitive African design and fashion space since 2008.

Sandra Obiago, the exhibition’s curator, said that the show hopes to bring some of Nigeria’s quirkiest new trends in cutting edge contemporary art.

“I am particularly excited about how Victor’s recent works bring a new energy into the pure white design space of Temple Muse,” Ms. Obiago, a documentary filmmaker and arts collector, said. “His extra large charcoal on canvas drawings with human forms engulfed in a sea of symbols is on the scale of pieces that were created for high vaulted international art galleries.”

In three large canvas wall hangings spanning more than 150 inches in length and breadth, Ehikhamenor presents lone human forms completely engulfed in landscapes of symbols.

Ms. Obiago said that the wall hangings bring an “incredible energy and vibrancy” to Temple Muse; saying, “What we have here is a synergy of contemporary art meeting bold and zeisty design and fashion.”

The show, supported by Veuve Clicquot, will be open to the public till May 31.

“This is a way of also bringing art closer to the younger generation and to the public space, a continuation of creativity. It can only strengthen the appreciation for art,” Ms. Obiago said

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