Thursday, April 24, 2014

Style Rebirth daring with new hemlines.


Frontline online lingerie store is leading a campaign with hemlines quietly creeping towards the neck and low-rises taking even deeper plunges, indecent exposure is now an everyday occurrence drawing feelings of dismay and delight from older folk and prepubescent boys alike with features from foremost international advertising compendium – Luerzer’s Archive ,featuring the campaign as its Ad of the Week.

style rebirth 1Drawing from various instances of lingerie exposure that most women can relate to, the campaign is particularly daring in a country with conservative sensibilities, turning a minus into a plus for the brand in a tongue in-cheek manner.

As a credit for its daring message, the campaign has been featured in various international design websites, putting Stylerebirth at the forefront of how local businesses can craft their messages to resonate with both local and international audiences.

Speaking on the campaign, the Founder of StyleRebirth, Funmi Ibiyode, mentioned that “we knew we had no choice but be bold with our message and we have to do it with as much flair as possible.”

Asked about its campaign being featured on international design sites, she said “well, that wasn’t really envisaged but we knew whatever we created must be such that should resonate with anyone or anywhere where it is exposed”.



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