Saturday, April 19, 2014

It is nobody’s business if I bleach my skin-Yvonne Nelson


Yvonne premiered her first movie in two countries in September.


The Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson, is unhappy about the rumour making the rounds that she had bleached her skin colour. The allegation began after the 27- year-old actress, who has been romantically linked to Nigerian singers, Inyanya and Ice Prince, released new promotional pictures of herself spotting a lighter skin tone and has prompted her to issue a press statement.

Explaining the reasons for the tales, the actress who hit limelight after winning the best talent award at the 2005 Miss Ghana Beauty pageant said she fully understands the dangers of skin bleaching and would not engage in any such venture.

“In a society that largely frowns on skin bleaching, it would be unfair and very unkind to falsely accuse me of bleaching when I am absolutely innocent of that charge. As an actress I take different pictures under different shades of light and with different shades of makeup depending on what the picture would be used for. It is therefore not strange to find different pictures of me looking different. It does not mean I am bleaching and one does not need to be an industry player to know this,” Yvonne said.

Speaking further she said, “I am a lady and I appreciate my God-given looks. I do not need to change my skin colour for any reason. Truth is that even if I was bleaching, I do not owe anyone any explanation, but I am not bleaching, I have not bleached and I won’t bleach. I love my skin just the way it is and I do my best to keep it healthy and nice. If God has remained good to me and continues to make my skin nicer, I do not see how it should be a problem to someone.”

The actress, who premiered her first movie, “Single & Married,” in Ghana and Nigeria, in September, also added that, “Even in movies, depending on who the director is, there are different lighting angles and brightness levels that can be used to make a character look different and this is no secret. Even a change of weather can have an effect of one’s skin.

“I want to use this platform to assure all persons who have expressed worry about these reports that there is no cause for alarm because I am not bleaching, have not bleached and would not bleach.

“There are more prudent and beneficial things to focus on and these frequent distractions are of no use.

“I should have spent this time focusing on my new movies or memorizing my next script and not responding to false gossips,” she added.

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