Badagry Heritage Museum experiences high patronage


The curator urged parents to bring their children to the museum during public holidays.

The Curator, Badagry Heritage Museum, Peter Olaide-Mesewaku, on Tuesday said that there has been improved patronage in March at the museum due to an increase in the number of excursionists.

Mr. Olaide-Mesewaku said in a telephone interview in Lagos that the number of school children patronising the museum was on the increase.

He said that patronage was very poor at the beginning of the year, adding that it had now taken a better turn since the end of February.

“The museum is experiencing increases in patronage due to an increase in the number of schools coming for excursion,” he said.

The curator said the heritage museum housed historic relics which were very important for students to learn about past events, adding that other schools should endeavour to bring their pupils/students.

He said the museum had been well dusted for Easter celebration and that it was always open to visitors.

He advised parents to bring their families to the museum during Easter celebration to familiarise their children with historic events, especially the slave trade.

“The heritage museum housed historic events, therefore, schools and parents should bring their wards to educate them about the past. Parents should understand that it is not only fast food joints or other recreation centres that children should visit for relaxation; museum is important to widen the children’s knowledge,” Mr. Olaide-Mesewaku said.