Thursday, April 24, 2014

Nigeria AT Fifty Two By Temitope Oyadokun


A touching poem by a young Nigerian Corps member.

Oh mother land Nigeria,

Kudos for your steadfastness and longevity,

The political scars and religious gory,Ethnicity pains and traits of nepotism,

Beyond the bedrock has sunk your pride.


Dazed by the scourge of corruption,

Misappropriation and un-accountability the order of the day.


Not a single black descendant of Adam,

‘Cursed’ with public portfolio can spit away dishonesty,

Selfishness a watch word for the keepers of power.


Oh mother sorry; Slowly they take it away from you,

Your in-exhaustible nine lives fade.


They are few that fetch,

majority bear,

From the dunghill they rose,

You gave them your royal treasures,

Not satisfied,

They waged war for anti-meritocracy and seized your kingdom.


At your pains they make gains,

When you cry,

they clink glass in victory,

Your chosen ones are dead and long buried,

Stifled are the few that breathe,

Today a year older,

Oh mother land Nigeria,

Kudos for your steadfastness and longevity.

Temitope Oyadokun

2012 NYSC Batch ‘B’ Member

GTBank SME MarketHub campaign