Barrister’s daughter pays tribute to late father in new album


Baryymade plans to remix hit songs by the late Fuji legend.


One of the daughters of the late Fuji legend, Dr. Ayinde Barrister, Modinat Asabi Ademola, a.k.a. Barrymade, is immortalizing her father in a new album.

Barrymade, who made waves on the music scene a few years ago, when she featured the late icon on her debut album, recently released the new album and a musical video entitled Adieu Mr. Fuji.

According to her, the love and care showered on her by Barrister in his lifetime, is the inspiration behind the track, Tribute to my father.

She said, “He was a father in a million. He really took care of us and I can’t forget all the loving memories I have about him. He lived a very fruitful life and this album encapsulates what he means to all his children. I miss a lot about him. I miss his valuable advice, his unconditional love and immeasurable support.”

Barrymade who sings a blend of Fuji and Islamic music says she is good in both genres because of her background.

“I used to perform on stage with him (Barrister) as a Fuji artiste and I know I am very well versed in Quran. My training prepared me for this challenge and I know I give my best when it comes to music”, she stated.

She hinted that she plans to re-mix of some of her late father’s popular hit tracks next year.