Basket Mouth to venture into acting


The Nigerian comedian is also resurrecting Basket Mouth Uncensored.

Nigeria comedian, Bright Okopcha, popularly known as Basket Mouth, could venture into acting soon due to the success of his various popular comedy skits.

The Big Friday show host disclosed this recently in an interview with Lagos based newspaper, National Mirror.

“A lot of people tell me I act very well in skits and ask if I will do a movie but I don’t want to get into acting for the fun of it, I want to understand the important parts because movie making is not just about a good storyline. It’s about the right directing, screenplay, production, everything,” he said.

The king of Nigerian comedy, as he is called in some quarters, further revealed that he is currently working on a short movie which will see a popular American Actor/comedian star in it: “I can tell you that we are working on something right now but I can’t give details. I’m bringing in a comedian from America who is also an actor; I can’t mention his name too. He is interested in doing a short movie with me and some other comedians. It is something very interesting that can sell in Hollywood.”

Basket Mouth is billed to headline his own edition of Comedy Central Presents Basket Mouth Live at Parker’s, in Johannesburg South Africa come April 24. He is also looking at resurrecting his live comedy show, Basket Mouth Uncensored, amongst other events in 2013.

“I just set up an office which is a booking agency for all round events consulting. We are the first official booking agent in Nigeria. We are restricting ourselves to musicians and comedians for now before we get into acting.

We are looking at bringing back Basket mouth Uncensored- my one-man comedy show; doing Lords Of The Ribs; African King Of Comedy, Nigeria King Of Comedy. I am launching two new products; one is called The Usual Suspects, featuring me and some comedians people associate with me namely: Buchi, I go die, Bovi, I go save and Sim Card. The other is Busta Comedy Jams where we want to marry hip-hop music and comedy because there is no such platform for hip-hop music. I am using this to express my love for the art of hip-hop,” he told the newspaper.